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  1. Finally it works perfectly :) Thanks Thor H
  2. Thank you very much for the feedback. Cheers Thor H
  3. Hi. Any news about this? R Thor H
  4. My frame rates are also high with QW 787 and i did take a test flight with update 1.3 before i installed fs2crew. No loss with Navigraph, but after i installed fs2crew there is a huge loss /frames jump between 13-45) when i zoom in Navigraph charts on EFB. Have tried several settings and airports but no luck. Still a very good product, thank you. Thor H
  5. By the way: I tested QW 788 without FS2Crew and there was no FPS loss with Navigraph.
  6. Hi and thank you for a nice product. Same problems for me too, Navighraph EFB eats a lot of FPS. Not a problem with Ngxu and FS2Crew.. Best Thor
  7. Thank you! My sim wouldn't start in 2days, but this did the trick. Again, thank you very much
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