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  1. Ok, I'll look forward to the improvements when you're able to do them. I like using your program as it is more user friendly for my needs. I still haven't looked into the whole manual, been sick the last few days, for other things like a moving map that shows up in the sim and the minimum altitude for the flight.
  2. oops my apologies I went to the site that has the files and it looks like they might be Plan-g files and the format might be copyright. I don't know for sure though. The files have data for points of interest that show up on the map and can then be used for flight plan destinations. Here's a link to the site. You need to scroll down to Dieter's Corner for the files. I tried the google earth files put out by Orbx for their programs in Little NavMap. The Objects show up fine but the font is very tiny.
  3. Just came across this program and like it. Flight planning is very easy with lots of options. Wondering if you're planning to add csv importing in the future? Those files are available for Orbx regions and Misty Mooring and it would be nice to be able to use them here. Thank you for making Little Navmap.
  4. I tend to forget. Maybe I should write a yellow postit and place it in the middle of my computer screen. Really, the program should have an option to terminate with or right after FSX closes. Too bad it doesn't.
  5. How can I get ASN to turn off automatically when FSX turns off? I would think there's a switch or something somewhere but I can't find anything.
  6. That doesn't sound good. Based on what you say, I don't see how they would charge instead of just giving a free download for that and B25. There's an FSX free small patch for each but it would be marginally better having a more solid FSX product. Certainly not worth paying again for the same thing.
  7. Some years ago I purchased all three aircraft for FS9. I now use FSX exclusively and am thinking about using them again. Is it possible to simply download the FSX versions or is it necessary to pay for them again? I understand they are already virtually compatible with a small patch. Thank you for any help.
  8. Hello, some years ago I purchased the three aircraft for FS9 plus the B-25 media program. You might recall I asked to download the program. Anyway, it has disappeared from my backup disk and I'm wondering how I can redownload it. Thank you. Rich
  9. I'm thinking about buying the ORBX global products. The only thing that's keeping me from doing it is misplaced airports in the vector product. It can't help but provide thousands of airports in wrong places due to correcting the ocean, lake and river shore lines. There will be airports in water. There will be float ports on land. All over the globe unless part of the program is the repositioning of many airports and float ports. I looked at the web site and saw nothing about this. Does anybody here have any information? Has this been corrected in the program or not? I'd like to find out before spending any money. Thank you for any help.
  10. I set that to 25 and it didn't do anything. Still, all I saw was grey. It seems simple but did I do something wrong? One more question, when I purchase the upgrade, how does this work? Do you cancel my ase code and give me an asn code? Or do I download something that I install on top of ase?
  11. I tried presetting the visibility settings and it didn't help. With some experimenting I changed the cloud cover from 8/8 to 6/8. That gave me the same ambiance but some vision. Yeah, I like asn. Very professionally done. No more abrupt cloud changes. I can fly in overcast with enough fps for smooth flying. Couldn't do that with FS9. I'll be ordering within a couple of weeks. The $20 trade-in clinched it.
  12. I just got FSX after using FS9 for about eight years. I have ASE but don't use it much because it doesn't do what I want so I'd like to see if ASN will. I'm on a trial and tried it out. It's really much better and will upgrade if it has this feature. I was able to fly in overcast and it was still smooth. I fly vfr only in GA aircraft. I like to see what's going on. But also I'd like to fly in current weather. This causes a conflict when I want to fly a particular flight plan and there is ifr conditions. What I'd like is to set it up so I can always see 10-15 nm around the aircraft regardless of weather conditions. That way I can fly in current weather and and still see. Not very realistic I know but that's what I'd like to do. So if this is possible, please answer within a few days so I can try it out during the trial. Thank you.
  13. After almost eight years with FS9, I'm switching to FSX. I found a conversion for the DC3 and B25 but none for the TBD. I seriously doubt if a new one will be made. Does anyone know if there's one around somewhere?