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  1. pedwards

    VERTX DA62 Update

    Owners of the Vertx DA62, Sean has uploaded an update. Version now 1.053. I do not know the changes made but I'm hoping for; Light reflection whilst on/close to ground Slower engine warm up and cool down Rain effects on windshield etc
  2. pedwards

    The Vertx Diamond DA62

    Brilliant version of the DA62. I mainly fly in VR, this model looks great and also simulates many of the systems and avionics. A real bargain and one of the best 2018 addons. The developer is very active, updating the software when required. It runs very nicely on my system, not impacting FPS anymore than A2A, Majestic or Leonardo.
  3. pedwards

    Need Help With Maddog Elevator Problem

    Do you have an 'Elevator Power On' on the annucator when pushing full forward? This should only be lit when pushing full forward. Also, do you load the aircraft through the MD80 Load Manager? After reading your email a second time, I'm sure a recall I had a similar issue many years ago but helpfully cannot recall the reason! Paul
  4. pedwards

    Seasons Greetings From Avsim

    And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Avsim Staff who work tirelessly to keep the website operational. It is appreciated.
  5. pedwards

    Mixture and Propeller Controls Vertx DA62 ???

    Hi Neal, The DA62 uses a FADEC/ECU system that controls both mixture and prop pitch/speed. I have mine set up through FSUIPC to use the same config as the FSLabs A320 and it works perfectly.
  6. Excellent, so descriptive I was there!
  7. pedwards

    First Flight in the Vertx Diamond DA-62

    Thank you Howard.
  8. pedwards

    First Flight in the Vertx Diamond DA-62

    Hi Howard, What scenery is this? It looks great fun to fly around/over/through!
  9. pedwards

    First Flight in the Vertx Diamond DA-62

    Great suggestions, thank you. It seems smoother. Mind blowing is spot on. Even after owning VR (Vive) for about a year, it amazes me every time I put on the headset. I now have my own 'real' DA62!
  10. pedwards

    First Flight in the Vertx Diamond DA-62

    Nice video Howard. The DA62 by Vertx is fast becoming my new go to aircraft when simming. Whilst it is missing some nice to have items that are on A2A aircraft, there is something about the Vertx aircraft that makes it a joy to fly. The slight wing bounce in turbulent air is brilliant. I mainly fly in VR and this aircraft just looks awesome. There are a few items I would like added Ground lighting reflections (strobes, nav lights) Engine warms up and cools down too quickly Operational fuses Rain effects on windshield (coming with a later patch) Sean did a fantastic job and I'm pleased to support this project through purchasing. Great job.
  11. pedwards

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    I had the same issue and have a Saitek/Logitech Switch Panel. My is resolved when I rotated the mags on the panel to 'Off'.
  12. pedwards

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Found the reason! I have the Logitech switch panel and the Mag switch was off. It seems the Start switches are seen as mags. Thank you for your help. Great aircraft.
  13. pedwards

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    1 - what happens when you load aircraft again? Same result 2 - you might try this: shut down P3D or load the default piper cub. Open DA62 config tool. "Cockpit state on load": change to another state - save. change back to first desired state - save - load P3D/DA62 again Same result. If I use the config tool to set as engines running the A/C loads with engines running but stop within a few seconds
  14. pedwards

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Hi DJJose, 4.4, yes uninstalled and install with AV off, same results. If it helps I'm also using the following hardward; Warthog HOTAS