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  1. Resetting the display settings solved the problem. The afcads are now visible. I don't know which button caused it but I will watch from now on. Thank you for your help.
  2. I'm in the middle of a reinstall and don't yet have the Orbx NZ regions installed. However, I just installed that NZNI file, and ran the LNM Load Scenery Library, and the airports did not show up. Therefore I suspect there is something missing in my LNM install. Something I unchecked to turn other things off. I can send you an afcad if you provide an email addy but I don't believe that will help. I think I'll need to go through and test different buttons to see what will bring up the afcads. lol unless you know offhand what it might be?
  3. Hey, maybe I found a bug. These aren't scenery files. I'll give you an example. Tongass Fjords has a bunch of USFS cabins. The lat-long-alt for all of them are in the manual. I made an afcad (example AFX_J423) of them all and put the files in the TF scenery folder which is in the scenery library. They show up in FSX when I search the scenery. But they don't show up in LNM. I am using the latest stable version that you put out a few days ago.
  4. Yeah, I never found that in the manual but I remembered when the new stable version came out, I replaced the old with the new and the format was the same so I figured there had to be a folder somewhere and did a search. Voila, there it was and I deleted it. Now I'm trying to figure out something else. Couple years ago I made a bunch of afcads. There are about a hundred of them, PoIs from Tongass Fjords and Vancouver+. I put them in a folder in the scenery directory. They show up in FSX but not in LNM. Any ideas to save me some time? Rich
  5. AHA! Figured it out. Btw, been meaning to tell you. I very much appreciate you don't add anything to the registry with an install. Rich
  6. I was fooling around trying different things and got so screwed up I wanted to change it back but couldn't. I tried to figure out how to get it back to the default setup but could not find out how, not even in the manual but it's probably there someplace in the 70+ pages. I believe there is a simple way to do it but don't have a clue. Please help. Rich
  7. Hi, couple of things. I'm trying to get a cleaner map area. I've tried different maps. I've turned off VOR,NDB,ILS,Victor,Jetways and all that can help but I would like to cut out traffic areas (circles) and other color overlays. An example is around Panama and going east across the top of South America. I've tried the manual and haven't found anything but could have missed it. I really like the new feature of showing only airports that have been altered. Not sure what's happening but I've tried it in areas where there haven't been any afaik altered airports. I am now reinstalling FSX so I'm pretty sure. Anyway, I've tried in areas where there have been no alterations and there are still a few airports showing. Do yo have any idea? This is after Vector. Could that be causing it? Any help with these would be appreciated. Rich
  8. Ok, I'll look forward to the improvements when you're able to do them. I like using your program as it is more user friendly for my needs. I still haven't looked into the whole manual, been sick the last few days, for other things like a moving map that shows up in the sim and the minimum altitude for the flight.
  9. oops my apologies I went to the site that has the files and it looks like they might be Plan-g files and the format might be copyright. I don't know for sure though. The files have data for points of interest that show up on the map and can then be used for flight plan destinations. Here's a link to the site. You need to scroll down to Dieter's Corner for the files. http://www.return.mistymoorings.com/mistys/#dieter I tried the google earth files put out by Orbx for their programs in Little NavMap. The Objects show up fine but the font is very tiny.
  10. Just came across this program and like it. Flight planning is very easy with lots of options. Wondering if you're planning to add csv importing in the future? Those files are available for Orbx regions and Misty Mooring and it would be nice to be able to use them here. Thank you for making Little Navmap.
  11. I'm taking a look at this since everyone seems to rave about it. It's hard finding information and would be nice if there was a demo for a week or so. Or maybe a downloadable manual.I have FE and don't need the cloud/sky textures. Or do they still add something? Other than current weather, how does the weather engine work? Can it be accessed from modules or something inside fs9? Can weather simply be loaded into fs9 like FE loads textures? With the fs9 weather engine, let alone current weather, since I have FE, what does this add? I have weather maker and that seems like a nice program. But I'm asking a few questions (with a problem) on their forum and nobody seems to be around anymore to answer so I'd like to see what this has. Thanks for any info.
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