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  1. RTK1972

    Orbx P3D 4.4 and NO SEASONS!

    anyway.everyone is talking abou tmaking FlightSim more realistic... that lags in terms of not having seasons... indeed one reason not to move to xp, except the different control types i get not used to....
  2. RTK1972

    Orbx P3D 4.4 and NO SEASONS!

    as i own a lot of ORBX stuff i and love TE Netherlands, i am out for this one. Having only summer season is a showstopper for me 😞
  3. RTK1972

    Prepar3d v4 detail settings

    Hi Christopher, i can only answer on this part of your question and it is quite simple: landing lights only with DL on in the sim.... I remember that Mr. Randazzo wrote it somewhere in PMDG forum that you will Landing Lights only with Dynamic Lights set on. Same is e.g. for the FSLabs Airbus, QW 787 and Aerosoft Busses Best, Carsten
  4. well, i don't experience those wahed out textures..... 4.4 is running great with the latest PTA release so that was why i said "for me" this is a small issue not having the water tuning thing
  5. interesting as i experience the same. Did you add more back and have any results who the bad guy is ?
  6. thanks for the update Matt ! As PTA is working expect this one small issue, take your time ! Best, Carsten
  7. Gents, i wonder if there are some news in terms of the process to get the immerion to the new "Pro" busses ?
  8. i don't get it. I still get the message that i have a unsupported version of P3D !?
  9. RTK1972

    FLAi2UTL - Anyone?

    Looking forward to beta test your program, Egbert. Really appreciated thanks a lot, Carsten
  10. i have never seen someon doing that big job to our communit yofr free, Rainer. So thank you for your time you spend in our hobby and giving it for free. I really respect and appreciate the work you are doing. Danke Bruder ! Carsten
  11. RTK1972

    Rhodos for Free

    Herzlichen Dank dafür !
  12. RTK1972

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    that would be very generous if you made them available for us Bro !