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  1. Marc, already did so. I have the mail on my own server, so this shouldn't have been a problem. At the moment, the automatic request doesn't get through anymore. But as I said, I sent you a mail. Thanks for your efforts.
  2. Good evening, I purchased a triple of licenses at Simmarket today. First, the requests didn't get through, but now I receive an alert box that they have been sent and I should check my email. I did so, and of course I also checked the spam folder, but despite several requests, I haven't received any confirmation so far. What am I doing wrong? I even deactivated the firewall and the anti malware, but this doesn't help either.
  3. Trees look like in FSX now (well, nearly). Flying this sim is no fun anymore.
  4. It's all over the world and it*s a HUGE immersion breaking bug.
  5. Look, you don't have to WIN this discussion. Your point was made. Some agree, some don't - no need to drag this along with what everybody knows now: You don't see the point in the product, you won't buy it. Good.
  6. Funny enough, my Favorite Airports (a nice feature on the starting screen that showed the weather at your fav airports) stopped working with the third launch of the program. And it has problems when you jump to a new phase of the flight. It just doesn't react to this. Apart from this, it works very nice.
  7. It's an interview in german, and at 10:18, Jorg starts to talk about a cooperation with their chinese software development team, because they want to do something with voice simulation, they call it "voice cockpit services" (at least that is what I understand, but I might be wrong), and he says this will be a big thing. Maybe you understand him better:
  8. From the interview with Jorg Neumann I got the impression that voice control will become standard within the next months...
  9. I have flown a lot, and actually, the anomalies I see are minor and few. It's not the UK (funny enough, the most noticeable scenery error I had around Kirkwall), though. Austria and Germany seem to be very well generated.
  10. I have both. The VR set collects dust for flying. Not because my computer isn't up to the task (it is more than just up to it), but because I cannot wear a VR set for more than an hour. It's heavy, hot, and you either have your controllers in your hand or your yoke. TrackIR and a 3840x1080 monitor, with all my panels in front of me, is much more to my liking. Maybe not as immersive, but much easier to use. The VR set is better for racing, because you don't have to fiddle with a million buttons in VR, TrackIR is better for flying, IMHO.
  11. Interesting. He certainly doesn't remember which state his FSX was in when it was brought to market. But I do. So let's move on.
  12. I will, but in the meantime: all other stuff can be purchased anywhere, but not Carenado? Strange.
  13. It might be because of my country, Austria. Prices are still shown without taxes, and when I click on the buy option, the button greys out and nothing happens.
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