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  1. Was just thinking the same thing, some of these previous day one purchases are not so anymore. I was only looking at the ORBX sale for P3D, there are some great bargains there, and I have hovered over the add to cart button throughout the day, then I never carry through with it.
  2. I always take this approach when buying flightsim software, I buy it and download it and if its no good, I put it down to experience. I am a little fortunate as I have been round the block a bit when it comes to which companies I deal with. I do buy from various oulets depending on price and convenience. Take Orbx for example, download it install, dont like deinstall, major update for it reinstall again no messing about with keycodes and such like. I have purchased loads from simmarket but I always do my research on the product first, and have learned the hard way in a number of cases. in the case of simmarket being a distributor rather than a developer, it is doubtful that the person answering your query has even good knowledge of the product you are buying. I feel sorry for new members of the community as some new payware products are a little questionable as they are getting churned out so quick these days, but I am digressing a little. It is all to easy to hide behind laws and such, but it is a cop out sometimes as the replies you get sometimes feel they are copied and pasted from notepad.....It is true however, that the practices of some, had they a physical shop in the high street would not be trading long. Personally I have nevr had issues from simmarket even if it was not the answer I was looking for, but they are responsive in my experience.
  3. I seem to remeber having a little issue with updating, try going into the immersion manager app itsself and then apply the update from there. Seemed to work for me after that and all the modules were installed but I totally know what you mean
  4. I got these specs off a site https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/geforce-940m.c2643 Is this a laptop video card ? It seems a little underpowered to run P3D, I take it you are trying to run P3D. This would be your potential problem.
  5. Why not put your specs down here, might give us a clue what is happening There are ppl way more advanced than me experienced with heating issues if this is the problem, but might be able to help if it is something obvious. There are good freeware programs if you google that monitors temperatures. Does this happen on any other demanding sims or game you have ?
  6. If your PC is closing down, then I might assume this is more of a hardware problem that is causing this not the QW787 per say. In all my days, with the limited CTDs I have had, they always crash to desktop, I cannot remember anything FS related that has actually switched the PC off. Without knowing what exactly happens, this could be a heat issue which is causing the PC to reset.
  7. Think this is bad, just wait for the DX12 update 😉
  8. I think the patch for the flaps is out 😉
  9. It starts cold and dark when you spawn at a parking spot, if you spawn on a runway it will be engines running.
  10. I am quite content with the price for the new model, although not sure if it is my head celebrating something new for P3D to explore which is a rarity these days especially with new aircraft. My dilemma is "will I fly it enough" as I move between the P3D and MSFS to shell out for it, or shall I buy 5 MSFS sceneries instead. I will probably buy it in the end, but it is a surprise for me as when it was announced it was definately a day one purchase, but as time has gone on, maybe not so now.
  11. I do not have this aircraft but thank you for providing it. It is always nice to see new modules appearing. Thank you for your efforts. Cheers
  12. I understood the instructions quite clearly and there is not too many hoops and the instructions for restore are very clear. Depends how desperate you want to fly MSFS. I thought his instructions were good, and as for his english which is written in this case, you might want to look through these forums for examples of poor english by native speakers.
  13. An option might be for MS to rollback the gaming services version, one would of thought. Sometimes I think as a consumer group we are treated generally with contempt sometimes.
  14. OMG, I wish I saw this thread earlier, I just spent the night re-downloading...FML ☹️
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