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  1. SimstarterNG. Does that and a lot more.
  2. It makes some difference with loading times, in my experience, but not whilst flying.
  3. No, that is very normal. CPU is working hard in P3D. Your graphics card gets bored. Most settings you crank up will again stress the CPU.
  4. If P3D V5 develops to what it shows as promise right now, I will be luckily investing in addons for that platform for years, even if MSFS2020 turns out to be as nice as it looks. So yes, I will drop my money on Orbx for a long time coming...
  5. yes, yes - all true, but it is extremely beautiful, especially when you ascend through an 8/8 cover 🙂
  6. Even though it's not very realistic right now with just two cloud layers, boy, does it look good. I am flying True Earth Scotland in P3Dv5 with True Sky and beta 3 of Active Sky, and it is, to be honest, jaw dropping...
  7. Same problem here, and also looking for a solution. It's the only Carenado that displays this strange behaviour...
  8. Actually, I am enjoying V5 with my 1080 with 11GB VRAM, but the lack of airliners to fly with due to the absurd weather bug and things like rain inside the cockpit diminish my joy a lot. For now, it's a nice VFR simulator for me, flying over the UK with True earth. For my more serious needs, I still use 4.5
  9. I'll have a look at the ORBX forums if this has been brought up
  10. Would it help to install them directly into the P3D Folder?
  11. Well, this didn't help, really, made things much worse...
  12. Thanks, I can live with this, I suppose.
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