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    Your age?

    Greetings you at post 23rd may 2015. I am 87yrs,, four months and counting. Happily married 62yrs and 10months! Five grandchildren, one finished university, three current, including one at Cambridge. Last will start uni' next year. We are proud! Dedicated GA flyer and started with FS4 (if there was such a thing) Many years ago I joined an offshoot group of seven from a Virtual Airline, USA based and together we flew around the world; approx. 900miles each Sunday evening. Each flight lasted approx', two and one half hours; I forget how many months it all lasted Stipulation was a twin turbo prop. One of the guys added aircraft liveries to his simming and he very kindly did a "repaint" job to personalise each of our aircraft. I would just love to meet up again but the details are long lost I am afraid. My best regards

    Your age?

    Just entered year 88 and installed A2A C182 last night. any advice welcome!?

    Your age?

    Lots of young "pups" around.....coming 87 years young 2/2/28.

    Your age?

    86yrs,3mths,18days,21hrs. Started FS4 (think it was) now FSX. strictly GA and occasional twin prop turbo Need to keep it simple, much too late for POMDG/FMC and all that stuff!
  5. Just my speculation! Hi- jack! Aim was to crash aircraft in world recognised building in Malaysia but "something" went wrong so.... ! So; to emulate maximum world impact ref twin towers; fly to crash aircraft in furthest and most remote area to attempt impossible recovery. Either way prolonged worldwide publicity and maximum conspiracy theory would result. VIMANA
  6. I have just installed RC4.3 on my 32 bit system WIN 7 but immediately encountered the dreaded Runtime error 713.Not being a techie and reading the relevant posts I just did not fancy ther DOS repair routine!I found this "freebie" ; www.dll-files.com/fixer_download_go1.php?x-splittest=axdll=msstdfmt Such freebies are usually a come-on but this one worked for me.So any other sufferes, give it a whirl! | | Note my iunclusion of "|" in two places is to indicate there is _ which is obscurred by the underline.Dave Wightman
  7. Hi, That was the first thing I tried. It did not work!Strangely enough Active Sky Graphics still works!regardsDave Wightman
  8. Hi,After running my registry cleaning prog' "error killer" I now get, "unexpected runtime error50003" when trying to start AV6. Any help appreciated.Wiggins
  9. Slightly off topic but... Possibly I am not the only one "put off" RC 4.0.1 by all this. Is RC V 4.0 still available?VIMANA
  10. Win2000 Pro. Thanks, reply is reassuring. When I am up and running will report performance. ANAMIV
  11. I am an old time user of RC V3 and was considering purchase of V4; BUT NOW.....??? I run with Win 2000 Pro. Anyone out there using RC V4with my OS?Dwightwiggins.
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