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  1. Guys, do you plan to update the full installers of the 737-800 and its expansion to the 1.20.8443 version in the future?
  2. Wiss

    737-6700 update 1.20.8443 does not update

    Just in case, I also have the abnormal response 403 error. I'm downloading from Santiago, Chile
  3. Wiss

    737-6700 update 1.20.8443 does not update

    Yes. I know this is just avoiding the problem instead of solving it. However in the upcoming weeks I plan to format my computer and upgrade to P3D v4. Still, I have my doubts about the inability of reading the registry (yes, I know that's the error shown by the log). However, I tend to think that if my registry was corrupt, I would not have been able to update the 737-800 and the 777, both of them updated perfectly. Also, I didn't have any previous problems when updating a PMDG product. This is the first time I have an issue like this. So, I tend to think there is a particular issue with this installer
  4. Wiss

    737-6700 update 1.20.8443 does not update

    I understand what you mean. Does PMDG contemplate to update the full installers as well? Maybe I could take the longer route and I could completely reinstall the plane
  5. Wiss

    737-6700 update 1.20.8443 does not update

    Okay, I will see what I can do, but are you sure that everybody who reports this problem are users of EMT?
  6. Wiss

    737-6700 update 1.20.8443 does not update

    I have Estonia Migration Tool installed, but I activate it only when needed. Is important to mention that right before I was able to update the 737-800 and 777 without any problems. Just in case, my exact version of P3D v3 is 3.4.22
  7. Wiss

    737-6700 update 1.20.8443 does not update

    Hello Everybody I have exactly the same problem. I managed to get a screenshot from the console before it disappeared. I use P3D v3. I deactivated my antivirus before updating
  8. Wiss

    P-8A Poseidon of VP-30

    Thanks for the effort put in this repaints. However I can't install them. When opening the .ptp file with the Operations Center a message appears saying: "The selected file is an aircraft configuration for the PMDG 737NGX - P3D" but this product is not installed!" I use FSX (non Steam)
  9. Hello First of all I want to thank and congratulate all the PMDG due to the fabolous add-ons you make. I have a problem with the NGX with the SP1D. When loading the aircraft for flying, I have constant doors and pressurization failures active, it happens in like half the flights I load. It happens with all the variants (from the 600 to the 900). I have tried with many different startup states, like the default one, the cold and dark one (I know this one is faulty as explained in other topics) and a new cold and dark one proposed in this topic http://forum.avsim.net/topic/464313-annunciator-lights-sp1d/ . This happens regardless of the startup state. This is how my overhead looks before push and start without clearing the failures. Along with the FMC with the Failed Items list. I have service based failures active, also all my planes have almost no hours since the SP1D update is fairly new. The failures are always the same, so this doesn't seem to be random failures. These failures can be cleared on the failures menu on the FMC, but they are still somewhat annoying, Regards
  10. duplicate post, sorry, please delete