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  1. I recently upgraded from GTN 750 to GTN complete. The import function which I use with Lil Navmap has a capacity limit. In the past I would go into the GTN FPL file and delete old flight plans in order to import new ones. Used to be simple. Today I attempted to do the same, going as far as to delete all flight plans in the GTN FPL file and yet they still exitst in my 750. Have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times and the flight plans are still coming up when I hit "import" . Any ideas?
  2. tommygavin2

    DME not sitch on alabeo DA40 P3DV4

    Same problem. I borrowed the unit from alabeo 172RG. Works great. (but you have to have the 172RG).
  3. tommygavin2

    G600 Will not load

    I've owned this plane since it came out. I really like the option of switching to the G600. I just had to reinstall FSX/Acceleration on my machine, the old one was clogged with gremlins. Problem is, after doing a fresh reinstall of the Seminole right from my account in Carenado the G600 option does nothing. I looked at the config file and couldn't see anything obviously wrong. Any guesses? I might add that last week it worked fine, before the reinstall. Same machine same settings so I won't bore you with my specs.
  4. tommygavin2

    Repaint requests

    I did a quick recolor and renumber job on the existing Carenado paintjob. IM me if you would like it.
  5. tommygavin2

    M20R Lights Prepar3d v4

    I played around and came up with the Shockwave setup for the Mooney [LIGHTS] //Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing light.0 = 5, 2.0, 10.32, -0.5, Fx_shockwave_landing_light_light light.1 = 5, 2.0, -10.32, -0.5, Fx_shockwave_landing_light_light I used these type of lights because they give the best ground illumination. Change the light type if you wish.
  6. tommygavin2

    Propeller Deicing

    Bert had posted that The "H" key would activate engine heat, I tried it and my prop deicer went on. So I guess on FSX "H" is Prop Heat.
  7. Is your autopilot engaged at takeoff, that never ends well!
  8. tommygavin2

    Sudden power decrease

    My question I guess is why would it have carb heat if it is fuel injected? Alt air maybe?
  9. tommygavin2

    Sudden power decrease

    In the clouds, yes. I did have to put on pitot heat due to a dead airspeed incicator, so yes, but my attempt at carb heat if Ctrl H is correct did nothing to improve engine performance. I'll check settings to make sure. I don't see a carb heat lever on panel.
  10. tommygavin2

    Sudden power decrease

    I believe the carb heat keyboard is ctrl+h, didn't seem to do anything, funny thing is I'm flying from Y47 (Oakland Cty, MI) to KTTA (Sanford, NC) using AS16 weather, which is usually spot on. Currently at my home (4 miles from Y47) it's 60 degrees. I was at 7500ft when the power loss started. Didn't see an OAT indicator in the aircraft.
  11. tommygavin2

    Sudden power decrease

    In longer flights I have experienced a sudden dramatic drop in power, MP falls, airspeed, etc. I don't think its carb icing though it is the same behavior. This plane is fuel injected I believe. Anyone else?
  12. tommygavin2

    Crossfill support for RXP units?

    Does the GTN have a "LinkGPS" function?
  13. tommygavin2

    PA31T CHEYENNE II Released

    [Vcockpit03] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=512,512 texture=$Panel_3 gauge00=EX500_PA31T!EX500_config, 0, 0, 1, 1 gauge01=rxpWX500!RDR, 55, 50, 350,279 /gauge02=EX500_PA31T!EX500_Update, 0, 0, 1, 1 gauge03=PA31TCAR!Toggle10120, 0,0,513,16 Also, in the RXPWX500.ini file add this: [SETTINGS] NoFrame=On Wx500Popup=15500
  14. tommygavin2

    PA31T CHEYENNE II Released

    I just replaced the Avidyne with Reality WX500. Hoping for better frame rate.