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  1. How would you ever do a backup ? Dear God, back to Nixdorf self threading backup tape drives that used a fan to flutter the tape end so it would spool - shudder......
  2. Just looked at a picture of the US Air Force One which has the flag on the tail with the same convention as the RAF. Still looks weird though.
  3. Yes, this understood. It is just that the convention used by the RAF is different to everyday usage - I have just tried a quick search for a flag picture running right to left, haven`t found one yet. We normally scan left to right in the UK which is why this jars in some photos of the plane. Have the RAF been super clever and painted one side for trips to countries who read right to left? Ray, what convention did B.A. use?
  4. Ray probably has but would not be able to say.......
  5. I think Prince Charles crashed that one. Bit long on the landing / brakes.
  6. Big debate on the flag - is it upside down? RAF swear it is not as per video, but to me and a lot of others it really does look wrong. Guess they will have to fly everywhere inverted, bit tricky for the Queens cuppa. Assuming she hasn't beheaded everyone for following an obscure convention rather than what looks consistent and familiar. For non Brits I should explain that it is very easy to invert the flag as the difference is quite subtle , it happens quite often. It is to do with the width of the white spaces.
  7. hovercrafter

    Man Up

    My son was Junior world champion and then UK F1 hovercraft racing champion. The F1 machine was 220 hp. One year I asked him to deal with the autumn fall leaves on the front lawn, He did in under 2 minutes doing doughnuts with the beast.. The neighbours asked him never to do that again as they were clearing up our leaves 2 streets away for weeks !!!!! Gordon
  8. AIO All in One - Water cooling block for the cpu water radiator and two fans attached to the rad. Many brands on the market I just chose Corsair 105 (price point) Very easy to fit as everything already connected. Just make sure pipe runs are long enough for where you want to install a radiator in the case. Wisdom of hindsight I think I should have bought a slightly beefier version (deeper rad thickness). I originally planned to install the Rad venting/extracting upwards out of the case but pipe run made front intakel air the practical option. Does mean that the NVME M.2 pcie ssd installed on the motherboard under the GTX 1080 runs hotter than I would like at 65 C. With X-Plane Vulkan the 1080 is at 100 percent most of the time and whilst the AIO and case fans are quiet the GPU fans are running at 50 percent and beginning to be noticeable. G
  9. I Have a 9700K OC to 5.0mhz with gtx 1080 on ultrawide screen. CPu runs at 1.36v max @ 72 deg C flat out running X-Plane or P3D v4. I use a large airy case with 240mm AIO and 1 140mm fan for air in and 2 140mmm fans out. My thoughts would be to check the cpu thermal paste and reseat the heatsink then look at your cooling / airflow Gordon
  10. LittleNavMap would benefit being on another computer. It has its own connect program which seems to have little impact on FPS whereas the main programme can cause stutters when updating. I cannot comment on your other programmes. I am not a computer guru but really haven't noticed any downside to my networking the eight USB controllers, FSUIPC, Weather Engine and LNM onto a second computer. Not completely sure but P3D, I think, requires Simconnect running in local mode anyway (certainly some addons need it) so going to its network version is not a big step. Gordon
  11. MSFS2020 would have to be a very compelling product to get my support. To me it is fundamentally flawed and always be so as it requires MS Windows to run. Having 2 flightsim computers running X-Plane side by side with Win 10 vs Linux Mint 19, Linux wins hands down on performance and reliability. The only non cross platform software I am using in ALL my computing is Reality-XP GTN750. Depending on the outcome of X-Plane 11.50 Vulkan graphics even that will probably go. So all 4 devices I use frequently PC's Media server and laptop will be Linux. Flightsim 1 WIN 10 Intel 9700K @ 5.0 32gb DDR4 3200 NVME m.2 PCIE for System NVME m.2 PCIE for Program, ROG Strix GTX1080 8gb, ROG Strix Mobo Flightsim scenery WD Black 2tb Flightsim 2 Mint 19.2 Intel 2700K @4.2 16gb DDR3 1866 SSD for System WD Blue 2tb for Program & Scenery EVGA GTX 970 4gb Apart from the 10 year age difference, running Orbx TrueEarth Washington/Oregon in SD and the standard field of view (70 degrees whereas FS 1 uses 85 and TrueEarth HD) the results are pretty much the same. That is how much bloated Win 10 is and why I wont use it. Therefore, for me, MSFS202 is probably a non starter. Gordon
  12. +1 Very useful for X-Plane users wanting to sub-divide ortho scenery files into regions. regards Gordon
  13. I use FSUIPC 5 to assign elevator, rudder and aileron trim (using simple potentiometers via a leo bodnar usb board) which is seen by FSUIPC as a joystick axis. FSUIPC has a joystick assignment tab which automatically recognises a joystick axis when the stick is moved. You have a choice of calibration directly or via FSUIPC. It is very simple box ticking and selection from drop down lists. A separate tab deals with sensitivity and reverse operation etc. Again simple box ticking. The joystick assignment can be global or aircraft specific, by default it is global. Using an axis for trim (ie a potentiometer in a joystick) will provide an ABSOLUTE trim position. Using auto pilot (or Saiteks Pitch trim panel ) alters the trim position RELATIVELY and can cause a surprise on final when switching off auto pilot for landing. FSUIPC also (in misc tab) has some settings to help mitigate this. Gordon
  14. Better performance - Vulcan Less reliance on poorly performing Microsoft - recently re-purposed a 2700k with gtx970 to run Linux Mint / X-Plane/Orbx Truearth/EGHI and the result is very acceptable compared to overclocked 9700K and gtx1080 running Win10/P3Dv4 /UK photo/UK2000 The biggest turn-off of Flightsim 2020 for me will be the need for Microsoft Systems of which I have now largely divested from Gordon
  15. In my case, using Win 10 and P3D 4.5 I use FSUIPC to program rotary switches that interface with a (Flight 1) GTN750 using keys CTRL+ALT+Shift+keys A through H missing key F as this is consistently not read. Being A) Bone idle and B) in the process of ditching Windows / P3D for Linux / XP11 I have not investigated the root cause. Freebird's comment about it being a Lua issue strikes a cord as I use Lua scripts with FSUIPC. As an aside I am finding the comparison between Win 10 / P3D and Linux / XP11 illuminating. XP11 is running on a 2700K GTX1080 at 4.1mhz. P3D on a brand new 9700K GTX970 at 5.1Mhz. Flying the Orbx TrueEarth UK demo and EGHI freeware in XP11 is comparable with P3D running UK VFR photo, Treescapes, Revolution X autogen and Orbx EGHI I have 4 various computers/laptops three are now running Mint 19.1 The 9700K motherboard is too new for Linux just yet. Linux/XP11/GTX1080 NVMe PCIE disks at 5.1mhz some day soon - bring it! Gordon
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