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  1. New American Airlines Livery! The old one would be appreciated too!
  2. Continental United - New and old American New/ Old
  3. on the 777 when we use CTRL +j to call the jetway, will it go to door 2L by default? Also, if using jetway power, will a power cord be visible connecting the aircraft to the jetway? If you're on a hard stand, will it know that jetway power is not an option and to only let you use a GPU? I know those are specific questions, but I'm curious!
  4. I would love to see the -700 in new AA! anyone working on the new American Airlines livery for the -700?
  5. the eagle is backwards, otherwise, looks great
  6. Oh, i wasn't aware of this. Well that's a major bummer. Anyone know why?
  7. would you consider doing a -900 aswell? thanks
  8. I'd love to see the new AA on the -700 and -900 also!! ^_^
  9. so any idea when the valve would be shut off?
  10. 1.) I dont get what exactly trim air does, can someone explain it? 2.) I was talking to a United 737 pilot who said they shut of the trim air while on the ramp, does this sound correct? 3.) do i need it off or on for engine start? thanks
  11. I don't see the California one in the avsim library
  12. Have you seen the Illinois and Nevada Ones? They are pretty pixely and I rarely fly them because to me they don't look very good. I wish someone would redo them honestly.
  13. Whoever made the Continental Retrojet--- thank you!!!!!! It's amazing! Very accurate! :dance:
  14. Could someone edit the United -700 and -800? for some reason the "United" title is squashed on the livery PMDG provided. The -900 is good so I don't know how they messed up on the -700 and -800. It bothers me enough that I usually don't fly the United -700 and -800.
  15. Requesting a -600 and -900WL in SWA Canyon blue
  16. I don't see it listed. can you post the link?
  17. Just a quick question, Does it have the reflective fuselage like the -800 on PMDG's downlaod library? the one in this picture kind've looks like its just gray and not reflective. Thanks
  18. Just downloaded it and it looks great! About to do ATL-TPA for a short hop. Can I request an American Airlines -700 and/or -900 from you? Thanks!
  19. Have you ever read Kent Wien's blog or seen any of his youtube videos? He's an incredidible guy that loves to talk about aviation and the airline business. Anyway's I emailed him and told him about your repaint, so we'll see what he says! I emailed him letting him know about your repaint which I'm sure he'll be exstatic to see! And for those who haven't heard of Kent, his family owned Wien air! He is a pilot for American Airlines and was an FO on the 757/767 and is becoming a captain on MD80. I believe he also has time on the 737-800 and the 777. Checkout his blog: http://www.gadling.com/category/cockpit-chronicles
  20. rest assured, I plan on poking my head out the window
  21. PMDG team, I was wondering if the beacon light will illuminate the wing and engine cowling at night like in the real world? I was very surpirsed when i realized this doesn't happen on the NGX, especially when you consider it did happen with the NG in FS2004. To me it adds additional realism when flying at night. What do you guys think, do you want to see it on the 777? Thanks!
  22. you do realize you can change it yourself to whichever MCP you want, right?Mitch bowman
  23. ok, so I think I did it. Is there a way for me to know it worked?
  24. I clicked " update Magvar data" on the link and it downloaded a file called MagDec_Update.rar do I drop that file into FSX folder or am I supposed to extract something? It's not a .bgl file, it's a .rar is that correct? do i literally drop that file?
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