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  1. Just as a side note, if you were like me and applied the NDU registry change tweak, things were working ok before, but I went back to the registry and noticed it had changed back from a value of 4 to the default 2. I think a windows update might have reset this, anyway I changed it back and seeing how it is.
  2. You are very welcome, I always like to give credit and praise for quality sceneries and addons. BTW, if you EVER feel you want to do Norwich feel free ( tounge in cheek ) 🤐 Thank you for also enlightening me about the development times, it was said many moons ago that scenery making was easier in MSFS but obviously not and with constant changes in code by asobo you must have your work cut out for you. I wish I had the time to invest in scenery development but I like flying too much 🤣 There are some great sceneries out now for MSFS including EBBR, Fly Tampa and Flightbeam offerings and it can only get better, and UK airports are almost guaranteed reasonable sales due to the amount of simmers here and popular destinations. Look forward to your Belfast 😉
  3. If all your sceneries are like the ones you have already released, I will buy the whole lot...😀 They are outstanding. Thank you for providing top notch quality sceneries.
  4. 50 and started on FS5.1 if I can remember. All I hope now is that my eyesight stays good to enjoy the next 20 years has to offer, I would be lost without it to be honest
  5. This was a game changer setting for me for my tired old eyes, thank you for posting - Set mine to around 85 - 86% 🙂
  6. Did you just say Airsimmer ? Took me years to get over that and the flashbacks are back again....🤣
  7. I had this same problem, try setting your sound devices in the MSFS sim general options to system default, I found that naming the output stopped the sounds. Hope this helps
  8. This started for me last night too, never really had any issues before at all. I started ranting about Sky Broadband but after seeing this thread added to again, maybe its something a little more central
  9. I agree here, I think they are missing alot of potential sales not selling on their website like they did for other platforms. A shame really, I wouldn't mind the Skymaster
  10. I am always intrigued by all these other undocumented updates you see in addition to the actual World Update. Not a bad thing I suppose
  11. I'm dreading it, left the beta last night, had to reinstall. I was having big mouse panel problems in VR with beta, apart from that the beta was ok. Everything is good now in VR ok I have the old version, when SU8 drops, my problems will begin again, wish I didn't have to update 😔
  12. I have this issue too, just to let you know its not just you 🤪
  13. I will certainly give that a go, one thing I have not tried I admit. I will get back if it helps UPDATE - Tried 2 different USB cables, same result unfortunately
  14. Hi all, I am reaching out to the community to see if anyone has had this problem with the Bravo Quadrant. I have been having this problems for months now and it is very intermittant. I cannot seem to replicate or when it fixes I am unable to work out if it is something I have done or the quadrant has righted itself. Le me give you some context in MSFS, although I think this has also happened in all the sims. I am approaching into Dubai last night and on approach I start to set my flaps and lower the landing gear. No response from the flaps switch at all, and the landing gear seems to be stuck in the "UP" position and only pressing and holding the gear button on the keyboard extends the gear. Looking at the Windows USB controller settings show all other axes working but some of the switches are shown as permanently pressed namely the Master Battery light e.t.c ( in the sim I do not have these assigned to anything as I fly in VR) and no switch records an OFF state I also looked at the Joystick input tool on the https://gamepad-tester.com/ site and this confirms that some of the switches reamin in the ON state. Now sometimes this problem then just disapears without notice, I have tried choosing different USB ports, changing power management of the devices, nothing seems to rectify anything and then something will make it work again. I think its the hardware as I have only had this happen a few months back and no problem when I initially had the Bravo. I am hoping someone else has had this problem so I can hold onto some of the grey hair I have already. If you have any suggestions that I have not tried already, please could you post them, I am pretty computer savvy so willing to try anything. I am holding off buying a new unit as the throttle axes, spoilers and mixtures all work ok and I have a Warthog which can take on the gear and flap assignments
  15. Happy Holidays. Thank you and the the whole team for working tirelessly on the A32NX, I am not sure I would be be flying MSFS so much if it was not there. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing your A380 next year.
  16. Not sure if this will help, but if you downloaded the NXi from Working title, they have posted a new update regarding aircraft starting Quote from their discord, not sure if this is the problem you are having "we now have the 0.10.1 hotfix available on the Marketplace, which fixes issues with being unable to proceed past bootup on certain aircraft. As always, this is an Early Access Opt-In Beta, so there may be bugs or missing features! Please give us feedback and reports on Discord"
  17. Good topic, I hope many will think and reflect on the last year on the whole to be extremely positive. I, like many others have been on this rollercoaster of a journey with MSFS and to be fair P3D is no different in this regard apart form less updates. I am running the public beta at the moment and I have to say from a VR point of view it is a damm sight better than at the start of the year. I have pulled many a grey hair out with some of the changes and implementation of them but I have to say I am happy how MSFS is developing, after all it is the season of goodwill 😁 I look forward to next year and hope my Varjo Aero gets here soon so I can further enjoy the delights of exploring the world in all its glory. PMDG, AS, ORBX & Just Flight just to name a few have done great work so far with all its limitations, I just think of the possible endless opportunities when the sim opens up more. The freeware contributions remind me of the FS9 days, awesome stuff Yes it can seem like a long wait, but it will be worth it in the end. P.S I might even get XP12 to see what its like, I liked XP11 although a late comer to it.
  18. I was dismayed to read his comments today and although I understand the long term inveitability of some other platforms, I ask only one question, is that time NOW...absolutely not in my honest opinion. I myself have embraced MSFS and have already delved heavily in the payware market, but I also keep one eye on the P3D market. When 5.3 was released, I went and bought the PMDG expansion for the ER, was not going to bother but getting the update swayed me into getting it, even though I may not fly it often as I would have last year but hey ho, you never know what is round the corner. I feel AS might have burned a few bridges today, and although the figures may not bear it out instantly, the community who have been around a little may remember this for some time to come. Yes, development stops eventually for platforms, I am realistic, but to say that financially it would not be worth pushing out an update ( play on words ) when some have spent thousands of pounds in the shop over the years does not sit well with me anyway. Brush up on the public relations side, it is really poor IMHO. BTW, some of the MSFS sceneries have been updated from other developers quite a few times since MSFS was released, I can name a few that have not recieved an update since SU2, so not updating seems to be common on all platforms, not just P3D....just saying.
  19. So, it sounds like it is dynamic, will i be right in guessing that you will not be able to manually set it ?
  20. Will be flying this around today and part of tomorrow to check things out, reinstall went ok with all the standard sceneries that ppl have all installed nicely or resynched. One thing I have noticed though, the traffic slider for roads which now include additon on ALL roads is an absolute frame rate killer for VR users on only 20% or lower, setting this to 0 and all smooth again
  21. I have purchased this too, really nice and will be better when I can use my VR panels better without the workaround
  22. Hi Marcus, I find the newest update to Open Xr and switching Motion Reprojection to Automatic sort of has the same effect and limits the frames, seems a lot smoother than before.
  23. Just Flight Hawk is one of my better go to aircraft, fun to fly and in VR is absolutely superb P.S In fact most of Just Flights MSFS aircraft are very good, day one purchase material
  24. I wouldn't know, they have never had the need to call me back. 😆
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