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  1. VSchmoeckel

    B737-900ER Paintkit BUG

    Hello, I tried to paint a 737-900ER, but in the paintkits of PMDG is only the "pmdg_737NGX_fuselage_1_night2". It has a black strip on the right side, which is the boundary line for the 737-800er. But in the 900ER i'll get a black strip in the night texture of the fuselage. thanks for help and support! Vincent Schmoeckel
  2. VSchmoeckel

    Random Failures

    Hello, First of all i hope to put this idea at the right place. I am fascinated by the detailed new products like the ngx or the 777, also if i am a little disappointened by the last informations about the update. Especially the work with failures enables a big view into real cockpit trouble shooting and gives a better feeling of flight workload. I remember the Level-D 767 where i could set failures by a percent chance and could get any failure of a system. Now i can set failures in a set period, but not with percent. Is there any way around or to get such thing in future products?
  3. VSchmoeckel

    OOM problem (Definitely not A pmdg fault)

    Set your Resolution from 4096 to 1024 in the FSX.cfg (Graphics), so it looks like the same and your fsx won't crash.
  4. Hi, Is there a kind of a cloud shadow on the radar?
  5. VSchmoeckel

    PMDG 777 Weather Radar

    Active Sky has this "XGauge" which is actual a kind of a weather radar, little help.
  6. VSchmoeckel

    Engine start bug!

    Hi, thanks for your help until now. I've fixed the problem so far, i think. Normally, the standart flight with the Cessna 172 is with running engines. I had configured the standart flight with the PMDG747 in C&D Mode. After i changed this to the standart Cessna with running engines, my T7 works. VIncent Schmoeckel
  7. VSchmoeckel

    Engine start bug!

    Hello, When i started to use the T7 i didn't get any problems for weeks. Now I get more and more problems to start the engines. I follow the engine start procedure like in the tutorial, but often, the oil temperature stucks around the outside air temperature, while the engine thrust remains around 21.4%. Then I can move the Thrust Levers full forward, but the engine doesn't react. I can load a new panel state, restart FSX but i always get the problem. Sometime one engine is affected, sometime both are. I can't fix the problem and the use of the 777 is more luck as plan these days... Vincent Schmoeckel