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  1. It was busted before 11.21 in the F33. The F33's RealityXP.GTN.ini is bad. I copied the one from the Carenado T210 and that worked. There's also a thread in the XP forums that has a replacement RealityXP.GTN.ini for the F33. XP 11.21 introduces a new set of problems but they are not specific to the F33.
  2. I am having this problem also. In aircraft where the GTN 750 is in the panel, I cannot use the mouse wheel to zoom the virtual cockpit view, nor can I hover the mouse over a knob and use the mouse wheel to adjust it. If I hover the mouse over the GTN 750 and turn the mouse wheel it will zoom the map, but everywhere else the mouse wheel is not functioning like it should. The problem only started after Steam updated XP11 to 11.21 today. I have beta versions turned OFF so I assume 11.21 is an official release by Laminar and not a beta.
  3. This seems like an easy question but I cannot find a direct answer. Does the Reality-XP GNS 530 for X-Plane 11 drop into the default 172 virtual cockpit with no muss or fuss? In another thread I found a panel mod for the default 172 with both the 530 and 430 but I can't find a FAQ or anything that talks about just the 530 in the default 172.
  4. When the sim starts the fuel levers are set to "off" but the engines are running just fine. With the fuel levers correctly set to one of the tanks while flying, turning them "off" causes no change in engine sound. The aircraft looses airspeed (or yaws into the dead engine if you only cut one fuel lever), but the engine sound doesn't change at. It's like the only sound is coming from the props. I defer to dbw1 when it comes to judging what a real 310 sounds like, but it seems so me a 285HP internal combustion engine sitting a few feet from your head has got to generate some noise of its own, it can't be all prop noise.
  5. The included "documents" say standard engine torque cruise power setting is 1995 lb/ft. However, the red line is 1900 lb/ft. Do you cruise with the engines past red line or is there something I'm missing?
  6. I'm brand new with ChasePlane. I've figured out most of the basics including how to control the speed of mouse look. However, I can't figure out how to change the speed of the mouse scroll wheel zoom. If I go to Camera > Advanced and set the Global zoom slider it has no effect on the mouse wheel zoom. If I click the mouse icon the sliders for zoom say N/A. Is there any way to set the speed of the mouse wheel zoom when in mouse look?
  7. I had this exact problem yesterday and the problem miraculously corrected itself after several hours. I submitted a support ticket when I was initially having the problem and just now received a response. Here is their response (which I no longer need but hopefully it'll help you): Open Internet Explorer and remove our certificate from the untrusted list (something on your computer put our certificate in there) Try these steps: 1. Click the "Start" button, type "certmgr.msc" and press "Enter" to launch Windows' certificate manager. 2. Double-click "Untrusted Certificates" from the right pane and then "Certificates." 3. Right-click the certificate you wish to remove and select "Delete." 4. Click "Yes" in the confirmation window.
  8. I also have this problem. I've also noticed my mixture lever sticks out 1/3 of the way when it's supposed to be in 100%. Typical Carenado/Alabeo response and inaction. So frustrating.
  9. The original post by Joe L. specified copying GTN750_BG.dds and renaming that copy GTN~1.dds. This did not work for me, However, changing it to GTN750~1.dss (instead of GTN~1.dss) did work. The problem I'm having now is that click spots on the bezel do not work. I should be able to click the lower left and open the pop-up, and the direct-to and Home buttons don't do anything when I click them (although the cursor does change to a pointer icon). The only thing int he bezel that does work is the volume knob when I adjust it with the mouse wheel. I will love to get this working 100%, any help or suggestions are appreciated.
  10. I get pretty much identical frame rates using the steam gauges in the Seminole. With the G600 enabled it knocks around 5-10 FPS off. I'm totally with you on this! At first glance it doesn't seem like there is anything special about it, but they put some kind of magic into it that makes it more enjoyable than a lot of other more "sophisticated" models. Thankfully there are no major issues running it in P3D 3.2.
  11. I did a longer flight last night and discovered there is no way to select autopilot altitude when using the steam gauges. You have to hit the ALT key when you're at your desired altitude to capture it. The Alabeo Saratoga has a very similar cockpit but has an altitude alert/select panel; the Seminole has only an annunciator panel. I looked at a few images of modern Seminole panels and this seems to be accurate. When you have the G600 enabled you have the option to dial in the desired altitude through it, although I personally much prefer the steam gauges. It'd be convenient to have the altitude selector although I think in the long run this is something I can easily learn to live without. Fortunately the Seminole hand flies beautifully. I've noticed with the G600 enabled I lose about 5 FPS. Please don't take this thread off topic.
  12. I did a couple of quick test flights. It's pretty much exactly what you'd expect from Alabeo, except you can hit Shift-4 to bring up the aircraft configuration panel and toggle between steam and glass instruments on the fly. I love that they gave us the option for both and I like the way they implemented it. The GTN750 is definitely installable when you have the steam gauges, it goes in the middle of the panel replacing the GPS regardless of whether you're using the steam gauges or glass.
  13. I'm still in shock over the fact that Alabeo delayed release of this in order to add steam gauges to the cockpit based on customer requests. Bravo Alabeo and thank you. I have been waiting a long time for a quality twin trainer for FSX/P3D, I can't wait to get done with work today so I can try this out.
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