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  1. Thanks Bob, understood. Not wanting to 'start' anything, this is another reason why I've not been following MSFS2020 too closely, and why I'm not planning on buying. Regards
  2. Hi Bob, Strange as I have 2004 and have the option to defer? https://drive.google.com/file/d/14wJn9WKp410F0IMkmjE4N85bW1-v_QiZ/view?usp=sharing
  3. I've not signed in for a few months following my disapproval of the removal of posts regarding some software, however on reading the tragic news if felt compelled to pass on my sympathys on this very sad news. Jim was dedicated to Avsim and will be missed. My thoughts are with his friends and family. RIP Jim, thank you for all your hard work
  4. Firstly, this is not meant to be a dramatic 'I'm leaving' post. My aim is purely to express in a public forum, why I will be requesting removal of my Avsim account. As an avid flight simmer, I have purchased £1000's on software, from aircraft to scenery, from weather programs to other utilities. During my 30 plus years of flight simming I have purchased some truly wonderful add-ons, but I have also spent a lot on poor products, not because I want a collection of poor products, but because I did not know they were bad. When I joined Avsim I finally had a reliable 'go to', a site with forums that can help me establish the good from the bad, before I spent my hard earned money. With the release of a recent product, I have been more than disappointed that posts and threads have been deleted or closed, conversations that may help me decide if I should buy. I joined Avsim in 2004, but I today ask for my account to be removed. Paul
  5. It's been a long time since my last purchase from Eaglesoft. I've just visited what I thought was their website but the were a couple of observations that made me wonder if it is their genuine site. The pictures of the two 'reviewers' are stock pictures, and the telephone number starts with 555. https://www.eaglesoftdg.com/xlsplusG3.htm Is this the correct site?
  6. Purchased as I was interested in a 'low and slow' aircraft. Due to the low cost I was not expecting too much,after spending several hours with the Tiger Moth I'm blown away by the quality. Being able to interact with the aircraft system, starting, flying end much more is so much fun. I'm a Vive Pro VR user and combined with the the Tiger Moth, flying is the best fun I've had in P3D for a long time. Well done to the developers, fantastic work and great value. I'm finding so much more pleasure flying VFR than hours in a tube-liner.
  7. pedwards


    I've recently needed Customer Service from JustFlight, and I have to say their response and assistance has been fantastic. They have listened to my issues and responded in a very positive way. I feel to often that good Customer Service happens with little feedback, so I wanted to take a few minutes to recongnise great Customer Service from company software company/retailer/developer. Well done JustFlight.
  8. At this time I am happy with P3D, however, all this talk of a new MS Flight SIm brings back strong memeroies of visiting PC World on release day of a new version. Trying to explain the excitment I felt when hold the box is beyond my linguistic skills.
  9. In the UK, duriing the late 80's/early 90's Carling Black Label made some fantastic adverts. 18:06 is my favourite, brilliant advert!
  10. If suspected of a drink driving offence in the UK the police should ask if you have used any mouthwash products in the last 20 minutes as this may affect the breathalyzer, however unless you're drinking the stuff, the chances of mouthwash changing the result from negative to positive is true only for a few minutes. Flight/cabin crew should have no concern as long as they are not under the influence of alchol/drugs.
  11. I second the Bonanza. I find the A2A windshield effects far better than trueglass. The experience in VR when raining is very real. Plus A2A and their ACUSIM gives the user the experience of a real aircraft.
  12. Only one use so far following 1903 update, controller ID's swapped. This resulted in having to reassign axis.
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