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  1. Haha no the NG. Came down like a hot air balloon.......minus the hot air though 😊
  2. I haven't flown the 737 in a bit now that I'm on the 767, which btw is a lot easier to slow down than the 737. The only thing you gotta keep in mind with reference to slowing down is ATC will not let you slow down to 210 a lot of the times. If you've flown in the states going into the NY area forget it. You will have atc come down on you the minute you drop below 270! When I was on the NG we quite often used cost indexes of 18-22 which will give you a descent speed of approximately 255-260. Don't know how many times ATC has said no way. Not when 50 aircraft behind you are coming in at 280-310. Best defence for proper descent planning is knowledge of what to expect from ATC like the OP said in his video "on a vfr day ATC will give you direct......". Other than that, it's annoying but dropping the gear has its benefits. Also as soon as you get below 10,000 start using the slats and flaps. Once held up high for way too long 40,000 and 45 miles from the airport we still made the runway without any deviation in our lateral track and still meet the stabilized approach criteria so it can be done. Jack Colwill
  3. I'm a bit confused Lennie. You built a new computer, but kept your old bootable hard drive from your previous build and threw it in your new computer expecting it to boot up and leave where you left off? If that's the case, it won't.
  4. Yes they did a very nice job with the 41. I think only two companies ever faithfully stimulated the turbine engine properly. And the J41 is the only TPE ever stimulated. Jack Colwill
  5. So the hardware render didn't work? What video drivers you using? Cpu? Overclocked'? In an not curious as to why my fps is better. Could easily be our p3d settings but let's try and find out
  6. Yeah to put simply, on the NG, that's normal. Keep flying. jack Colwill
  7. Did you try going into the manager and checking the Render Hardware to on? I was getting fps all over the place and stutters. Then I checked the render hardware to on and what a difference! Very smooth and PMDG frames. Steady 33-35 with add on scenery,etc.
  8. My personal best IRL is about a 210 kt tail wind in the NG going from YYZ to YHZ. It equated to a 676 kt groundspeed. Pretty good for an NG. Jack Colwill
  9. Also depends on how much we like the other pilot!
  10. Am I reading something wrong on this caseking site? 750 euro for 7700 k ultra? What the???? It's 310 euro here in Canada for one. I'm not gonna pay over double the amount! Now again, maybe I'm reading something wrong on their site because their English version site isn't really English
  11. So why is Toronto such a frame killer compared to their other airports. They even had to release a Lite version. And why don't they fix it?
  12. finally downloading. 20 MB/s. wont take long
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