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  1. Steve_Ellis

    Great new Time Manager program

    Just quoting this from the website "When you start take off and your airplane’s speed reaches 40Knts, Real Time Flight Manager will be closed automatically or you can click on Exit button to close it when your airplane is on your departure airport and your time is set successfully" Looks like it does not constantly adjust the time, just sets the intial correct time.
  2. Steve_Ellis

    Gimbal Feature ?

    I have found it now, just having a moment. Settings must have changed when updating..Feel free to delete this topic 😀
  3. Steve_Ellis

    Gimbal Feature ?

    Good morning, With the new uipdate, I have managed to take my first flight back up but I notice that the views now move using the gimbal feature that you had in a previous version. I cannot disable it as I cannot find it again in the options, have you removed it ?
  4. Hi All, Just been in contact with Mark about this issue and I seem to have stumbled across a potential issue when using with Super Traffic Board. When you install Super Traffic Board Data server if using on a network it uses Port 32123 which is the same port that Simserver use. All you have to do is change the port number on the STB Data server settings and all should be well. I tested this with a different port number and the A320 MCDU works as before Hope this helps Steve
  5. Since the update 5.1.0, I cannot access the A320 on my tablets for some reason. All other licenses work ok Has anyone else experienced this ?
  6. Steve_Ellis

    Slight Lag when changing Frequency

    Thank for the reply Dave. It seems to be working better now for some reason. I think I need to limit my tabs on my Firefox Browser I have open at once. Think Im pretty hooked already 😀 Cheers Steve
  7. Morning, I have been trying P2ATC on a networked machine in Trial mode. Firstly I am really impressed with the product, the only issue I have at the moment is that there is a lag of up to 20-60 seconds when changing frequencies. Is this normal at all and has anyone experienced this. ? I have a reasonable computer that it runs on and noticed in the task manager, it requires quite a bit of memory