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  1. Great video! Thank you. Dave.
  2. Brilliant! Looking forward to it!! Dave.
  3. Yes please Bert. That sounds good. Regards Dave.
  4. Hi Matt. I am using version 2.67 of PTA and Prepar3D v4.5 Hot fix 2. P3D version number: Regards Dave.
  5. Does anyone know what this means? Using 2.66 or 2.67. Regards Dave.
  6. Hope we don't have to lean our piston turbo charged engines in the climb to maintain power anymore. That and bit more realistic ground friction. Dave.
  7. Did the content update. All is well! Thank you everyone. Dave.
  8. Yes I have tried dynamic reflections but no luck. I bet it's that content update. By the way thank you for all your repaints! Dave.
  9. Hi Marius. I have tried HDR on and off. I use PTA. I have installed the default shaders to test this problem. I have Carenados ATR (it is PBR?) and it works fine. No anomalies. When I can get to a better internet connection I am going to download the content update and try that. Dave.
  10. Thank you Brent. Unfortunately it didn't work. Dave.
  11. Ok thank you I will try this. Dave.
  12. They told me to uninstall. Then download the plane again and have another go. We'll see what happens. Dave.
  13. Yes I was running HF 2. I then went back to HF 1 because of problems with my ORBX scenery. I have also tried deleting shaders and I tried the original P3D shaders. Dave.
  14. Ok thanks Nick. I'm on Hot fix 1 as well. Dave.
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