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  1. Hello everybody I have a problem with P3D v4.5 + Hotfix. It happens to me that I suffer a severe loss of FPS when activating GSX for doing a pushback. My version of GSX is It happens to me with different planes, such as the QW787, the Aerosoft and FSLabs Airbuses, or any PMDG aircraft. Also, it tends to happen more when using more complex sceneries, such as FlyTampa, Aerosoft or FSDreamTeam ones. It almost doesn't happen when flying from default sceneries. For example, I can be setting up a flight with the QW787 in the ImagineSim KATL (the latest version). Before calling GSX, I can easily have 60 FPS (which are locked internally by P3D), but after calling it, it can drop to 10. Even after finishing the pushback, with all the GSX objects disappearing, the FPS stay at roughly 10. The weird thing is, that some time after, when I'm airborne, the FPS fix themselves at any random moment and go all the way up to 60 again. This can happen in any part of the world, so this fix is not caused due to, for example, flying in less complex scenery. Also, I verified that this fix is not caused by flying from a clouded area to a cloudless one. I can be in an area with very dense cloud coverage when this fix occurs. My P3D settings are medium/high. I have an i9-9900K CPU, 32 GB of RAM and a GTX 1660 Ti with 6 GB of VRAM. The GPU drivers are up to date. I don't use Nvidia Inspector. I use add-ons such as ActiveSky for P3D v4, REX SkyForce and Environment Force. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hello everybody Is there any software that could be recommended to create a logbook with the flights that I make in P3D v4.4? Ideally something that could store flight data such as origin, destination, time enroute, aircraft used, etc. Also it would be really nice if I could at any moment check the trajectory of the flights that I have already done in something such as Google Earth. Anything that could be recommended either free or payware? Recently I tried SIM ACARS, but I think that I can't review the trajectories of my flights in Google Earth or other map application. Thanks
  3. No, I'm not kidding. When I say that I slew around at various speeds, I do it at reasonable ones, not 10.000 IAS for example. I slew at speeds that I would normally have in a flight. So you should ask first for details before treating me like a noob. I have spent many years using different versions of Flight Simulator and then Prepar3D. While I'm not an expert in tweaking the simulators, I know a bit on how to make my tests
  4. I'm not sure what exactly helped but it seems that I solved my problems! I deleted my P3D.cfg again (I had already done it after removing v4.3 and installing v4.4) and added the line TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10. I have read in many places that putting a value of 10 requres a GPU of more than 10 GB of VRAM (mine has just 4) but still it seems to have done the trick. Still, when testing the simulator the VRAM usage is no bigger than 2 GB. Still, as some of you say, it seems that I have a bottleneck with my GPU. When testing the loading of the terrain I usually try the F-22 only because it's the default aircraft. Mostly I slew at various speeds to test how fast the terrain loads, so the actual plane used doesn't really matter in this case. The thing that annoyed me the most was that I had blurred tiles even if I reloaded the scenery at some location, so it was not a matter of the loading of the terrain not following my plane. Still, it seems that I solved it by adding the mentioned line in the cfg. Also I set TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD to 4096 Thanks everybody for your inputs!
  5. About my system specs, I have 32 GB of RAM, an Intel i7-4770k quad-core @ 3,5 GHz (without overclocking) and a GTX 970 with 4 GB. Besides, I run my simulator in a 5 TB Toshiba drive with 7200 RPM. I used the exactly same hardware when previously using P3D v3 without any problems. I use Windows 10 64-bit Pro with all its updates. The video card is up to date, and I use nvidia Inspector too. I have my FPS limited at 60. The text looks horrible because of the tool that I used to take the screenshot, but in the simulator it looks fine. I will try the suggested adjustments as soon as I get home and I will get back to you. Thanks
  6. Hello everybody Today I downloaded and upgraded Prepar3D from 4.3 to 4.4 by using the tutorial posted in this forum. I updated all client, content and scenery. In the following link I described many problems with blurries that started when I upgraded from 4.2 to 4.3. https://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6322&t=120861 I had high hopes that 4.4 would solve these problems, but unfortunately they continue. I attach here a screenshot of a freshly loaded scenario, where I haven't moved from the starting place, but still blurry textures can be seen. Any ideas?
  7. I sincerely hope that v4.4 could solve these horrible blurry problems that many of us are suffering
  8. Guys, do you plan to update the full installers of the 737-800 and its expansion to the 1.20.8443 version in the future?
  9. Just in case, I also have the abnormal response 403 error. I'm downloading from Santiago, Chile
  10. Yes. I know this is just avoiding the problem instead of solving it. However in the upcoming weeks I plan to format my computer and upgrade to P3D v4. Still, I have my doubts about the inability of reading the registry (yes, I know that's the error shown by the log). However, I tend to think that if my registry was corrupt, I would not have been able to update the 737-800 and the 777, both of them updated perfectly. Also, I didn't have any previous problems when updating a PMDG product. This is the first time I have an issue like this. So, I tend to think there is a particular issue with this installer
  11. I understand what you mean. Does PMDG contemplate to update the full installers as well? Maybe I could take the longer route and I could completely reinstall the plane
  12. Okay, I will see what I can do, but are you sure that everybody who reports this problem are users of EMT?
  13. I have Estonia Migration Tool installed, but I activate it only when needed. Is important to mention that right before I was able to update the 737-800 and 777 without any problems. Just in case, my exact version of P3D v3 is 3.4.22
  14. Hello Everybody I have exactly the same problem. I managed to get a screenshot from the console before it disappeared. I use P3D v3. I deactivated my antivirus before updating
  15. Thanks for the effort put in this repaints. However I can't install them. When opening the .ptp file with the Operations Center a message appears saying: "The selected file is an aircraft configuration for the PMDG 737NGX - P3D" but this product is not installed!" I use FSX (non Steam)
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