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  1. When I opened dll.xml there was no command for IVAO when I added it under fsuipc nothing happens. Actually this problem accurs with every addon when ı add the command to dll.xml nothing happens It doesnt see my addon
  2. Hello everyone, I've updated P3D to 2.5 and installed IVAO (the latest version) but ı can't see IVAO in Addon Menu especially ı can't see any of my addons in addon menu except fsuipc.
  3. OK. This problem has nothing with DX10. I got this problem at dx9 too.You can buy dx10 fixer. But what should I do you can see that fsx uses %99 cpu . I haven't installed any 3rd party product yet and NO TWEAK . the graphics at its worst . Normally I was getting 100-200 fps but when cpu starts to use %100 , FPS drops to 35.Also I haven't got this issue on P3D V2 .
  4. okay thank you both. there's new version so I don't need to use migration tool. the update is worked for me thanks again.
  5. Hİ everyone I want to use ezdok camera in p3d v2 . I used freeware russian migration toll (ı don't think it is illegal ) and everything was fine except middle mouse button I can't use middle mouse button instead I put a key for that for exmp. "Home" when I press home button it works but I can't move it with my middle mouse button. what sould I do thanks Berke
  6. I don't know. I disabled dx10 everything was normal and then I 've enabled it again the same problem I will keep using dx9.I will write if I find the solution.
  7. I don't think so I 've disabled dx10 and now it's good
  8. hello everyone, system: AMD FX 8350 4.5 GHz (TUBO CORE) ASUS M5A97 R2.0 GSKİLL 8GB 1866 MHz------2004Mhz GTX 750 Ti I have a problem. My fsx uses %100 of my cpu (all 8 cores %100) then fps drops. for example: (aircrafts and airport don't make any change ı'm having this issue with different aircrafts and in different airports) I started a flight at AEROSOFT EHAM with pmdg 738 I was getting avarage 23 fps(fsx is using approx. %15 cpu but after 2-3 Minutes fps dropped to 13 fps I checked the task manager and all 8 cores was %100 and fsx was using %99 of my cpu I also tested with and without affinity mask=254 tweak but no change What should I do thanks BERKE
  9. stans / firehawk44/Markw thank you very much I read everything in the guide (and understood although I have a bad english :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ) and implemented and I had more fps increase than bojote's guide thanks again
  10. Hello everyone I have a small about bojote's tweaker. The question is [What type of video card do you have?] Choices : a: gtx 400 (low-end) b: gtx 480 or better I have nvidia gtx 750 ti ftw My card is worse than gtx 480 (someone said that) but I dont think that my card low end which choice should I choose? Thanks very much Berke
  11. OK thank you very much I was loading Perf Inıt Page Automatic (By requesting perf ınıt from fmc) and the value of reserve fuel was 8.8 (higher than projected fuel at destination airport) I set it lower . everything is good now.
  12. Hello everyone I have insufficient fuel message on eicas and in fmc I'm using FSACİTONS-FUEL page for loading fuel .(FMC) I loaded enough fuel and when I prepare before start procedure I got that message (insufficient fuel) then I checked (Legs--RTE data) and saw that I will have 7.7 tons of fuel at destination airport.(plenty of fuel) What should I do ? Thanks for answers Berke Karakın
  13. And I want to add an important thing. Don't set your scenery compelxity too high , dense is OK I set it extremely dense ı was getting 15-20 fps then I set it to dense and I'm getting 24-30 FPS with ORBX FTX GLOBAL + VECTOR +OPENCL EUROPE +REX+TAXI2GATE LTBA+AİRBUS X/PMDG 737/PMDG 777
  14. thanks I used airport elevation correction of FTX GLOBAL VECTOR configuration tool and everything i s fine thanks jürgen martins
  15. Hello Tatave You are right I checked the temps and the proccessor was 50 C at idle :o :o I changed my thermal paste and the temps are OK thank you very much.
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