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  1. I am 95% sure that this issue is fixed by setting affinity mask = 14 ( quad core chip) for me anyway . The freeze/recover thing seems to happen if I remove that setting with the PMDG 777 and a few other planes. Eric W
  2. I can say that I have tried everything in this thread , everything ! Also was getting the same freeze with FS labs Concorde. To be very clear this issue is about the sim just freezing solid with sound. It unfreezes between 5 and 20 minutes. When it unfreezes you have burned 5-20 minutes of fuel otherwise the sim just continues.I have triggered this freeze just by opening the windows task manager. If you monitor the CPU usage 2 or 3 cores of the CPU are pegged to the max until it clears up. I created a couple saved flights that I could reproduce the issue every time, then guess what , the freeze goes away for good ! Haven't seen it in a while. I think setting the affinity mask in fsx.cfg may be the answer here but I haven't proven it yet. Eric W
  3. I can confirm that I have had this freeze on another aircraft by another developer. Don't think its the T7 for me. It is a setting or something though. Mine freezing was gone until I decided to delete fsx.cfg to try tweaks. Then the freeze came back. The only annoying thing with the T7 is you will lose 10k lbs of fuel while its frozen and add fuel when the sim recovers. Never had it on the 737 though. Perhaps performance related? Head scratcher. Eric W
  4. Well for me overclock is not the issue, the freezes actually happen less if I run it a little faster. Eric W
  5. Yes, but I disable it (I think). I have excluded fsx directory and the process. I uncheck "real time protection".
  6. I get this freeze as well. I swear I didn't get it when the plane first came out. So I am not sure if I stumbled upon a setting that make this occur or not. It is definitely under investigation. This one is sporadic and not easily repeatable. Some flights are freeze free, others every 10 minutes. Once I triggered the freeze by opening the task manager to see what was happening with processor and memory. The only thing that's annoying is that once it unfreezes 10k lbs of fuel is gone. So I have to add fuel to make it sometimes. I rarely used the 3D VC before the 777 so I thought it may be that, went back to the NGX in VC, no freezes. Now I'm back to testing without traffic to see if that is the issue or the trigger. I don't think its anything to do with VAS , it will happen with only default scenery. Also I can almost confirm that the freezes happen way less when I set Affinitymask in FSX config. I have an old Core2 Quad Q9550 processor @ 2.83GHZ Eric Wallace
  7. The NGX will keep you plenty busy for months/years, I would wait . The original 747 is great but it looks like a cartoon compared to the NGX. The v2 will be stunning.
  8. Also if anybody uses Aivlasoft EFB for charts, it has a time sync feature in the miscellaneous settings
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