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  1. I cannot get my GNS 430 or 530 to "turn on". The units appear when I select them on the EFP but I get a dark screen. What am I missing?
  2. Had you opened the folder for the Seminole you would have seen that all the LOCPAC files were missing. It happened to me so I deleted the file restarted MSFS and went back to Content. Reloaded it and it was done. Why the files disappeared is the question.
  3. My problem has nothing to do with the METARS or merit of a weather software program. I just want mine to work. Installed according to instructions. The add airport "+" button takes me to the next screen, I enter an airport code "KPBI" it pops up with the choice on a black line with the coordinates. Next step is the problem, the "Add" button is greyed out. Any thoughts?
  4. Hey guys, it isn't like you are buying a real radar unit for a real plane, we are talking about $21 here. Take the chance maybe you will like the product, if not if $21 will bust you find a new hobby.
  5. Has anyone else had a problem with the VL3 taking off wildly as soon as you hit "ready to fly"? Just started doing it and I can't figure out why.
  6. I was a bit disappointed that my local airport, F45, North Palm Beach County airport does not exist on MSFS. It is a busy relief airport for KPBI and quite busy with tourists. As I fly over it, since I can navigate their visually, I see outlines of the runways and taxiways but that's it. I'm wondering if it was an oversight or if it will be included in a future update.
  7. Problem Solved, After reloading game and 5 days of frustration it came to me. The only thing it could be if nobody else had this problem would have to be an outlying issue. It was. Turns out my CH Yoke had some kind of conflict in my mapping. For unknown reasons MSFS recognizes almost every piece of input hardware except CH Eclipse yoke and rudders. I redid it very carefully one thing at at a time until I got it right. All is good now, thanks for your input.
  8. Is it just me or are the autopilots worthless in these planes? I have tried all of the prop models, not one of them will follow a NAV command and the ALT is hit or miss as well. I just purchased this after 20 years of FSX and Prepar3D. This is not acceptable. Is it a known bug, something that will be addressed? I guess I'll fire up P3Dv4 for now.
  9. My problem is the simulator will just randomly pause, like it would if I hit "P". To fix , I open control panel then close it and voila, I hit P and it continues. P3dV4, win 10, 6gig invidea.
  10. I borrowed the default GA flightplans from UTL, or Ultimate traffic, either BGL. I then use AIFP3 to assign new aircraft that I borrowed from ORBX. Just try to use similar speed aircraft. Also delete the commercial airplanes from list using AIFP3. Works great and covers entire world. (Be sure to cancel assigned flightplans for commercial, AIFP3 will prompt you. Put the new bgl either in your root scenery/world/scenery or your AIG manager flightplan file.
  11. Altitude selector will not accept right click for 1000's of feet. Does not seem to recognize Make and model even after editing with EditVoicePack
  12. I just bought it. $14.99! Great little airplane. Will accept F1 GTN and GNS, along the same lines as the Arrow, Archer, Duchess, etc. Equipped with S-Tec autopilot.
  13. Hi Bert, I can't figure how to put screenshot on this forum. I can email it to you but don't have your email. Gavin
  14. Hi Bert, I had this working in my FSX, now I have P3DVv4 and I have tried to put your modification in my Duke, I end up with the complete 500 bezel and all occupying the screen area. I got your mod package from you and followed the directions.
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