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  1. There is a file on Avsim containing the correct BA RA callout as opposed to the Boeing one. The file was intended for the original PMDG 747 and was a replacement for the GPWS file. Is it possible to replace the GPWS file on the new 747 or is this complicated ? Many thanks Richard Foreman
  2. Fabulous attention to detail as expected from PMDG ! :smile: Eagerly awaiting the release. Richard Foreman
  3. Just a question regarding the 747 V3 - does it have a option for the British Airways altitude callouts from 2500 (Radio Altimeter) down to landing ? I recall seeing a Beta video with the BA version of the callouts. Many thanks Richard
  4. Enjoying the course - very informative and detailed. Is the new livery available to download ? Many thanks Richard
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