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    After 5 years of just watching these forums, I decided to start contributing my knowledge..

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  1. machine2035

    RXP 430 fix

    Hey, Does anyone yet have a fix which allows the RealityXP GNS430 to actually show the screen of the unit in the VC. Currently the screen just stays back, and the GPS is only useable in the 2D popup. Cheers!
  2. Does anyone who has more knowledge than me in panel.cfg etc know if the following would be possible (having two Reality XP 430W's in the places I marked). If it is, would someone (Bert??) be kind enough to provide the entry for the panel.cfg to do so Danke!
  3. Yeah, unless pushback routes are able to be customised, I won't be getting this.. We can already see with how GSX uses the AFCAD taxiways for pushback and what a shambles that is at some airports which have ground polys differing from AFCADS and pushback routes which are completely seperate of the taxiways created in the AFCAD.
  4. Yes, Air Canada along with some other 777 operators have the Honeywell weather radar (RDR-4000 with Intervue3D), the one that PMDG have decided to model is the Collins WXR2100 (which is more popular compared to the more expensive Honeywell system). WXR-2100 Control Panel: RDR-4000 Control Panel:
  5. Besides the WXR, I got slightly excited because I thought I saw Radius-To-Fix legs on the ND matching the Abbortsford RNP 07 departure....but then I realised it's the right airport but not the right departure... :lol: B) ... Me thinks about having latest ARINC format in PMDG buses :Drooling: :Drooling:
  6. machine2035

    Delta Air Lines - B737-700/800/900 - Enthusiast

    Should be the same as they run both aircraft on the same flight briefing software. Some FIR's/ANSP's require different things under NAV (such as RNP4 or GPSRNAV etc), so this is something to keep in mind. Just check in the countries AIP for flight planning requirements, however the basic Field 18 layout should be the same. Field 10 equipment changes on aircraft (i.e. newer delivered aircraft might not have ADF installed for example).
  7. machine2035

    Delta Air Lines - B737-700/800/900 - Enthusiast

    Hi, Here is a DL plan from the FAA AISR/NADIN system, from early 2013. FF KZLAZRZX 060626 KATLDALQ (FPL-DAL1428-IS -B738/M-SDE2E3GHIRWXZ/S -KLAS0715 -N0449F390 DCT BCE J100 EKR DCT BFF J94 OBK DCT LFD DCT CRL J584 ZORBO DCT SLT J584 FQM DCT LVZ LENDY6 -KJFK0404 KBDL -PBN/A1B1C1D1O1S1T1 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 REG/N3771K EET/KZLC0022 KZDV0040 KZMP0142 KZAU0214 KZOB0254 CZYZ0303 KZNY0331 SEL/ABEF RMK/ NRP
  8. machine2035

    Carenado B1900D Released

    I knew this would be the case....While it is a shame, it certainly doesn't come as a suprise.
  9. machine2035

    Guide/Tutorial: Takeoff Performance in the 777

    Yes, that would work to. I have been usually calculating my TO PERF during flight-planning just for the sakes of saving time. Unless the winds are forecasted to change rapidly in the TAF, the conditions will usually be stable within the 45minutes that I flight planned within.
  10. machine2035

    Guide/Tutorial: Takeoff Performance in the 777

    No. Pressure Altitude is what the altimeter would display when you set it to the standard barometric setting (1013hPa/29.92inHg). To correct your field elevation to pressure altitude; [a] Obtain current QNH at airport (For this example, we will say 1021hPa and FE = 1000ft). Find the difference (so 1021-1013 = 8hPa). [c] 1hPa = 30ft. Since QNH is higher than standard, pressure elevation will be less than field elevation. [d] Pressure Altitude = Field Elevation - (30ft x hPa differences). [e] In this example, Pressure Altitude = 1000 - (30x8) = 976ft. Most the time the pressure altitude won't be a huge difference to the field elevation and the same table/chart in the manual will be used.
  11. machine2035

    Takeoff V-Speed problem

    Just remember that one of the conditions for auto v-speeds is that the ADIRU is alligned (as someone mentioned above).
  12. machine2035

    FPS. What FPS do you get?

    I am seeing slightly better performance than the NGX.
  13. machine2035

    Guide/Tutorial: Takeoff Performance in the 777

    Sorry, misread your original post. Thought you meant you can't cancel a de-rate, period (as in it was a permanent fixture like a factory de-rate). It is also possible to cancel any derate thrust limits by pushing the TO/GA switch a second time.
  14. machine2035

    Guide/Tutorial: Takeoff Performance in the 777

    Are we talking about factory de-rates here or a de-rate entered through the FMC? Obviously there is the GE90-110 and GE90-115 which are both the exact same engine but one is factory de-rated to 110,000lbs. However, you can still de-rate each of them through the FMC, and these can obviously be cancelled and are used when deemed neccesary by the performance manuals/software.
  15. machine2035

    Guide/Tutorial: Takeoff Performance in the 777

    Ok, yes, I was just able to obtain an assumed temp. I might play around more with the program and profiles and see what I can come up with.