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  1. Dear Kyle, thanks very much for your prompt reply-it is greatly appreciated. I was mistaken by the amount of airlines using the 747-8 passenger version-it seems(Wikipedia article) that not many airlines are willing to have the passenger version as part of their fleet. Have a great week. Best Regards Bernard
  2. Dear PMDG, I just bought the 747-8 this morning-just wandering about the amount of liveries : There seems to be more fictional airlines(18 or 19 in total as to only 6 real world) for the standard 747-8 whereas there are less fictional airlines for the freighter version. Are you planning to add more liveries for real world airlines that are actually using the 747-8 in order to make up the difference? I would prefer to fly more airlines that have the aircraft as part of their fleet. Thanking you in advance. Best Regards Bernard
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