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  1. Okay, after trying a lot of different things after posting my question I reverted to the previous version 1.8 in order to get Roland's WX-radar working again. Within only a few seconds the fresh panel.cfg was modified and everything looks nice. For FlySimware Cessna 441 CONQUEST ll, REV1.8 a working solution in the VC looks like this: [VCockpit29] size_mm=512,512 pixel_size=512,512 texture=$RDR150 background_color=0,0,0 gauge00=RolasnRadar!oRadGauge, 90,50,330,250, sweep|beam|icing|starton //gauge00=rxpWX500!RDR,0,0,512,380 //gauge01=ControlPanel!clipboard RADAR, 90,50,330,250 Of course I would be still interested having a working solution for the latest revision of the Conquest even if I can't see other functional changes.
  2. Hello guys, I just updated my FlySimware Cessna 441 CONQUEST ll in FSX to REV1.9 and tried implementing the WX radar as I did it before in the previous version. Unfortunately it doesn't show any reaction. At the moment it looks like this: VCockpit29] size_mm=512,512 pixel_size=512,512 texture=$MV_WXM background_color=0,0,0 gauge00=RolasnRadar!oRadGauge, 90,35,330,270, sweep|beam|icing|starton //gauge00=MV_WX!WX, 0,0,512,361 //gauge00=MV_WX!WX, 90,35,330,270 //gauge01 = CONTROL_PANEL!clipboard RADAR, 90,50,330,250 The gauge still works with PMDG's JS41. It would be nice if someone could help implementing it?
  3. Not far away from Bogotá, south of VOR GIR you can find a pole at N 04° 0.01', W 074° 47.42. I shouldn't forget saying, it's the same with FSG including NEXT mesh. Furthermore, I experienced disturbing peaks (rather cones) in the same area that in most cases disappeared when being really close. Any idea how to get rid of such effects or to smoothen them?
  4. Yes, those peaks don't exist in my FS Genesis and they are looking very much like singularities.
  5. Daniel, As I looked a bit closer to some Pacific Islands at French Polynesia I found out a glitch (I think even two) on both sides of the crest in the vicinity of NTMU.
  6. Hi Daniel, While strolling around that area (at least I think I did) I wasn't able to spot obvious errors. The reason might be that the defective (?) file wasn't loaded and my FS Genesis mesh covers the respective area sufficiently.
  7. Daniel, that's the same I got reported from 7-Zip. When packing it as a single file I get 354CB90B. I'm not sure what state is shown here (does it show the packed or the unpacked CRC?). EDIT: A dull question. I just checked a neighbouring file and the CRC had been the same. Obviously the N40E130.bgl is corrupted somehow.
  8. Thanks a lot you guys! However, while unpacking the Asia files I got a CRC Checksum error on one file. Its N40E130.bgl. I'm not on Torrent and used MediaFire for the download. Even if it seems to be an area I'm non really keen to visite, even virtually, I'm think I should report it... BTW, I did the download twice and a coincidence doesn't seem to be probable for the same embedded file.
  9. For me MakeRunways is out of the question. It has nothing to do with your false alarms. The produced files are build upon a fully transparent procedure and are documented in the file "Runways.txt". Correction: The following statement was wrong! You even could delete (better rename) all files produced by this tool and your T7 would build the required file itself while starting up. You may want to install the original r4.cvs instead. BTW, I'm wondering why PMDG is working with redundant information from different sources anyway. As far as MakeRunways is concerned, the information is produced only based on the present flight sim installation while the AIRACs are fully independent with this respect. Hence, you can be sure having contradictions. Probably you might want to check whether you are struggling with other airports overlaying each other. In this case I recommend a little tool, produced by Jon Masterson and you'll find it here: http://www.scruffyduck.org/simple-airport-scanner/4584282795. It might even happen that add-on developers are changing the default elevation without telling this to the respective FS. This usually requires at least a Stub-file of your airport in the folder ..<main>..\Scenery\World\scenery as long as the designers are following the SDK (which means just overlaying and not replacing the original files).
  10. That's a longer story. I've build my own database by using purely the existent airport and runway data of FSX. Unfortunately I didn't sort it by LAT/LON but by ICAO. This caused obviously the same problem as the NGX wasn't able to sort out all environment variables (according to PMDG's helpdesk). I think it had to do with run-time problems which is no contradiction. However, I shouldn't have mentioned it as this was definitely a very special case. EDIT: I forgot to mention, that the data format wasn't the reason!
  11. I've had the same problem with the NGX quite a while ago. It had been fixed after re-installing it again. An other reason could be that the Navdata are corrupt for whatever reason. In such a case it might happen also with other PMDG birds (it's just guessing).
  12. [ctrl]+[return] = move seat backwards [ctrl]+[backspace] = move seat vorward [shift]+[return] = move seat up [shift]+[backspace]= move seat down [ctrl]+[shift]+[return] = move seat right [ctrl]+[shift]+[backspace]= move seat left [shift]+"arrow-keys" = turn head left/right/up/down [shift]+[space] = reset view to default I think that's it.
  13. I'm not quite sure what you are looking for, but moving your view works with [space] + pointing with your mouse. To reset the view just hit [ctrl] + [space]
  14. Yeah, I got that information a couple of days ago from one of the involved guys. It seems something can only happen next year.
  15. Thanks Jim for the link - it works. However, asking WHOIS for the name server results in different IP (with no response).
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