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  1. Box, sorry. Should've clarified that.
  2. Yeah, the title is weird. Ok, so I have 2 HD's on my Desktop, C drive is and SSD and is really just a boot drive, it holds Win10 and a few other things, D drive is a normal 3TB HD and holds everything else, including FS. So right before Christmas my SSD took a massive dump and failed on me, I bought a new one and got Win10 reinstalled on it and such. However, ALL of my games and sims are on my D drive. FSX is giving me issues. Whenever I try to start up FSX I Get an Error Code: 8-c0000006 message. If I click Yes, it takes me to the Microsoft "why you should activate your product" page. If I click No, FSX starts up. HOWEVER, I am given the FSX Steam Edition startup graphic. When FSX starts up, I'm missing a few things, Multiplayer options mostly, and if I click on the Home button at the top of the menu, I get a page about why I'm seeing the screen that I'm seeing in FSX Steam Edition. HOWEVER, the top of FSX clearly states Flight Simulator X Acceleration Pack. So, I understand why I'm getting this issue, as far as THIS install of Windows knows, this version of FSX is NOT listed in it's registry and thus, isn't activated. However, I can't seem to find a way to activate it. Further, when I try to just re-install over it(after backing up, obviously) the installer gives me a 1603 Error and stops. I have no way of uninstalling FSX, as it's not listed in the Registry and thus uninstaller nor Add/Remove Programs can see it. I'm kind of at a loss, because I can only fly for a short time before I get the message that my free time has expired and FSX shuts down. I'm really at a loss here, is there anyway to add a Registry entry for this install? or is there a tool that will uninstall it, even though it's not in the Registry?
  3. Nevermind......Now that I'm down here at my desk I Can plainly see that it will NOT work as I was thinking the Joystick plugged into the computer and instead it's the Throttle that does.
  4. Will the X-52 Joystick work without the Throttle plugged into it? and will the Saitek Prof Flight Throttle Quadrant work alongside the Joystick? I know I will need to plug the Throttles into a USB drive and not the joystick base, but I'm just wondering if there would be any conflicts?
  5. Hey all, Dumb Question. Would it be possible to mod the PMDG MD-11 panel down to 2 engines? So it can be used as a 717 panel? Would there be someone willing to do this, or even has someone already done or tried to do this? The panels are pretty much the same I know there are some differences, but overall they're basically the same. Just curious as we're lacking a really good true-ish to life panel for this bird.
  6. Ok so aside from the obvious FedEx and UPS VA's, are there any others that are strictly Cargo Only?