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  1. no prob Ramon. So no workaround for this despite deactivating envshade ?
  2. yes, as posted i am using Gerards settings
  3. Hello together, i know that has been asked before but i cannot find the post. Anyone knows what to do to get rid of this purple colors ? I see them in the cockpit too. Using envshade with the setting Gerard posted. Thanks for your help, Carsten
  4. Hey Ed, i also purchased it. As an update from v1 and i have to say that i installed it without any problems into p3dv5. so sorry that i cannot help you instead of saying it worked for me. take care, Carsten
  5. i am not Rob but after testing EA seems still "messed" up with only 2 layers. So for me without EA enabled
  6. Does it now use more than 2 cloud layers or is this still buggy with EA enanled ?
  7. will do Gerard, i should have been thinking ybout that on my own 😒
  8. how comes that i do not find any enfshade entries in cloud.fx ? I injected enfshade and textures to p3d and all the paths are correct !?
  9. Can this also achieved with active sky ? When using as and configuring 5 layers i still see only 2 layers....
  10. You forgot a haircut 😉 really disappointed from Matt. Big talks and no deliver..
  11. after restoring the original ones all is fine but as soon as i apply another preset it went black again....
  12. i did not run the reflection maker. Only applied the RD preset and fired up P3D....
  13. tried it but still not workiong
  14. Good afternoon everynone, i experience a problem with TS and P3D 4.5 (not the latest hotfix installed). When applying a preset and starting P3D i don'T see a aircraft in the preview screen and when startiung a flight the screen stays black also after rebuilding the shaders. This happens with every preset. Can someone of you help me with that ? Thanks, Carsten
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