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  1. drwalker

    Pressurization problem

    Hi Matt. This - or something very similar - happened to me a couple of years ago. I discovered I had left a door open Cheers Don
  2. drwalker

    FS2Crew for P3D v4 (64-bit)?

    Thanks Bryan :)
  3. drwalker

    FS2Crew for P3D v4 (64-bit)?

    Hi Bryan. What about the upcoming UGCX? I'm wondering as I'm guessing you won't have to wait on aircraft manufacturers? Cheers, Don
  4. Robert, as a liver specialist, let me assure you that no good can ever come from a lack of coffee
  5. Where can I find the p3dv3 installer? I bought my phenom from FSS. As recently as yesterday the version there was 1.3 and I could not get it to install into p3dv3 Cheers Don
  6. drwalker

    Thank you PMDG

    I now have many hours on the NGX. I am by no means an expert, but I do feel I am starting to get to know her. From my initial fully automated flights, I am now starting to take charge more often. I am starting to understand her slippery nature - almost an unwillingness to descend. I am beginning to get an appeciation of what a powerful tool the FMC is. More importantly, every time I fly her I learn something new about the systems and the depth and detail which went into her design. This is a truly remarkable piece of software. Thank you Team PMDG
  7. drwalker

    Experiences flying with Prepar3d v3

    Fixed. I had all of the simconnect modules installed, but creating a simconnect.xml and putting it in the right place has resolved it. Strange, I thought that simconnect.xml was only required if you were running something like ASNext on a networked machine. Anyway, it seemed to do the trick
  8. drwalker

    Experiences flying with Prepar3d v3

    As far as the new sim goes, I agree with the above. Better frame rates, better visuals and just seems smoother. I like the little avatar dude. Unfortunately I can't get either the NGX or the 777 to run. They install ok with the new installers, but whenever I try to select one of them, my sim freezes and I have to CTL ALT DEL. Neither asks for activation - the whole thing just freezes. 64 bit Win 10 fresh install, no other add ons installed yet. Simconnect versions installed. The PMDG aircraft worked fine in P3D 2.5 on the same hardware. I'm not sure what I've done wrong. I'll update when I have an answer from the support team - I have a ticket open.