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  1. Hmmm...ok. Sad for that. Thx Steve
  2. maxhades

    Airport surface

    Yes this could be right. I have tons of addon airports. On some of them i got this problem. Max
  3. maxhades

    Airport surface

    Hi Any ideas why the surface of the airport changes the surface colours(anomalis) depends on distance. FSX DX9 For example LOWL from Justsim/SODE This airport was made for fsx first but i guess some of them are not really compatible to fsx. Cheers Max
  4. maxhades

    Reshade 3

    It is not the same as FxShade what i am using? Max
  5. Vc. Exterior it is ok.
  6. Hi Steve Actually i fly DX10 only with small GA Aircrafts. When i would fly with PMDG(737, 747...) i have a performance loose. Thats because of the contrails. PMDG 747 with their own contrails and 737/777 with VFX Contrails. All of them are hitting the system hard under DX10. Is there any chance to fly those beasts in DX10 without that big lost in performance and visuality? I have set to lights effect only. No heavy antialiasing settings(makes no different from 2x to 4x Grid) Whitout VC Shadow it is slight better but an overall lost in fps about -10fps. For some reason i have no probs with Majestic Dash and VFX. i7 2600k Geforce 1050TI THX Max
  7. maxhades

    KSTS from ORBX

    By the way the Homer bmp file is ready to download in the orbxforum in my opened thread! Thanks again
  8. maxhades

    KSTS from ORBX

    Cool. I will try tomorrow. Thanks and good night from europe! I report back tomorrow! Max
  9. maxhades

    KSTS from ORBX

    I will take a look! Max
  10. maxhades

    KSTS from ORBX

    I was hoping....but no! Thx
  11. maxhades

    KSTS from ORBX

    You right. I have also a lot ORBX products! This is the only airfield with light problems in dx10 because of their own lightfile i guess, which is not dedected by the fixer. I have also KRDD. I will check your problem!
  12. maxhades

    KSTS from ORBX

    No sorry. Doesn't help😕
  13. maxhades

    Advanced settings

    Ok later. Thx
  14. maxhades

    KSTS from ORBX

    After setting this file to OFF for a test. There is no approach light anymore but also no squares. So this file make some troubles. How can i solve this?
  15. maxhades

    KSTS from ORBX

    In the effects folder there is one orbx fx file called fx_orbx_KSTS_white_approach.fx May this is the problem?