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  1. To the both of you who replied, thank you very much. I installed the TPE 331 sound package....took care of that annoying loop sound and overall a better all around sound. Seehunt
  2. Thanks for the replies...but I'd still like to have this feature. I see a fair amount of Utube video's with this feature and it seems to work well....at least in those video's. So, if others are able to run it what did they do to enable / run it? Thanks, Seehunt
  3. Since the day I purchased the D0 228 iv'e had an issue with the continuous engine loop noise, it's quite distracting and annoying...is there any way to fix this? Thanks, Seehunt
  4. Hi, I see in many video's moving sunlight in the cockpit...as the acft turns, descends etc. I do not have this in my cockpits, how to I enable this feature? Or do I need an add-on program? Please advise thank you.
  5. Here, here ! I too had a unresolved tech issue with the FSD Porter; Afteran initial takeoff everything works fine until I retarded the throttle and after that the aircraft would never exceed 98 knots. On the initial flight it always goes up to 120 KIAS or more. I tried everything I could think of, worked on it for days to no avail.....once the throttle was retarded the airplane would never get beyond 98 knots again. If I reset the flight it would do the same thing all over again.....120 plus knots until first throttle retarding and then would never go beyond 98 knots. I then encountered a 2nd issue, when flying the Porter Floatplane it will not slow down or stop on water no matter what you do....it just keeps on going and going and I can't stop it. I finally contact FSD support and explained my issue...their first response was " We've never heard of this issue ( the airspeed issue ) before therefore it's not our problem....it's your computer or flightsim that's causing it. They had me install an analyzer and send them the results...they then told me it all checks out and it's not us it's you and your equipment that's at fault.....repeating again that I was the only one with this issue. Several weeks later one of my group flying buddies asked me why I wasn't flying the Porter anymore and I explained why, he thereupon told me he was having the exact same problem ! I got back to FSD and told them about it and was told in reply: All you want to do is argue, there is nothing wrong with our Porter and we are NOT going to address your issue any more. I was flabbergasted ! A flightsim retailer talking to a customer like that....wow, that was a first for me. I then asked for a refund and was told I was not going to get one and that's the way it's going to be. To bad, they lost a good customer........telling me they just don't care.
  6. Hi,Check the trim contols on your joystick, my grandson will playwith mine and if I don't check to see if thier centered, I get the problem you describe. Hope this helps.Arnold
  7. Thanks for the reply JDI haven't edited any of the data files.I don't know what caused the problem.I would appreciate it if you would send me the current file.ThanksArnoldseaox1@comcast.net
  8. For some reason, when clicking on an airliner or specic plane on the plane data list, something other than what I picked comes up. Its usually the listing above the one I pick that will play the wave file. Is there some way to correct this, this just started and I don't recall doing anything different to cause this.ThanksArnold
  9. Thanks for the advise, but after checking on google for problems with this card, I now have it working. This card has two power connections, both must be used. I only had one connected, but after connecting the second one, it now runs the 3D applications.Thanks for your responsesArnold
  10. My ATI 9800XT started dying, so I bought A Saphire X1950pro AGP.Uninstalled all ATI software and drivers according the ATI instructions and installed the new card. I fist loaded the drivers that came with the card's CD and everything seem to work OK. I then went into the catalyst control center to set my preferences and when I tried to set for 3D, the moniter screen went black and I got a no signal message.I had to shut down the computer and restart everything seemed normal, so I ran dxdiag and the card passed all the tests, both the direct draw, and the direct 3D. I again tried the 3D settings in CCC and againe the black screen and no signal message.I uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled ATI's latest drivers ver7.1. Same thing happened. When I try running FS9, Falcon4, or any 3D game, I get the black sreen and so signal message. Other than that the card works fine. Temp runs between 45c and 50c.My systempentium 4 3.2Asus P4C800-E deluxe MB2meg Kinston ramAntec 480 PSAny help to the cause of this problem appreciated.ThanksArnold
  11. Hi RayCould you tell me what driver you're using with your new card.ThanksArnold
  12. I think theirs going to be two new pilot openingsat Continental!Arnold
  13. Keep your political views to yourself, this forum is not the place for them.Arnold
  14. Hi,I have this problem when running FS9 and other programs in full screen mode. The program keeps minimizes to the desk top. It continues to run and will go back to full screen after clicking the minimized icon on the task bar. It's minimizes the same as if you press alt+del in fs9. This is very annoying when on approach and 200ft above ground level.I have two monitors, one a LCD using the dvi connection from a ATI 9800 pro video card and the other using the analog connection.If anyone knows what could be causing this I would appreciate your help.ThanksArnold
  15. Hi I'm not flying pre sixties, I'm flying in 2005. Should have a transponder for ATC.Arnold
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