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  1. There is a file on Avsim containing the correct BA RA callout as opposed to the Boeing one. The file was intended for the original PMDG 747 and was a replacement for the GPWS file. Is it possible to replace the GPWS file on the new 747 or is this complicated ? Many thanks Richard Foreman
  2. Fabulous attention to detail as expected from PMDG ! :smile: Eagerly awaiting the release. Richard Foreman
  3. Just a question regarding the 747 V3 - does it have a option for the British Airways altitude callouts from 2500 (Radio Altimeter) down to landing ? I recall seeing a Beta video with the BA version of the callouts. Many thanks Richard
  4. Enjoying the course - very informative and detailed. Is the new livery available to download ? Many thanks Richard
  5. I have not installed the hot fix as yet. David - could you give me an idea of the installation path you have used. I have tried to install into the Prepar2D V2.5 folder directly but do I need to locate "textures" within this etc ? Many thanks Richard
  6. Hi Has anyone been able to load REX textures 4 with soft clouds into V2.5? I tried to load the textures but received a constant error message. Is there a workaround or do I need to wait for a patch ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Richard
  7. I would suggest Shannon (EINN) to JFK would be a better ETOPS route. You need to have divert fuel etc when you reach your destination so the route you have would not be suitable unless a fuel stop was planned in Canada en route. Google ETOPs operation and you will find some good information regarding procedure, diversion fields and how the smaller aircraft are adapted. Also see the Just Planes Air Canada A319 video just released on a Toronto to London flight via St Johns. Richard
  8. Cannot believe we are going to have a 777 and -400 so soon - well done PMDG - lots of happy customers! Just have to look out the full set of British Airways 777 manuals I was given a few years ago. Been waiting for for ultimate 777 and its on short final. Richard
  9. I have spent some time trying to configure FSUIPC and the FSX sensitivities/null zone and the brakes work on landing but not on RTO even though the light is not illuminated. it would be very useful if PMDG could give a detailed guide as to how to confirgure hardward/FSUIPC for the new braking system logic. Its good news that the autobrake is now in line with the real aircraft but failure to activate properly is clearly an issue for a number of users. Other than the above, the 737 is a masterpieceRichard Foreman
  10. All worked well with my autobrakes pre SP1 but now they disconnect on touchdown. I have the same problem with the MD11 but not the 747. I have made no adjustments to my hardward (CH Pedals & Prostick) since installing SP1. Did not reinstall the 737 - just added SP1 - could this be the issue ?Many thanksRichard Foreman
  11. Enjoy:http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=zKnsyYbfC60&feature=popularRichard Foreman
  12. Whilst we all eagerly await the release of the wonderful new NGX (thanks Beta testers for the updates - really appreciated) have a look at the NG section at Smart Cockpit (www.smartcockpit.com). Some very good and highly informative articles of the systems of the NG and useful reading before the official manuals are released.Richard Foreman
  13. Hi DanThanks for the reply. Problem with all waypoints, not just the first. I did a reinstall and the problem seems to be cured but I note your post on the Flight 1 Registry Tool and I will try this again if the problem presents again.Many thanksRichard Foreman
  14. I have about 12 hours logged on a full motion 747 - 400 sim. Great fun and you will see how realistic the PMDG really is. Give the instructor a surprise and start it without his help - always gets a good reaction ! Have funRichard
  15. Yes, default is ultralight at Friday Harbour and this is loaded. The only change I have made is that I have installed Orbx PNW scenery. Could this be an issue ? FMS did used to be erratic but now wont work at all.ThanksRichard
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