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  1. New American Airlines Livery! The old one would be appreciated too!
  2. Continental United - New and old American New/ Old
  3. I would love to see the -700 in new AA! anyone working on the new American Airlines livery for the -700?
  4. the eagle is backwards, otherwise, looks great
  5. Oh, i wasn't aware of this. Well that's a major bummer. Anyone know why?
  6. would you consider doing a -900 aswell? thanks
  7. I'd love to see the new AA on the -700 and -900 also!! ^_^
  8. so any idea when the valve would be shut off?
  9. 1.) I dont get what exactly trim air does, can someone explain it? 2.) I was talking to a United 737 pilot who said they shut of the trim air while on the ramp, does this sound correct? 3.) do i need it off or on for engine start? thanks
  10. I don't see the California one in the avsim library
  11. Have you seen the Illinois and Nevada Ones? They are pretty pixely and I rarely fly them because to me they don't look very good. I wish someone would redo them honestly.
  12. Whoever made the Continental Retrojet--- thank you!!!!!! It's amazing! Very accurate! :dance:
  13. Could someone edit the United -700 and -800? for some reason the "United" title is squashed on the livery PMDG provided. The -900 is good so I don't know how they messed up on the -700 and -800. It bothers me enough that I usually don't fly the United -700 and -800.
  14. Requesting a -600 and -900WL in SWA Canyon blue
  15. I don't see it listed. can you post the link?
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