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  1. Hope everything goes well followed by a fast recovery. Russ
  2. Has this issue been addressed other than load and unload presets. Russ
  3. Very impressive. Looking forward to release. Hopefully Florida will look like what Florida is. Russel Smith
  4. Thanks for the information. A view changes and all is well. BTW do any of you use the textures I did for the P-8A? Russ Smith
  5. Does the P-8A Poseidon work in P3D V4? I have installed the V4 update of the 737 and the civilian variants appear to work correctly. When I load the P-8A I get a graphic that blocks the virtual cockpit from being seen. What have I done wrong? If this has been brought up before point me to the forum entry. Russ Smith
  6. The latest edition of vLSO has been released. It is P3D ready. http://vlso.blogspot.com/ Russ
  7. Managed to finally get everything. In the middle of installation. Looking forward to some Florida flights. Russ
  8. Got it paid for, with upgrade only $24 USD. Can't get to download link. Servers must be overwhelmed. Russ
  9. Bert autopilot_emb300V3VC.xml is there but not ...4... I checked the GTN package you sent and is wasn't there either. Russ
  10. Bert I have version 4.7 of your GTX installed. I don't see a file labelled autopilot_emb300V4VC.xml in the panel.gtn Did I miss something or am I being real stupid and not looking where I should. Russ
  11. Windows 10 has not been any issue at all. Russ
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