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  1. Can someone help me? I downloaded the iFly 747 from flightsim.com and it loads up just fine. I start FS9 and get the plane running at the gates, then about 2-3 mins in the entire Sim locks up on me. There is nothing I can do but go to task manager and shut down FS9.
  2. Very nice, thank you very much sir. Thank you for sharing your time and talents. I really appreciate it. Happy Flying, Gus
  3. How do I view them then? In the book it says to click open and watch the files. It lists them just as they are listed on my PC i.e. Chap_02_Around_the_lake.FSRWhen I click on them my PC asks me what program to open them with. I can't make any of them open it.When I go into FSX and click "load" I can load the file "Chap_02_Post_Mills" then if I click on view and "flight replay" it will attempt to load this Chap_02_Around_the_lake.FSR, but it gives me an error, "file not found. Play ended, press P to resume simulator".
  4. How do I open .fsr files? I'm on Windows Vista 32.I want to open the tutorial videos from Microsoft Flight Simulator X For Pilots: Real World Training, they are saved as a .fsr. What program do I use to open them?
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