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  1. I have a new computer. I want to move my PMDG birds over to that machine. Do I need to delete the bird on the old machine before I add it to the new machine? Thank you in advance. Ron Oines
  2. You are dealing with an word not allowed here. How do I properly uninstall my B747? Thank you in advance. Ron Oines
  3. Thank you very much for the help Sander. I hope I will know where to look next time. :smile:
  4. What video? You are dealing with a knuckle head here, but I can't find the video mentioned above. Ron Oines
  5. Can anyone tell me what the five 747's when for in the auctions? I was going to bid on them but I could never find out how to connect the the 'chat' channel. No info on the web site that I could find. I don't do Facebook or Twitter so I couldn't try them. Thank you for the info in advance. Ron Oines
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