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  1. If just one of the test subjects change and the crash occurs, then obiously the changed subject must be the cause....seems logical to me. Ok I managed to get it to run for now it seems.... I deinstalled FTX Vector and now the OOMS have gone, I hope.... But to be frank....the 777 ran without problems with Vector, the 747 did not.
  2. As I have written...I am using FSX with Acceleration. I will post a crash log, the next time, no problem. Those are not accusations, those are observations....as I said, I used your 777 on the same airport without any problems and then the 747 and the game crashed with OOM.
  3. Ok I now tried to fly from EHAM in the 777 and all works fine! And that is with Settings almost to the max! I can switch views, I can use GSX, everything and the fps on EHAM are well over 30 in the Cockpit! The 747 however after a few seconds to minutes or when switching to the outside view, crashes the sim! The Problem is definately the 747 and I hope that PMDG acknowledges the Problem! I really love the plane and I own every PMDG addon, but in this state it´s just a game of luck if you can finish a flight with the 747, which makes her almost unusable. My System: Core i5 4590 @ 3.3Ghz 8 GB DDR3 Ram Geforce GTX 1050Ti 4 gb Win 10 FSX with Acceleration
  4. What Setting are you refering to?
  5. I tried the 777 on EHAM and there no problem! It´s definately the 747 that is using more VAS than the 777! I can switch views and boot up with the 777 without any problem....the 747 is unplayable at EHAM.
  6. It seems that the 747-400 is using WAY more VAS when viewed from the outside! I tried to use her with the new Fly Tampa EHAM scenery and can´t get her to work with it! As soon as I go to the outside view, the sim crashes with an OOM!
  7. Yeah, seems the 747 is harder on VAS than the other PMDG aircraft.... I have out of memory problems when landing....shortly before landing, the bell starts, signaling imminent OOM, which is annyoing as hell... Then the sims closes, sometimes after landing, sometimes while landing etc.
  8. Just a beauty, from start to finish! THE most beautiful airplane ever built!
  9. Hi! Been trying out to enter my own time into the scratchpad for manual ground operations in the fmc... But I can´t seem to figure out what format to put time in, it always tells me invalid entry... Does anyone here know how to enter my own time?
  10. Right now I don´t know if I can carry on anymore.... I am using FSX since 2011 and right now EVERY time I start the sim the next day something different is preventing me from having some fun! Right now fsuipc won´t load, yesterday the 747 v3 won´t load....I am really fed up with this sim! I don´t have that much time in the day to fly anyway and if there is a problem almost every single time I want to fly....there just isn´t enough time to deal with stuff like this! I must have invested thousands of euros in simulation, but this simply isn´t any fun anymore! Anyone with me here?
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