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  1. Do you have enabled AIGTech ?
  2. You are correct, it has been optimised since release and for me it`s the same as 777 (which is very good) Thor
  3. 737 ngxu is the latest from PMDG , and i think their best so far. It has all the stuff like EFB, PBR, Wingflex, shakings(a lot more then 777), sounds the fade out with height and so on. Especially the VC in 777 looks outdatet (from 2012). On top of this it has a stunning good FPS, much better then all of my other payware airliners like QW787, JF 146, CS 757 and 737-300 and so on.
  4. Thanks for your review. Just a note; 737-200 Advanced expansion works in 5.2 Thor
  5. Bought 747 yesterday so i can`t compare against 737:) But i have the 777(and whole lot of others airlinere) and the Ngxu is far superior to 777. I think it is the best airliner addon ever! Thor
  6. Small thing, but The Avatar does not chrash /stop into the aircraft when you have a walkaorund in 5.2 Thor
  7. Reinstalled both QW and FS2crew , everything is working now. First flight in 787-8. Best Thor H
  8. Interesting. I also had my first flight in 787-9 after update, then i tried -8-10 with the same problems. I`l try 787-8 first next time i reinstall. Thor H
  9. I was wondering if there could be something wrong with the QW installation, but it works perfectly otherwise. I will still take a full new installation, but it may take a few days before I give feedback due to a lot of work (jobwise) this week.
  10. Yes, i`l always do. Have used your fs2. crew programs since fs9 LDS 767, never had similar problems.
  11. Hi and thanks for an excellent product. Unfortunately I have some issues after updating QW to 1.4. I uninstalled fs2crew and downloaded fs2 crew again, but some features do not work. Fs2 crew would not set flaps, V1, V2 and Vr speeds are set two 000 and it is not possible to complete landing checklist etc. With regards Thor H
  12. Finally it works perfectly :) Thanks Thor H
  13. Thank you very much for the feedback. Cheers Thor H
  14. Hi. Any news about this? R Thor H
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