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  1. UPDATE Long time no news here on avsim but there was a lot going on 🙂 I released a big Update with v2.0 and v2.1! Hey Pilots, I hope everyone does well during the covid pandemic and all enjoy life as possible! As you guys probably knew I released iBase2Go v1.8 on December 18th, 2020. This update came with a lot of new features, datatables, airlines and of course some bug fixes. Since about four month I work on version 2.0 this means, I completely rewritten each individual file. Over 479 files and no one knows how many lines of source code were it be at the end. Since Virtual Cargo International opened his doors three years ago this major update to version 2.0 is a huge step for me and of course for all pilots who fly with us. Both sides, the front-end and back-end system got major changes which improves stability, performance and of course usability. I was paying attention we can using our page with any mobile devices like a tablet or mobile phone, so check the latest statistics or booking the next flight ends not in a kind of frustration. But everything is optimised for full hd resolution. I am also happy to say, iBase2Go 2.0 is built completely without any google plugins, functions or API. This might not be affect you in any way but being independently from a large company and using open source is a happy point. Finally to the important part for you as a pilot and fellow member of Virtual Cargo International. I plan to upgrade the system this coming weekend. iBase2Go and the homepage will go offline and will not be available for approximately 12 hours. In the same process I will clean the database and sort things out which means pilots who are inactive more than a year gets deleted including all their stored data, without the possibility to get restored, except register as a new pilot. Go to Virtual Cargo International | A virtual cargo company and study all the new fresh features we offer. Best RegardsThorsten SassCEO - Virtual Cargo International
  2. UPDATE Dear Pilots and Cargo fans, I am very happy to announce that iBase2Go version 1.5 of our Crew Center is now published and available for all. A big point in this update is the your new virtual bank account with transactions log, flight academy courses as well as our new Executive Division! Some weeks ago I asked all of our pilots if a special pax charter system are nice or not. The results of this survey ends with 65% for yes to "A special pax charter system would be nice". But as a cargo based company, to add just some pax airlines wouldn't be nice and excited. And you're able to request your own charter story. Make the flights a bit more exciting for you and other pilots with a good story and a little background! That brought me to my following idea. "Virtual Cargo International got a new membership with Star Alliance that allows us to charter specified aircrafts out of there fleet members. Now we are able to fly people such as, individuals, families, friends, executives, world leaders, VIPs, sports teams, tour groups, and others. We have intercontinental, international, and domestic charters around the globe." A next big step is the new virtual bank account. You now have the possibility to see all the income and outcome directly what you get if you fly a schedule flight, a vip flight, a flight out of the Executive Division or the Flight Academy. What brought me to the next point. What is the point of earning money if you can't spend it? The new Executive Division is not free, every flight you charter you have to pay with your virtual money that you earned by scheduled or vip flights. The price depends on the length of your chartered flight. Our Flight Academy or if you request a HUB transfer also costs some virtual money. Explore our new Features and you'll find the little changes. Our VIP Cargo Jobs System works now in the opposite direction, we pay our pilots an extra salary for doing a VIP flight. Your extra salary depends also on the length of your VIP flight and is shown in your transactions log with a special marker. As I written before, our Flight Academy got his first Permanent Training Course! Feel free to join this theoretical course and revisit the academy from time to time, new courses are in process. Last but not least, there are a lot of small things I changed technically and optically. You'll will notice that some colors changed, icons or images are replaced, some tables got a new arrangement or the ACARS got a progress bar. And you noticed, that I added a new Airline and one of our biggest HUB's in Hong Kong to our company. From this day on we have 166 new and fresh routes served by Cathay Pacific Cargo! I hope you are happy about the new features, because I am very happy with the results and how Virtual Cargo International is grown. August and September are the months we gotten over 150 new Pilots and they flown over 800 flights and we became an official VATSIM partnered Company. Oh I forgot, visit our new Statistic Center :) And if you have any feedback, it would be much appreciated if I hear from you on Discord, Forums or Mail! An actually change log you can find at our iBasetGo Help section as always. Next Step, Discounts...! Greetings Thorsten Sass CEO - Virtual Cargo International https://virtualcargo.international
  3. UPDATE It is a while since I posted an update, but I am so happy how Virtual Cargo is growing 🙂. First I want to say thank you very much for all your feedback and suggestions you posted in our forums or you sent me per email! After some more weeks of work I released version 1.4 of our iBase2Go Crew Center. Here are some new features: I completely changed and rearranged our Screenshots Center, there are now some beautiful features and a lot of bug fixes. Includes a screenshot contest! The "Who is online?" is now linked and shows the pilots rank and name they are online. For our pilots they are living in the cockpit I added a new rank called "Flying Legend". Our iBase2Go Crewcenter contains now a notification system. You will get notifications about pilots activities like new pireps, new pilots, tours or awards. Virtual Cargo ist proud we can present you two new tours, 30 Busiest Cargo Tour and the Pacific Rim Tour. If you do not know where to fly today, I added a module on our dashboard that makes your decision easier. Also we got rid of some bugs 🙂 And yes, I have more things in my bag. Currently I am working on a new Mail and Communication System, a new airline will join Virtual Cargo International, the Discount Center get some nice discounts for you and last but not least, some little secret features. I hope we see some of you to fly some heavy cargo around the world. Greetings Thorsten Sass CEO - Virtual Cargo International https://virtualcargo.international
  4. VIRTUAL CARGO INTERNATIONAL - Is a professional, modern and solid Virtual Company for your next Flight. We represent a large number of renowned airlines. Currently we have a contract with Lufthansa Cargo, Cargolux, FedEx, Aerologic, European Air Transport, AirBridge Cargo, Atlas Air, UPS and Nippon Cargo. After three weeks of hard work we're able to release version 1.3 of our iBase2Go Crew Center! In fact that wie constantly growing, we are very happy to work on our system and add new features or implement new schedules and flights. We would love to welcome you in our world of flying virtual cargo. But I will go straight to our new features: - For our new crew members we added a feature called "Your First Steps" to make sure they have a successful start into our virtual company. - Our system sends now warnings per mail in three steps to prevent that your account will be deleted or is going to be retired. - It is now possible to search new schedules by duration. Besides departure airport, arrival airport, aircraft type, distance and airline. - A common wanted feature was, to see who has signed up on our specific tours. This is now integrated include with some stats. - The feature that allows you to file PIREPS manually are now fixed and now are able to reviewed by our staff. - For a bit of competition we added new areas to our Leaderboards. TOP Revenue, TOP Distance and TOP AVG Landing rate added. - For all of our financial advisors or business economists we have added a complete new Financial Center. - After bloody fingers we also finished our Code of Conduct, Pilot Handbook / SOP and PIREP Manual. - Finally we fixed some minor bugs and rearranged a lot of database queries to improve our performance. Everybody needs support, new ideas and inspiration in aviation to bring such a big project to the audience and finally a launch. Patrick Leonhardt(VCI2502) is also an aviation enthusiast and a big support for Virtual Cargo International and a staff team member. If you also a dedicated volunteer in aviation, we are looking for new staff member for Marketing and Communication. The Marketing and Communications department is responsible for ensuring that people who have never heard of Virtual Cargo International in the flight sim community does! They are also responsible for releasing in house press releases to Virtual Cargo International members and for maintaining our social media presence. Greetings Thorsten Sass CEO - Virtual Cargo International https://virtualcargo.international
  5. @Freo, just read my posts ;) "... Lufthansa Cargo, Cargolux, FedEx, Aerologic and European Air Transport ..." "... UPS, AirBridge Cargo and Atlas Air ..." Summarized you can choose out of eight airlines with nearly 2000 schedules @PaulGR, we have plans to add Nippon Cargo to our company, yes.
  6. Dear flightsim enthusiasts, Before I go on to some updates and changes since our launch I want to say thank you very much to all of your positive comments, oppinions and feedback. Round about two weeks ago, we launched our new virtual company called "Virtual Cargo International" with Lufthansa Cargo, Cargolux, FedEx, Aerologic and European Air Transport. We constantly try to implement new features, with iBase2Go v1.1 we fixed some of our tour legs, ICAO codes and added our new livestream section that everybody can link up their Twitch account on his profile page. Today I want to let you know that iBase2Go v1.2 is out for all our friendly pilots. That contains over 1250 new schedules for three new airlines like UPS, AirBridge Cargo and Atlas Air. Summarized you can choose out of eight airlines with nearly 2000 schedules. We changed also our Message and Communications Center, now it is more userfriendly and contains a lot of informations about your incoming or sent messages and their status. We added also three whole new tours to our Tour Center that you can choose from. No matter if you want to fly short legs or some long hauls around the atlantic ocean. As well that every ICAO code is now linked with additional airport informations, we added a new point called HUB Center. Come and see what we have: https://virtualcargo.international/ Come and start your career: https://ibase2go.virtualcargo.international/ (Yes we have a little exam for you, just to confirm you are one of us flightsim enthusiasts) Greetings Thorsten Sass CEO - Virtual Cargo International
  7. Hey @HighBypass, thank you for your kind words. We track all our flights via smartCARS that supports Flight Simulator X Deluxe and Steam Edition, Flight Simulator 2004, Prepar3D and X-Plane.
  8. !!! Happy New Year (2018) !!! Dear flightsim enthusiasts, a new "Virtual Airline" is launched today, named for now as Virtual Cargo International. Powered by THOPAT and SASS-PROJECTS. Professionalism is the key that "distinguishes" this VA from the rest of the Virtual Airlines. Virtual Cargo International is not a simple Virtual Airline, we see us more as a Virtual Company that provides a big service for a number of renowned airlines. We are a professional, modern and solid Virtual Company for your next Flight. We represent a large number of renowned airlines. Currently we have a contract with Lufthansa Cargo, Cargolux, FedEx, Aerologic and European Air Transport. Actually our database contains 686 routes you can choose from. We are always looking for new contracts, currently we are in negotiations with DHL Express related airlines. For our pilots only the best, we built a personal crew intranet called "iBase2Go". With iBase2Go we provide a powerful and flexible Crew Center System to satisfy our pilots needs. It is packed with awesome and fresh modules that you will love. If you love to fly cargo around the world, you will love to work with us! We have a big start setup included, message system, tours, events, log books, live metar service with charts, flight tracker, screenshot gallery, forum and much more. We believe that running this Virtual Company with a sincere interest in putting quality first will allow for a bright future. So do not wait and join today! Especially we are proud of one our features, our VIP Freight air cargo system! There we have important jobs and priority cargo freights we need to deliver for our most important customers. That provides you as a pilot a wide and varied selection of cargo flights every 60 minutes. Come and see what we have: https://virtualcargo.international/ Come and start your career: https://ibase2go.virtualcargo.international/index.php/CrewTest (Yes we have a little exam for you, just to confirm you are one of us flightsim enthusiasts) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/711233285741163/ Discord: https://discord.gg/5naEuC And last but not least, please are patient with our iBase2Go v1.0. We tested everything over and over again but maybe you will find some bugs, I would be happy if you report them. Greetings Thorsten Sass CEO - Virtual Cargo International
  9. Wow, and this ist EXACTLY why we choose to discontinue our work. It is so sad, everybody works against everyone. Patrick and I choose today that we come to an end and this decision was not affected by Matt or Maxime, PTA or ENVTEX. We are just two people that own both products since their are released and share our experience, we are not involved on any other project, not for SIMTWEAKS and not for TOGA. And Matt I never thought you would insinuate us something. We are grateful for PTA and also for ENVTEX and we personally looking forward to see ENSHADE, thats it! As we lately said, we are not proud anymore about this community, sorry. We did a decision and get instantly an insinuation. :(
  10. Dear flightsim enthusiasts, dear friends and followers, today we've some good and some bad news for all of you. First some good news, Lockheed Martin updates his simulator to a new version and PTA comes also with a new version. This is of course a good reason to update our THOPAT preset, too. We did a small amount of fixes and improvements to our preset, mainly to support Prepar3d 4.1 and PTA 2.60, have fun! Please pay attention to the preset comments and remember to restore the original shader files, before you use our preset! ## NEW! THOPAT 2.2 PRESET FOR PTA VERSION 2.60 AND P3D 4.1 ## https://www.sass-projects.info/thopat/ But for now we come to an end, this is it! Patrick and I had so much fun to bring our intention to make P3D as real as possible to you, as a community. The most of you know we are one of the first to grab our time and started our prepar3d hundred of times to get the best results in point of realism, just with PTA since version 1.00. We built a little homepage with informations and intro videos a long time ago, and gave support. But now we come to a point where we just get insults and wrong assertions that we steal tweaks or use illegal and third party code, what we NEVER did. We are a on this for quite a long time, and do not need to look on other presets out there. So we decided to end our journey here and now! We also decided that our homepage and presets remains online for you. We want to thank all of you for your support, lovely words and compliments! Last but not least, we personaly want to say thanks to Maxime Konareff from TOGA Projects. He did an amazing job with ENVTEX Textures and we are totaly looking forward to his new ENVSHADE, a new shaders enhancement. See you guys, may be at another project.... Patrick Leonhardt & Thorsten Sass
  11. Hey, we just want to let you know, we release a small fix for P3D 4.1 and PTA 2.60. But there are a few things that we've to change and to improve. Finally, give us some time and we have a new version for you!
  12. On ground or during a flight at FL300+ ? Think about, if you're on ground on v4 and on a P3Dv4 Airport, the light brightend now the cockpit!
  13. Yes.. "use pta shaders" have to been off in ENVTEX because you do the import over the external pta tool, safe way.
  14. With any release we do with our THOPAT preset we get comments like "to dark", "to bright", "it is to blueish", "to low saturated", not enough contrast", "to much haze", "visibility too high" and so on. We changed ths post-processing modul and did around 13-14 different little,.. very little tweaks to 2.0 but compared with reallife images and our flight experience we are now nearly perfect. Please do not misunderstand our opinion here and we do appreciate all comments, but your monitor and your own view of point has a big impact and we couldn't test all monitors.
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