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  1. hovercrafter

    All 'back of the bus'...

    Thank you Chock for the insight. Gordon
  2. That high in a trike - impressive !! Gordon
  3. hovercrafter

    GTN750 issues?

    The Flight1 GTN750 occasionally freezes on my rig as well. I don't (yet) use flysimware aircraft, mostly Flight1 / Just Flight / Aerosoft so it seems more generic. I run the GTN on a small touch screen with knobs controlled by rotaries and avionics generally running via Spad.Next on a second computer. I had assumed (yeah I know) that it was an USB glitch and like you simply rebooted the avionics. Perhaps I will look into it further, but my setup makes separating out just the GTN not that easy. Gordon
  4. Thanks Oz for the comment. Yes I do have loading problems with photoscenery but this may well be because of my using an 6-7 year old computer ! The hard disk transfer speed is 3gbps for instance. So a newer motherboard will help considerably. Gordon
  5. Many thanks for the responses.... I have just come across a youtube video by linus tech tips that tested the optane. Interestingly the memory used is non volatile (didn't know that) and the caching was persistent even after the computer was restarted. The video showed the Optane producing benefits for games upto 60gb in size after multiple uses.. I am left thinking that if I constrained my flying to a few counties then after a few passes over the countryside real benefits would occur. But flying from Scotland over England, France and Spain (say) using nigh on a terrabyte of scenery bgl files would swamp the Optane. Gordon
  6. Hello all, I am in the process of updating my Flightsim computer - currently 2700K 16Gb GTX970. The disk layout is (1st SSD) OS (2nd SSD) P3D and addon scenery (1st HDD 2Tb) Photoscenery files covering all of Western Europe. The new computer will be able to use M.2 so will have NVME for the OS and a partition for P3D The remaining disk layout is the same. With a spare M.2 slot should I get Optane to cache the HDD? My questions are; Will Optane work on a non OS disk - there seems some doubt about whether I can specify Optane to work only on the HDD Will Optane be of use in reading Photoscenery files consisting of thousands of bgl's. Anybody have a handle/comment on this? Thanks & regards Gordon
  7. hovercrafter

    F1 B-N2 Islander In P3D v4.3

    Thank you Bert, very helpful. Gordon Hurn
  8. Mr Proudfoot - FSUIPC has provision for 4 throttle assignment and calibration. The assignments are usb capable I currently use the facility on 1 Yoke and 1 USB saitek quadrants with no problems. I have other usb circuit boards for my (crude) cockpit setup and FSUIPC picks up the joystick facilities on those boards and offers an assignment, So I see no reason why two USB Saitek quadrants can't be used with FSUIPC. Perhaps try the free version of FSUIPC first. My understanding of the need for a PS2 plug for the Saitek Yoke / Quadrant is simply cost. The quadrant uses the USB circuit board in the Yoke for processing. The quadrant supplied with the Yoke contains potentiometers only, no electronics at all. Gordon
  9. hovercrafter

    installing Carenado Addons, error 0

    Might be an HTTP setting issue - Try Control Panel, Internet Properties, Advanced, scroll down to Http Settings. Are all http options ticked especially htttp 1.1 and use through proxies. Microsoft altered these settings in a fairly recent update to Win 7. It has caught a lot of people out (me included). Also, scroll down further to security are all TLS ticked (1.0 to 1.2) Gordon
  10. Steve40 - Thank you for the link. Kind regards Gordon
  11. hovercrafter

    Getting Telemetry Data in P3D V4

    For basic GPS data inc speed and altitude sent out of P3D via com port or network, I use the payware version of FSUIPC. Not sure if the freeware version of FSUIPC does this, but at least the programme is not expensive and almost indispensible if you are serious about flightsim. Gordon
  12. Okay - worked it out. Used Poppets tutorial to fake the install path to FSX and copied the scenery.cfg to P3D prog folder. Why everything loaded except the buildings is a mystery considering it worked before without the registry hacks. Thank you Poppet. Gordon
  13. Hello all, I am hoping a scenery / P3D guru can help with this strange anomaly I have just reinstalled Win 7 and P3D V3 (disk shuffle in prep for V4) and installed Earth Simulations scenery for Alderney, Guernsey, Scilly Isles and the Isle of Man. Scilly was installed from DVD all the others from ESI packs. Prior to re-install all worked as intended. Since re-install the Isle of Man works perfectly. All of the others install with base scenery, autogen buildings and trees as well as all airport taxiways and apron hardware and vehicles. Not installed are the Terminal Buildings - items like radar dishes installed on top of the building are there just no building. Smaller, i guess standard P3D buildings are visible, bespoke - not. I have manually entered the scenery library entries as ESI setup could not locate scenery.cfg. Using Winrar I have looked through the ESI packs and DVD and feel fairly sure that all libraries and textures are installed and listed in the scenery.cfg. I have installed the compatibility files. Both P3D and ES are installed on drive D Since the scenery worked before I think I must have a library or file missing somewhere in P3D or Earth Simulations - or I need to install some other item I have forgotten about. Anybody have any ideas? Thank you & regards Gordon
  14. My version of Carenado C337H is Version Didn't know of a version 2 There is a unofficial maintenance pack available on avsim c337-maintpack-20160611.zip which deals with some lighting issues
  15. The left knob is programmed as a dimmer because the Flood slide switch is above your head near the lamp. Forgot to mention that :-). In FSUIPC the switch can also be set as Toggle Cabin Lights or Custom Control 66579 Gordon