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  1. The line of code I was referring to, is related to Windows Tool Tips and the WorldEditor. You should review the crash log, and send it to the X-Plane developers. I switched to X-Plane 11 from FSX; I've been using it during the public beta testing, and I haven't had any problems. I'm running X-Plane 11 on my older i7 2600K OC to 4.7, on W7 64bit.
  2. There is a line of code that's causing X-Plane 11 to crash on Windows 10. It's being fixed.
  3. Playing around with X-Plane 11 Beta 5(No add-ons or plugins). It looks much better when you see it on your monitor.
  4. I know X-Plane can take full advantage of computer hardware, that's one of it's strong points. I had the impression it was completely open to third party developers to, for example, replace the weather system completely. If that's the case, the lack of a proper default weather system is not a big deal, at least for me. Because a third party developer can replace it.
  5. I would be ok with that. In the FSX world, we set up the sim based on our hardware. We trade some visuals for performance and vice versa. If you have an Intel i7-6850K and two NVIDIA Titan X SLI, both CPU and GPU overclocked on water blocks, you can max the settings. If not, then turn it down. In Active Sky, you can adjust your settings to find that balance, I think that can work in X-Plane as well.
  6. That's disappointing. I was hoping third party developers would able to strengthen some of X-Plane's weaknesses, like they did with FSX based sims. I was planning to move to X-Plane once we come out of Beta, and PMDG move the NGX and 777 over. In my opinion, X-Plane has the greatest potential over any of the desktop sims (released and unreleased). But, LR need to at least put the foundation in place for a 3D weather model. So third party developers can build proper weather engines. And it should be done within a year after the official release of X-Plane 11.
  7. Can third party developers like HiFi(Active Sky) and REX remodel the weather engine? Or develop their own, and override the X-Plane weather engine?
  8. The aircraft would have been a great addition. But, at least you made an attempt. I still use FSX SE as my main FS, but I'm moving to X-Plane 11. Steve, have you considered developing for X-Plane 11?
  9. I don't use the HUD. I bought the NGX minutes after it was released (August 4th 2011), so from then to now, I've fooled around with it maybe twice. I would rather have the geometry fixed. I remember the night the NGX was released. PMDG's website was like Apple's website during an iPhone release. It took them a few days to recover from that!
  10. Where did you get your data to make such a bold statement? Not because you see it in your country, region or the airline you travel on, doesn't mean it's common in the world.
  11. I think loading a saved panel state trigger failures, that is why you are seeing the Master Caution light illuminate. The failures displayed in the CDU match the warning lights.
  12. I don't mind the effects, I want to stop the camera from sliding across the VC during turns and if that is not possible, I would like to return to the view I set and saved using EZDOK. I set up my view, saved and assigned a shoutcut to it but the camera doesn't return to the view I set.
  13. It would be great if there was a way to prevent the view from sliding to the side in turns.
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