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  1. Hi, Could you please send me your latest mod and include me in your email list. Many thanks Ty
  2. @Dazza, I'm pretty sure it is the aircraft model as i have found the same issue when using any joystick access to control the prop pitch. I'm currently using a Saitek Throttle quadrant (pre logitech) and it has a similar issue. It just means i have to move the prop pitch slowly so it does not swing so much.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am thinking the same thing as i have put a support ticket in and nil response also. Now considering just requesting a refund as Alabeo wont provide/confirm any LVAR so the aircraft is not suitable for practicing prior to RL flights.
  4. When i switch on the left and right alternator only the left hand light goes out and the right hand light remains on. If i turn off the right alternator it shows a change in load on the ampere meter so the alternator is working but the light is not picking this up. Anyone else get this? P3D v4
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