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  1. darem

    The Carenados

    I added my modifications to the official panel configuration thread and will continue to do so.
  2. Modification of the panel.cfg for a GTN750 in the Carenado S550. I put all my GTN on SHIFT+9.
  3. Modification of the panel.cfg for a GTN 750 in the Carenado Saab 340. I put all my GTN on SHIFT+9
  4. Panel.cfg for the GTN750 in the Carenado SD3-60. I put all my GTN on SHIFT+9.
  5. Modification for a GTN750 in the Carenado F50. I put all my GTN gauges on SHIFT+9 when possible:
  6. darem

    The Carenados

    I reinstalled and again uninstalled the F1GTN. However, I get the dll error, which seems to be logical, as the modified panel expects this dll. I do NOT get the dll error when I keep the F1GTN installed 1. Make sure you have the latest version 2.5.4 RXP GTN 750 http://www.reality-xp.com/index.html#pricing Yes. I have 2. Run F1GTN750S340.exe 3. Start P3D 4. From the P3D add-ons menu open Reality XP GTN|Setup aircraft to open the RXP gauge Configuration Panel. Looks like this. Make sure it is set exactly like this. Click review then accept. Double checked and did so. THe GTN comes up grey, with "starting..." at the bottom and nothing happens. When I try to deinstall the changes throught the control panel, P3D crashes. I think the problem is with the F1 GTN control panel, which doesn't get uninstalled -------------- Tried it again, but then, after installing, closed P3D and restarted it. Now the gauge works, but once you try to load another livery, P3D crashes again. ------------------- Now I removed window09 and window10 from the panel.cfg. No more dll alert box. THat did the trick. Conclusion: You have to manually clean the panel.cfg, then everything works.
  7. darem

    The Carenados

    The swap utility is the one started from within the sim? That is what I do when I wrote "In the cockpit, where I see the GTN stack and the (black) F! GTN gauge in the 3D cockpit), I replace the gauge and the 2D representation with the GTN 750 1 from RXP (no bezel)." Or is there another tool?
  8. darem

    The Carenados

    Ok, for example I am talking about the S 340. I had the F1 GTN on my system, but uninstalled it prior to install the RXP gauges. Now what I do: I start the F1GTN750S340.exe in the aircraft folder. Then I start P3D - and get two alert boxes, that the F1 dlls cannot be found (which is to be expected). In the cockpit, where I see the GTN stack and the (black) F! GTN gauge in the 3D cockpit), I replace the gauge and the 2D representation with the GTN 750 1 from RXP (no bezel). The cockpit reloads, and there is a black GTN gauge that is unresponsive. When I try to uninstall the RXP gauges this turns into a mess, I cannot reinstall them again and have to use the NOF1GTN750S340.exe to make everything working. I have NO problem when I just install a 2D gauge, with no F1 GTN present before. And this is true for all planes I tried so fatr
  9. darem

    ORBx Innsbruck

    If you use it with GES, you must apply a patch either in the LOWI settings or the GES settings, I don't remember which.
  10. darem

    Aerosoft A320/321 Professional - available NOW

    Flew their 320 from LOWW to EDDM yesterday. Flawless experience, nice framerates and a joy overall.
  11. darem

    The Carenados

    This one: The problem with it is that it first complains about the missing F1 dlls, and then, when you exchange the gauges as told, it either crashes P3D or it just adds a dead gauge. In fact, I never ever since I bought the RXP GTN, I was able to replace an existing gauge with a working GTN. Things are fine if I use the 2D version, but apart from that, no success.
  12. darem

    The Carenados

    Well, regarding the first method: this doesn't really work as described, so that's not much help. Screen stays black, sometimes P3D even crashes. I'll try the second one.
  13. darem

    The Carenados

    Some Carenado models offer the inclusion of another GTN750 model in their 3D cockpits. This is done by running a litle program that changes something in their panel.cfg files, I suppose. Is it possible to modify these modifications in a way that the RXP GTN750 can be used instead? Can I find a step-by-step tutorial how to do that? I am too illiterate with the configuration files to find it out myself. Thanks!
  14. darem

    GTN 750 stays black (resolved)

    Certainly. I have installed ALL trainers, that fixed the problem.
  15. darem

    GTN 750 stays black (resolved)

    Gauge works now.