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  1. Interesting video but not well narrated. "Front landing wheel locked in a horizontal position" should be "nose gear wheels locked 90 degrees sideways" Helicopter didn't likely just find the "tiny pontoon". Those looked like they were deployed by the helicopter itself along with a raft Flight 1549 took off from LaGuardia not JFK etc.
  2. SimSlim

    who stole the plane

    According to first-time pilot Russel, he took it around Rainier and presumably burned tons of fuel getting there and back. He's then talking to ATC Andrew and tooling around the southern end of Puget Sound like we saw in the loosely coupled sound and flight track. I've heard nothing though of his first half hour of the flight, a flight which apparently totaled over an hour. I'm assuming we've only heard the latter half of the flight because the aviation journalists began recording the flight communications about half way through. I'm also assuming that ATC has the recordings of the first half of the flight but hasn't released them. Will they release the recordings? When did he start talking with Seattle approach? Soon after takeoff? After he circled Rainier and started heading back to the Sound? I agree with Chock that if the final sequence of the flight track was correct that he probably was circling down at that point into the ground. And maybe it was a stall but maybe he augered-in, intentionally. He did say less than a minute before, right after completing the roll, that he thought "that was going to be it". He also said earlier that he was planning to do a barrel roll then "nose down and call it a night". That and other things said are suggestive to me that he achieved his desired outcome.
  3. SimSlim

    who stole the plane

    I like the idea but what about the takeoff roll, how do you prevent it from being accidentally activated then? Rhetorically speaking.
  4. SimSlim

    who stole the plane

    I attribute both of these to his mental state. He probably had an enormous adrenaline rush taking off and now here he was zipping about Puget Sound in a powerful and light turboprop for his first and last time. That's enough stomach turning to make someone throw up some. And yes, he didn't have enough altitude to be deprived of oxygen but the aforementioned state of mind could easily make him feel lightheaded.
  5. SimSlim

    who stole the plane

    Gold Dust Peak, a thirteener in the Mt Holly Cross Wilderness in Colorado. Q400 audio's are stunning. "Nose down and call it a night"
  6. Went for 4.6 miles Halfway down, the slide hit a large ridge and catapulted massive amounts of rock and ice 500 up the ridge and about 1000 feet in the air above where it fell. This was evidenced by a lack of any significant scar in the immediate lee side of the ridge. You can see the ridge that the debris catapulted over in the photo in the link above.
  7. I had the good fortune to fly in a helicopter around the top of Mt Cook the morning after it had a massive 12 miilion cubic meter landslide. The pilot and us tourists were seeing it before the news got out to the world. It was a stupendous slide coming right from top of the peak and actually decreased Mt Cook's altitude by 32 feet. The right face in your picture #9 is where the slide happened 27 years ago.
  8. SimSlim

    Every aircraft sounds like prop plane

    I am sorry about your problem and I hope you find the solution quickly. Gotta admit though I got a chuckle out of imagining the takeoff sputter with the Queen of the Skies
  9. I think he meant that there are no hard edges to the different weather areas encountered, they are "feathered-in" somewhat imperceptibly as you fly. Not to say they won't have weather fronts, that's just not was he was saying when you quoted him..
  10. Great story and trip shots. I've stayed at a cabin at Otto Lake and float planes were using it frequently. Ran the Nenana in an open kayak. I guess the gun is in the struts for the same reason they put bear spray in the pontoons. Don't want it in the cabin if something goes awry. Or maybe just because it makes it look like an F-52.
  11. SimSlim

    737 NGX Startup Plane Flip and Crash

    Yeah, yoke, I'm a RW pilot and I just had a brain fart. This behavior happens when I have the NGX open and I switch to a "new" FSX flight (which is in this case a previously saved NGX flight from an entirely different FSX session). I get it now that the flipping may be first triggered because I loaded a "new" (previously saved) NGX flight without closing and restarting the sim. When the flipping occurs, it is completely out of my control and I can make no change to the settings or the sim in any way. No save has taken place from my interactions, so no, I did not Save. It simply flips, crashes and restarts (flight restart, not sim). On restart the saved FMC info is gone. So I close the FSX and then restart it (sim restart) and, expecting that Saved flight to be ok, I open it. But it flips again. So I'm looking for confirmation, did the flipping "action" somehow then get embedded in the saved flight even though I took no action to save it when it started flipping at that point? I'm expecting the answer to be yes. The file gets permanently corrupted (saved w/o user interaction) when it flips and the flipping is not merely a one-time in-Sim response to the dynamic action of loading another PMDG flight on top of the existing one. Happens at all types of airports, default and add-on and I perform the Vector Elevation process when new airports are added. Thanks.
  12. SimSlim

    737 NGX Startup Plane Flip and Crash

    This will happen again once I close the sim and then open it again fresh and select that flight (with trike at start) that had previously just "flipped" in the prior session. So it appears that once it has occurred, the file itself is permanently corrupted even though I never took the steps to save it. Does that sound correct?
  13. I've been enjoying the NGX for several years now but there is an annoying event that occurs at what so far seems to be random times. I've searched the forum repeatedly for this problem but I see no mention of it yet. I'm using FSX-SE on Win 10. Here the problem, occasionally, when I select a saved NGX flight with a fully setup FMC flight (while starting the sim fresh or after just completing another flight), right at the beginning of the 18 second countdown the plane will begin to flip about wildly on the tarmac, usually about the pitch axis, and of course a crash is detected and the flight starts over. On the second go it usually stays put but the entire panel state is lost and all work that went into it is gone. If I close and restart the sim the same wild flip crash will again happen for that saved flight. These crashing saved flights only occur once and a while (maybe 25% of the time) and many times I can save a flight and open it later with no problem. I haven't been able to determine what might be wrong but I suspect it is something that I can adjust if I just knew where to start. I have Saitek Pedals and Yolk but the problem occurs whether they are connected or not. I'm really at a loss and I was hoping to get some insight from the knowledgeable users here. One thing I haven't done is uninstall and re-install the NGX. Thanks for you help, Eric Anderson
  14. SimSlim

    Colorado Airports

    Yes, I have ORBX Rocky Mtns and Aerosoft Aspen, the new version. Mounds of runway texture 20 ft high cover the tarmac and envelop the plane. I've has this problem at Aspen for a while and haven't done anything about it. I'll be curious to see what the problem is.
  15. SimSlim

    What Causes This Terrain Issue?

    I had something similar going on in FSX SE with Orbx scenery. Went to the DX10-Fixer (so from DX9 to DX10) and I haven't seen it since. Performance improvement I'm guessing.