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  1. FIXED *** Okay.. so I know you have to run as Administrator to install, but I thought to myself "If it's running in the context of Administrator, does it have the ability to 'see' the User\xxx\Roaming directory?". I went into my Administrator Account and made my general User an Admin. I logged back in to my user account and viola, the installation didn't get that error.
  2. Comes up with a message, that it can't find the UserCFG.opt file. When I click the AVSIM link on the installer, it's a page describing editing the file. I don't know why it would do that since, the error was that 'it' can't find the file. I edited the file and verified the packages directory was correct, but still doesn't work. The 'next' button is greyed out. I tried both Steam (which I have) and Windows Store option
  3. Darn I missed it, wish they sent out e-mails!
  4. If you are going to fly the world, grab Global.. I got it on sale at the X-mas sale.. I had GEX America before, it was ok, but it's just the US and doing the world with GEX would end up costing more than Orbx.. You really should grab an Orbx Region to check them out.. With Pacific Northwest, there are a lot of free airports available, and the paid ones are really nice as well. I was running PNW on top of GEX before no problem. Be aware the freebie and paid airports for PNW are mostly GA size though, not really big enough for Tube Liners if you were thinking of going there. ASN is a definite and also grab Rex4!
  5. I love the Cherokee but it's so slowwwwww.. but still love it.. my co-worker has a Warrior II, which is kind of similiar.
  6. You'll love it.. I use the 750 in the Piper all the time as a pop up (would be very cool if they could integrate - I really want the 182 now because of this). but the interface is just so cool.. changing frequencies, squawk codes, a breeze.. Make up flight plans on the fly very quickly.. User Waypoints.. it really brings the sim to a new level. For me the Bigger Screen is a big plus.
  7. I went for the larger screen too. You can use the pop up if necessary. The Trainer software is free and downloadable as mentioned above. No buying DVD's necessary since it includes the whole world now, and the Product utilizes the trainer software.
  8. When you buy the GTN product you get access to that section in their forums. Their are some good instructions for integrating into the panels of a lot of popular planes.
  9. The update is free! You download and just choose reinstall. Make sure you download the upgraded Garmin trainer software (the setup program brings you right to the download), that way you will get global terrain functionality!
  10. I noticed a big performance hit when I moved from GEX to global, if this would give me a 5 to 10% boost, I'd be happy!
  11. So will someone with a lower end system see a performance boost? I don't care about the 'look' as much as the claimed FPS boost.
  12. Actually, a free instance of GSX comes with that Airport, for use with that one only. you can call the Follow Me Car ;-)
  13. lol. I think they just guess.. Sometimes they guess wrong! I know it's an amazing plane from all the rave reviews, but I am not biting.. When I saw the 17 bucks sale was ready to jump!
  14. If you grabbed PNW, don't forget to grab the free airports that are available, you will see them on the Orbx site.. 7wa3 West Wind 2s1 Vachon North Island wa69 Vachon South Island khqm Bowerman Far South
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