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  1. ahh, great. Will try it. Thank you !
  2. can you give me a hint in how i enabled or import and use it ? dwnloaded it and installed but cant find anything
  3. fr me, since using this maps addon with arcgis Data, de CTD have gone......
  4. so what i tried is after ground service finished i clicked "restart couatl" and then continued with taxiing, flight and landing and had no CTD (1st time). Will try more flight tomorrow to, hopefully, confirm that this helps
  5. that is generally Umbertos approach when it comes to problems (at least to me). I remember years back with one of his scenerys having problems and the same "discussion" EDIT: I deinstalled GSX and did the exactly same flight and this time no crash.......
  6. since i installed GSX i cannot complete any flight as the sim crashes in midflight. never had this before......
  7. this is a instant buy for me. One of my fav. airports in Europe
  8. Thanks a ton for this, will try it asap ! AWESOME, it worked. Thanks a lot buddy !
  9. well, managed speed is with the latest MSFS202 beta no longer working for me. i have to set it manually way below managed speed to not overshoot...
  10. doesn't sound like a buy for me to be honest..... I used the P3D version but buying this word not allowed again, i don't know.....
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