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  1. Glad you got it sorted. In other news, Just Fllight released an update tonight for their Arrows and indeed there is a reference to a compatibility betweeen the CDI and VLOC that they seem to have resolved.
  2. I think this is an ongoing problem, we are still waiting for an update from Justflight I think. I have the same problem
  3. Just thinking aloud here, but I'm wondering if its possible to get the commands to work in FLOW until the VR version comes around.
  4. Got to say thats an excellent price to be honest. GG
  5. Sorry to resurrect this thread. Its the first time I have flown into here since purchasing this scenery. Got to say the frame rate tanks and drops 30 or so when the airfield comes into view but my biggest problem is that I have done 2 flights with this and both times on approach using both the PMDG and the 78X, it has slammed me into the airport. It feels like its teleported me to the apron. It happened around 1000ft on approach. Have not seen this reported anywhere else so its a shot in the dark. Has anyone else had this. ? P.S I have no other scenery conflicting with it.
  6. In other news, sales of 4tb SSDs prices rocket as FS enthusiasts hold onto 2 versions whilst the new one irons all the problems out. 😄
  7. I have been flying around Delhi, India for the last week and everytime I approach the airport its always hazy, probably depicting the smoke.
  8. I wondered what this was as it started a few weeks ago, thought it was something I had done.
  9. I am seeing these pictures above in quite a few of the sceneries since the world update.
  10. Not sure about anyone else, but I am a little excited about today, Im going to call it ATR day 😁
  11. I am definately starting to see some of these issues as well creeping in that I have never had before.
  12. Is anyone runing the AMD 7900 X3D chip yet and if you are what motherboard are you using ? I don't normally have a dilemma in choosing one but I really want to get this one right if possible. I have a 4090 and I normally lean toward the AORUS motherboards as they have been great in the past. Would love to hear your suggestions.
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