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  1. I believe FSReborn have started work on a Phenom 300 aswell. Dave.
  2. Would be really nice if Carenado did the 750/650 combo. Dave.
  3. Does anyone know how to get the engine instrument tapes to work? Dave.
  4. Best default avionics in any sim ever? If not they are very close. Thank you Working Title. Dave.
  5. Interested to feel how it handles wind gusts.
  6. One of those Super Caravans with 900HP! LOL. Dave.
  7. Was my favourite aircraft in P3D but that was after Bert and Autogyro worked their magic. We shall see. Dave.
  8. Ok no worries. Hopefully after SU10 we might see a mod for it. Dave.
  9. Beautiful pics Ryan. Do you think the Cirrus is a little overpowered now after SU9? Reagrds Dave.
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