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  1. That was fast! Very great support, as usually. Thanks.
  2. Installed V 1.6 but I can't activate descend mode, because "you have control / any questions / I have control" isn't working. In addition: on "about screen" I see Version 1.6, but "version status" is "update avail".
  3. Maybe this will help you: https://edi-gla.co.uk/site/index Registration required but it's free. Take care
  4. I have a similar problem with words "on" and "off". Try saying double "o" in those words: "oon", "oof". This always works for me.
  5. Hi Bryan and all, After update to version 3.0 and using SOP3 I still have the 'master caution hydraulics" when starting engines. All the rest fixes and changes work properly. Could you check it? Thanks in advance Greetings from Madrid
  6. Hi all, I have the same "packs off" problem, every now and then. Sometimes is "packs high". I seldom make a flight without at least one "packs off" command from my FO.
  7. Read the Step 2 of the Main OPs Manual of Fs2crew: Be sure that Microsoft's 'Windows Speech Recognition' system is OFF prior to loading Flight Simulator. To ensure Windows Speech Recognition does not load on Windows Startup, make sure 'Run Speech Recognition at Start-up' is unchecked on the Speech Properties -> Speech Recognition page, which is located in the Windows Control Panel. Hope this help
  8. Very good news, Bryan! At least, I have my Fs2crew working. As I said before, I tried everying without any results: Reinstalled the PMDG 737, reinstalled the Fs2crew, reinstalled a fresh copy of Win 10, reinstalled de sound drivers, without any success. Obviously my system had a very strange problem with sound. And after lots of work, I found the problem: The Realtek HD sound drivers came with my motherboard, Asus Maximus VIII Hero. I reinstalled many times the drivers provided with the motherboard with no results at all, so finally, I uninstalled the sound drivers and left Windows 10 install its own drivers (HD Sound Drivers), and now everything in Fs2crew is working as it should be. I have made a successfull flight and all went OK. I don't know what is the issue with the Realtek sound drivers provided by Asus, but it seem imcompatible whit Fs2crew, although is working with windows speech recognition. Thank you so much, Bryan, for your support and for bring us such a very good software, Greetings from Madrid, Spain. Rafael Povedano
  9. Thanks again, Bryan. I think I have tried everything but obviously there is something not right, perhaps in my settings. What makes me totally lost is that every other things about voice are working well, as I said before, but no the Fs2crew. I will try everything again and I'll report the results. I wish I have it working. Again, thank you so much for your support. Good work.
  10. Yes, Byan, but in my previous rig. I used the fs2crew for iFLy 737 in FS2004 without any problems, but I have not tried any other Fs2crew products in my very new high end system.
  11. Hi, Bryan. That was already set as you stated. I do not know other things to do. I tried everything. Windows speech, chrome voice, skype, voice recorderand other voice apps work perfectly, but no my fs2crew reboot. I will use the button versión. It is not as cool as the voice versión, but it works well. I will continue searching to figure out what is the problem. By the way, will the legacy versión work in p3dv3?. Just to try something more. Thanks again, Bryan. Greetings from Madrid,Spain
  12. Yes. I have run the voice training and i am sure the mic is not mutted. The speech recognition in windows works very well, and the same in google chrome voice. Thanks again. I am totaly lost
  13. No. A logitech H340 usb headset, and before a logitech headset non usb, conected to the sound card. Thanks Bryan for your support.
  14. Hi all, First of all, sorry for my bad english. I bought Fs2crew reboot 1.1 four days ago, but I can't get the voice version working. The installation went well and no SDK problems at all, but the voice function is not working. I have no green bar in Pd3 V3. When I open the Fs2crew control, it shows in a green bar "FS2crew voice recognition activated" but then green bar never shows again. I have bought a new headset USB but the this didn't fix the problem, so I have installed a fresh Windows 10 Pro (English US), and then P3d V3, PMDG 737 for that version and Fs2crew 1.1 again, and the situation is the same as in my previous installation I run the 737 in the default situación (no saved situacion at all). The speech recognition in windows and in google chrome works perfectly. I tried with another headset, this time conected to the sound card (integrated) and the problem persist. Another issue: when I close P3d with PMDG + Fs2crew, then system hang (P3d is not responding). This issue don't happen with any other aircraft. If I uninstall FS2crew P3d close without any problems, so Fs2crew might be the razon for the hang. May I have your help?
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