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  1. It was not working on the G500. Since there was no LinkGPS line in the .ini I added it and viola! It showed up. Why isn't this line in there in the first place, did I miss something? I'm assuming it is impossible for the MFD map on the G500 to display the RXP waypoint information since it looks like the G500 uses the default MSFS database correct? Other things that don't appear to work with RXP: glideslope on LPV approaches on the PFD. OBS mode navigation (ie with a waypoint active, push the OBS button and you can set and change your course to that waypoint by changing the course on the PFD). CDI button link (the CDI button on the RXP 530W is independent from the CDI button on the PFD, so you have to change them both). Are there fixes for these issues? Thanks again, -Wes
  2. Thanks Bert, I already use your modified version from quite a while back! I'll send you a PM though just in case my version is older. To clarify the first issue, the G600 sounds like it does show course line, and hopefully approach information, on the MFD with RXP correct? This is the biggest let down of the G500, but makes the purchase of the Seneca V that much more attractive if it has that capability.
  3. I'm not sure if this belongs in the Malibu forum or here, but I had some questions regarding Carenado's different MFD's. I recently upgraded to the Reality XP 430/530W in my PA46 and was immediately frustrated that the G500 MFD does not show the course line for approaches/navigation. This seems to be a common problem with that aircraft without a fix that I know of. Since I don't own the PA34, I was wondering if it suffers from the same limitations as the G500 in the PA46 or if Carenado fixed this with the G600 in the PA34? If they fixed that problem, has anyone tried putting the G600 into the PA46 at all? Also, the Flight1 GTN 650 does not seem to play nice with the MFD on the PA46. Has anyone had success integrating it in the PA34 (as a pop up I understand)? I'm mainly looking for it to communicate with the HSI or the MFD on the G600. Thanks in advance! -Wes
  4. wesvdell

    G500 MFD Frozen

    Thanks for the reply Bert, PM sent! I hope I'm not the only one with this problem, but it gives me hope that you have not experienced it at all. If I understand from your previous posts you are also using Reality XP, I don't know if that makes a difference but maybe I should invest in that as well. Here is a screen shot of the frozen MFD so you can see what it looks like: As you can see the MFD froze before reaching the waypoint, even though the 530 keeps on tracking just fine. It will stay in this condition until I press a button or change views. The PFD still works fine. This is running the update available in the file library for traffic and brightness. It also freezes with just the standard gauge when I do a fresh install of the aircraft. If I can pinpoint anything else that causes it I will post it here. -Wes
  5. Forgive me if this issue has already been addressed, I am new to these forums and also new to this aircraft. I've only been flying the Malibu for a couple of weeks and it is a superb aircraft. The main reason I was interested in it is for the avionics, namely the G500, which is really unique. I seem to be having a problem with it however. During the first 5 or 10 minutes of flying the aircraft, if I have anything loaded in the G530 (non reality xp version) and the MFD on map 1 page, the moving map will freeze until I switch pages, or views, or change the range or something. This seems to happen both in the VC and 2D version of the panel. I can't pinpoint any one thing that causes it to freeze, it seems to be random several times within the first 10 minutes. After that, it doesn't seem to have any issues. I have downloaded the updated version that was in the file library, and it still is having these issues. I've also reinstalled the aircraft a couple of different times with no affect. If anyone has any suggestions or probable causes/fixes, it would be greatly appreciated! This really is a great aircraft, its just frustrating when the MFD freezes on final approach! -Wes