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  1. NN_Avirex

    FMS and star

    Hello, I tried several times to enter an approach and transition in the FMS, but all the time it seems to add a "go around" more than a star procedure. All the new waypoints are added after the destination airport, not before. Any idea ? Thank you.
  2. NN_Avirex

    FMS causes CTD on P3DV4

    I also posted about it on thse King air 1900 D, Any use of the FMS causes CDT on P3DV4.
  3. NN_Avirex

    CTD on Prepar3d v4

    the same here. It happens also if I sue de DO228 FMS
  4. Hello, Even if I'm an old very P3D and ORBX fan, I discovered PTA recently. Is a nice software no doubt about that. I tweak two things in particular in P3DV4, haze quantity and color, and the intensity of any casted shadow on terrain. But recently those shadows have totally disappeared, no more casted cloud shadows, no terrain shadows, no casted building and trees shadows. I still have the cockpit shadows anyway. Needless to say that all shadows are activated in the sim. Mainly I tweaked the object diffuse sunlight ratio :0,88 and the terrain ambient sunlight ratio : 0,90 Cloud shadows depth is 1 I tried to delete the shader folder but it didn't help. Thank you.
  5. NN_Avirex

    P3D V3 Compatible

    I just tried to have a flight yesterday night with P3DV3.4 and the autopilot had totally random behavior, you just can't set the alt in the alt setting for instance. This plane was absolutely OK before but it seems that V3.4 changed the rules.
  6. NN_Avirex

    Ground shadows show up as dark blobs

    I posted on LM forum for this problem., no answer yet. But you could go there if you want and answer to my post for it no to be forgotten. I had it in V.2.2 but setting the terrain shadows distance to maximum used to fix the problem.
  7. Hello all, Is there an issue with ASN and P3DV2.3 ? P3DV2.3 keeps crashing at launching since I tried to use ASN. Thank you
  8. NN_Avirex

    Got Traffic 360 Working In V2!

    I applied this and it works, but all my AI aircrafts are double ! They fly in formation. Any idea ?