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  1. Season pushed to 2022. Now that is a shame 🤢
  2. makes sense.. but it really looks ugly... Anyone Gerald, thanks for your answer !
  3. not wanting to hijack this thread but Gerald, do you have also the Problem that the vector streets from the other developers program show up during day ?. That is really annoying...
  4. absolutly. Even i don't like the guy we are not allowed to mention because of his attitude but the product is great, nevertheless that it has quite some impact on fps... I bought the one mentioned above and have to say that it is better than the ORBX ones but still miles away from the forbidden.. So nothing i will keep installed..
  5. as i have exactly the same issue i wonder if someone can help on this issue ?
  6. is it only avaibale with certain aircraft (jetliners) ?
  7. that might be. i have the highest, Premium or whatever it is called.
  8. my question was more related into the direction that everytime we got an update for AILights to match the new shaders the new version of P3D arrived a few days later.....
  9. ok Marcus, let's try to move it the other way arround: When will AILights Reborn Update relesead tol match the new shaders or whatever stuff that comes with the next P3D update 😂😂😂😂😂😂? Cheers, Carsten
  10. I am on Ultra Bernd so sure thisbhas an impact.
  11. When was this update published ? I did not even got an email on this
  12. Its the same with their Singapore release.. stuttershow when getting near to the city center. I have a 2080Ti and 9900k at 4.8 ghz. The sim usally run smoothbut those citysvape stuff is word not allowed on my system
  13. Hi Pete, Skyforce ist not compatible with 5.1... And i have the feeling it never will be....
  14. is it just me but i have the feeling as i fly in 2500ft above ireland that the ground textures in a lot of aears are unsharp/blurry ? running ultra settings
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