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  1. I would love to see the 747-100, 200, 300 series. With all the old gauges and INS. Would be Awesome Cheer, Rick
  2. Unfortunately still no luck. download window appears and all seems well (Disabled A/V software) and then at any stage of the update the window will close down without any warnings. It just drops out. Just a heads up... Will keep trying .... Cheers, Rick
  3. Hi Gents, I have tried everything under the sun to make this work but all with the same result. Update window appears, Updates start, Update windows closes. This happens at different stages of updating. I had it drop out at update 3 0f 65, 20 of 65 , 31 of 65 and so on and on. Please do not blame me for feeling utterly frustrated at this time. Over the last 24 hours I must have tried 20 times. I even completely uninstalled A/V , disabled Firewall, followed instructions as per Robert, Used direct line through my ADSL by removing Phone and Filter, Complete fresh install of the 747 v2.... I have tried everything but the download window just drops out. PMDG staff, Can you please Update the aircraft pack itself so at least I can download that the normal way? Kind regards , Rick Melcher
  4. Update failing , Starts updates then hangs at 4 out of 65 . Will not update for now because Aircraft not usable. Cheers, Rick Melcher
  5. Dear PMDG staff, Now that we are have been spoiled with the new 747-400 sound pack is there any chance of doing the same with the 737 and 777 ? I very much love the engine fade-out effect when it climbs passed FL140 . Would love to see that in the other products as well. Cheers, Rick Melcher
  6. Gents, I recently bought a throttle quadrant for the PMDG 737. It's non motorized but has all functionality. I have little to no experience using FSUIPC but will go through some tutorials over the weekend. I should have no problems setting up the throttle, flaps, speed brakes, parking brakes. However I could really use some advise on the reversers (axis control, not switch) and fuel cut off switches as I am not sure where to bind them to within FSUIPC. Any help welcome Regards, Rick Melcher
  7. I am not sure if this link works but this livery is amazing.....http://www.flickr.com/photos/bycac/9330976920/
  8. Thank you sir. Rick Melcher
  9. I Like it. Regards, Rick melcher
  10. This is all very exciting, I now am really looking forward to hearing the Audio of this plane. Ah, and of course a video or two. Cheers, Rick
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