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  1. I love the Cherokee but it's so slowwwwww.. but still love it.. my co-worker has a Warrior II, which is kind of similiar.
  2. You'll love it.. I use the 750 in the Piper all the time as a pop up (would be very cool if they could integrate - I really want the 182 now because of this). but the interface is just so cool.. changing frequencies, squawk codes, a breeze.. Make up flight plans on the fly very quickly.. User Waypoints.. it really brings the sim to a new level. For me the Bigger Screen is a big plus.
  3. I went for the larger screen too. You can use the pop up if necessary. The Trainer software is free and downloadable as mentioned above. No buying DVD's necessary since it includes the whole world now, and the Product utilizes the trainer software.
  4. As I stated on the other 407 thread, it looks like ASN is the cause. hopefully something that can be fixed in a future patch..
  5. So that's the governor right? I was putting that on full when I was having trouble and it didn't seem to help. I will try an fly tonight and see if I'm still lucky.
  6. Well tonight I did two flights.. both startups were successful.. go figure.. the first one I took of form Orcas Island Orbx PNW.. pouring rain.. started fine, I did click twice. The second flight I took off from Flytampa KBOS.. Sunny day (changed the time of day).. This time I did not click the switch twice but it still started fine. Only other thing I did different was before the flight I did go into that configure app and chose every option on there.. saved it.. then chose the options I wanted. The manual did say to do that, even though I was trying lots of options before, I never really changed all of them. Maybe that was it, I don't know. will keep my fingers crossed on future flights. ASN was running on both flights as well.
  7. I tried again at lunch.. to make sure the switch reverted.. this time it didn't even spin the rotor.. I did a Ctrl E and it started right up.. When reading the manual last night it said something about another manual, but I can' find that in the plane documentation directory.
  8. I tried it from different parts of the country? Re-reading the manual last night in bed, i'm wondering if the 'start' switch was not returning to center and I had to click it again (I didn't have to do that the previous nights). I can try that again tonight. I was able to get flying, by putting another plane in the sim.. starting it and switching back (but that's not realistic). What does this mean? "Mid that doesn't work, forums"?
  9. I grabbed the 407 a few days ago via sale.. Flew it around even though I didn't know what I was doing, but I could start and fly.. Next night after watching video's start it up do better job flying, but it was having engine problems. Tonight.. can't get it to start at all.. winds up, winds down.. followed the checklist no good.. Restarted FSX.. went to a different side of the country.. still no good. Watching a video last night I saw a guy push "switch pedal stop" during the startup (even though I don't see that in the manual).. tried that and that didn't work either. Did reset failures, still no good. Kind of frustrating, get out of work, excited to check out my Orbx scenery in a chopper and it's not happening :-(.
  10. I wasn't a fan of Air Hauler, because it became 'work'.. I mean I was mostly starting it up to plan flights for AI pilots to keep the money flowing. I know it's not a 'career' but I really enjoy Ideal Flight, because your planes are where you left them when you signed off. So I have different airplanes at different airports in Obrx PNW, and also the US Northeast (where I'm from), and I hop in them for flights, but the added realism of the planes being where you left them is enjoyable enough for me!
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