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  1. Really nice work! Almost felt as if I was there, and the music was chilled at just the right temperature
  2. Hmmm ... The original budget was for a significantly reduced scope of game. Amazes me that some people will say "look at the feature creep, that's why it will never get completed", and then we have others saying it should have been finished because they "have made 100x what they asked for". Just demonstrates that everyone is interpreting "facts" in different ways. My version of reality says that we're seeing gradual pieces of the pre-beta (okay, maybe even call it pre-alpha) that will serve as the key pieces to build the Worlds and star systems they're envisaging. That takes time. I really believe a big mistake they did is to issue estimated timeframes, which slip as the quality requirements increase, and that has led to doubt, and fear that people's money won't see any return, and the more negative folk out there (who always seem to be the most vocal) stressing that the sky is falling. They had a small scope with a limited budget in mind, it got popular to a point that more money than they ever thought started flowing to them through ship sales that were demonstrating progress, and so the scope grew and so did the team. As different modules are completed you let people go, and that's why you use contractors as much as possible - it's far easier to scale - and people will come and go as needed. They're developing new technologies, working toward AAA+ quality and most definitely making some mistakes as they go along - everyone does on a project of this type of scale. It also demonstrates that people forget what crowd funding is - it's not buying a share of a company, it's supporting and placing trust in a team to deliver a concept or an idea. Unfortunately a lot of people who have invested have had that trust diminished by a large part of the fear that a lot of people are saying "game over! It's game over man" and therefore loosing that money without seeing the concept delivered. Am I annoyed I can't play the kick butt game that's been promised right now - yeah. But I'm also fairly confident something will be delivered ... eventually. The hype has done some real good though in ensuring the space game genre has received new attention, but I also think it may have damaged software developers to attempt to be so transparent for future projects ... And I think not seeing behind the curtain of other projects will be a real shame.
  3. Not sure if "that chick" (Sandy Gardner) is his wife, but she has been there from the start and managed to market the most successful crowd funded game to date - they're about to pass £90million. Her background seems to have been in fashion, and that kind of makes sense in terms of making things desirable. I'm a backer, and keep an eye on the development cycle regularly, but glad Erin, his brother, is involved. He started up the UK office and has been around for awhile. As for the other staff leaving, disappointed to hear Pugh is departing, but understand change happens. As he was focused on the community it could simply be a fallout of the negativity that's being generated (rightly or wrongly). Development continues though, the scope has been locked down for over a year and I think the idea of open development and involving the community is actually their biggest problem now. People don't understand the development process - just look at some of the responses heard when P3d v3 was announced, and people making assumptions before it could even be tested by those naysayers. The shame of the matter is the entire Star Citizen crowd funding effort was built on not having to answer to a developer, who demanded drop dead dates even if the game wasn't ready .... And it seems vocal components of the community (whether backers or not) are even more demanding when it comes to releasing things NOW whether it's ready or not - damned if they do, and damned if they don't.
  4. Just received an Email update for the DCS storefront advertising 70% off. Runs from Friday September 4th at 15:00 UTC to Monday September 7th at 09:00 UTC. This FLASH sale is for world USD prices only and does not apply to special prices of Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) countries. http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/ DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3: $39.99 to $11.99 (70% off) DCS: A-10C Warthog: $39.99 to $11.99 (70% off) DCS: Black Shark 2: $39.99 to $11.99 (70% off) DCS: P-51D Mustang: $29.99 to $8.99 (70% off) DCS: Fw 190 D-9 Dora: $49.99 to $14.99 (70% off) DCS: Bf 109 K-4 Kurfürst: $49.99 to $14.99 (70% off) DCS: Combined Arms: $19.99 to $5.99 (70% off) F-15C for DCS World: $9.99 to $2.99 (70% off) Su-27 for DCS World: $9.99 to $2.99 (70% off) Su-27 The Ultimate Argument Campaign: $9.99 to $2.99 (70% off) A-10A for DCS World: $9.99 to $2.99 (70% off) Su-25 for DCS World: $9.99 to $2.99 (70% off) DCS: MiG-15bis: $49.99 to $14.99 (70% off) DCS: F-86F Sabre: $49.99 to $14.99 (70% off) DCS: UH-1H Huey: $49.99 to $14.99 (70% off) DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight: 49.99 to $14.99 (70% off) DCS: C-101 Aviojet: $59.99 to $17.99 (70% off)
  5. Outstanding shots - x-plane looking spectacular
  6. Woah! That's looking great ... Bring on those water vectors!!
  7. Woah .... Epic alright! Nice work. Did you find any major issues needing a manual fix when you did the conversion?
  8. Awesome! Really impressive as always and looking forward to the release! A note of thanks for all your hard work, and looking forward to the many changes I and friends did in OSM with the expectation to see it materialise in Ver3.
  9. Quite a few developers have actually moved their payware products to free are after a period of time - Iris comes straight to mind. Also keep in mind other developers that fund products before even launching a final commercial product are asking significantly more for add-ons. Star Citizen just bringing a salvage ship to market for $US 350 and about to bring a luxury cruiser to market for $600 which buyers won't see in the currently pre-alpha versions for some time. There's also Elite:Dangerous who let you join their Alpha development cycle for $US 200. I realise these prices are to help development, but isn't that why we also pay the prices we do for the add-ons we want to see in FS? We're supporting a revenue stream for add-on developers to keep using their time and their skills for the extra aircraft and sceneries we want to see in our sims ...
  10. Wonder if the Steam release gives it more focus from the graphic card guys?
  11. ... but don't let that stop Milviz from creating an awesome version!
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