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  1. OK -- Looked in community folder, nothing. So re-installed 414, during installation stated that older version had to be uninstalled (??). Did that, re-installed, and now working. Loading Page for TDS NXi comes up as it did previously, but only a flash, and proceeds to load MSFS. Before it got hung up on the TDS page and failed to progress. Appreciate all the feedback and responses, we'll see how it goes from here. Greg
  2. "Try renaming the community folder with all your current mods and place our product in a new community folder with the normal name with no other addons and try again. This is most likely a conflict. Do you own the 787 mod?" 1 - There is NOTHING in my community folder. 414 has been gone since the last crash, TDS GTNXi is somewhere else. 2- Don't own 787 mod I'll try putting 414 in the community folder and see what happens. thanks.
  3. What versions of the TDS GTN and C414 are you using, and from where did you purchase the C414? TDS GTNXi C414 I believe 4.4, or whatever the latest is. Purchased from Flysimware website, all updates re-downloaded form my purchase there. Appreciate the help. I'll give it a try.
  4. "Are you using a default livery?" I can't use ANYTHING as can't get MSFS to load after installing 414. Shut down, re-start --> MSFS will not load. Had to uninstall and re-install. Tried all over again after installing 414 -> MSFS won't load. Uninstall, re-install MSFS again, same problem. --> The issue seems to happen after screen shows TDS GTN information. I leave that alone, but won't progress past that and MSFS essentially quits. Now have re-installed MSFS, no problem with other a/c or TDS GTNXi in other a/c (Coronado PC12, etc). I can only say that this is the ONLY add-on that I have ever had these types of issues with after 25 years with Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  5. I have now installed Flysimware 414 twice into MSFS with resultant crashes. I already own and have used extensively TDS GTNXi without any issues in other a/c. Uninstalled MSFS now twice, re-installed, and no problems until I install your 414 --> crash. Any help appreciated, as this sim is useless to me. Greg AGI, IGI
  6. Purchased Carenado PC12 HD for X-Plane. Attitude indicator is reversed -- shows left bank when rolling right, and right when left. Have never seen this. Any help appreciated. Greg
  7. Any help appreciated -- Flying Coronado PC12 v1.3 in X-plane 11 -- attitude indicator shows REVERSE indication, as rolls to 30 deg RIGHT bank when actually in a 30 deg LEFT bank. I have never seen this in a sim before (and never in real a/c, thankfully😣). Any suggestions. Greg
  8. Any help appreciated -- On Windows 7 RXP 530 and 430 lost airports and waypoints. Commonly used airports "do not exist". Have re-downloaded program, no change. RXP GTN 750 and 650 show NO ISSUES, all airports present so isolated GNS 530 problem. Thanks for any assistance. Greg
  9. Any help appreciated -- Does MyPilotStore GNS 430 add-on work with FSX? States X-Plane and Prepare 3D only ... thanks
  10. Two questions, appreciate any reply -- 1) Does Reality XP GTN 650 work with FSX? 2) Does MyPilotStore GTN 650 add-on touch screen work with FSX? States X-Plane and Prepare 3D only ??
  11. Is there a good general reference for understanding EFIS, etc? I'm private pilot, want to get into instrument flight and within the sim particularly Citation X flying, but much of that manual is difficult to understand and not explained. Short of reading the Jepp manual on instrument flight, any place that condensed information regarding EFIS, FMC, etc is available? Searched the forums but no good results. thanks for any reply.
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