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  1. Clement P

    Saitek multi/radio panel full support

    OK so the GUI is out of my range cause I never put my hands on Delphi (although it was the same for LUA 2 days ago ). I treated also the Radio Panel as any other joystick. I wrote some functions to switch display mode (COM1, COM2, ...), to increase or decrease a value (according to the selecting mode) and I just mapped these functions to the radio panel buttons like any other joystick in Linda. I also wrote a function to refresh the display on a regular basis (so that when anything change in the simulator, it has an effect on the radio panel display) and some utilities functions (to get/set the frequencies, to change the baro ref unit, to change the cursor position of the squawk code). So there are utilities and refresh function in the common.lua file, and a specific module "Saitek Panel" with a section "Radio Panel" for the assignable function. Am I doing right? You should be able to tell more easily when I send you my code
  2. Clement P

    Saitek multi/radio panel full support

    Nice! Do you plan to setup a github or any other source control. It would maybe be usefull of we want to develop at many developers (or at least the two of us ^_^). Otherwise, do you want me to send you what I did with the radio panel. I rewrite some algorithm and factorize a lot of code. I think that I am close to something nice and working. Except for this damned initialization (maybe you could help me on this point).
  3. Clement P

    Saitek multi/radio panel full support

    I will take a look at the SPAD source code, maybe would I be able to take some idea. For the radio stack part, I think that everything is good. Everything is working fine, COM, NAV, ADF, DME (with display of distance and of speed or time to station), QNH, Squawk. I think that the code I produced is really not perfect as I'm a newbie in LUA, some algorithm should be rewritten and above all there is a looooooot of refactoring to do. But for my first day in LUA, I'm more than happy :rolleyes: The only thing I can't figure out is the initialization of the radio stack. I'm stuck at reading the starting postion of the left selector :mad: For the GUI part, I also thought about it, but for the moment it's far from my abilities in LUA
  4. Clement P

    Saitek multi/radio panel full support

    I'm working with SublimeText 3 to write the LUA code. And I make an extensive use of the LUA console of Linda and the button "Reload LUA Engine" ^_^
  5. Clement P

    Saitek multi/radio panel full support

    Hi Scotflieger! Thank you for you answer! I've been working a little on it today and I near to something working for the radio panel part. The selector (1 & 2) is working, as the right knob. You can select a frequency (COM1, NAV1, whatever) and increase/decrese it. The larger knob controls MHz, the smaller one, KHz. The swap button is also working. When the selector is placed on "XPDR", then it displays the Baro Ref on the left screen and the squawk on the second one. The larger knob increase/decrease the baro ref, the smaller one increase/decrease the selected number of the squawk code.The swap button allow to change the position of the cursor in the squawk code. I'm still having troubles with the ADF frequencies as for the DME position. I'm currently working on displaying the DME of NAV1 in left screen and NAV2 in right screen and using the swap button to toggle the display between distance, speed and time to station. Work is in progress in this part. And my biggest concern for the moment is finding a way to initialize the first display according to the selector position. My problem is that I can easily switch mode by moving the selectors which are bound to specific function with linda (each position of the selector triggers a button in LINDA). But I'm not able to initialize the display with the current position of the selector. If the selector is on "NAV2" at initialization, I'm not able to know it (at least, I don't know how to get this information). So I hard coded the initialization with COM1 on both selector. Maybe you could help me on this part. Don't hesitate to contact me in private message if you want me email address so I could send you my code
  6. Hi! First of all, let me wish you all the best for this new year. And let me thank you a lot for this incredible piece of software that is LINDA. It helps me a lot when installing my saitek setup. As you must have understood, I'm using Saitek hardware to fly mostly on Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (I sometime fly with standard FSX planes and use SPAD in this case, so it's not the matter of this topic). I want to totally get rid of SPAD when flying the Airbus so that there is no conflicts between SPAD and my assignments in LINDA. But it's currently not possible because of the lack of support of the radio panel with LINDA. And it's even worth when talking about the Saitek Multi-Panel. Using SPAD, I cannot use this panel with the Airbus (as the auto-pilot is not using any default FSX features) and I cannot do anything neither with LINDA because of the conception of the panel (more on this later). So is there any plan to support the radio panel in LINDA (to get the frequency displayed on the screens and the same set of features that SPAD offers). Concerning the problem with the multi-panel it's that there is an encoder that select the type of display (ALT/VS/SPD/HDG/CRS) and only one encoder to increase/decrease value. Each mode change the display on the screen. For your information, I've started digging a little on this (I'm a software developper but a total noob in LUA scripting) and managed to display the right information when switching the mode with the left encoder and even managed to increase/decrease auto-pilot values (HDG, SPD, ...) with the right encoder according to the mode selected. But everything I made was quick and dirty and even not in the right place (I write some code specific to the airbus in the common file). So do you have any plan to make a clean support of this multi-panel in LINDA? Otherwise, do you have any recommandation or advise to help me implement it properly for the Aerosoft Airbus in a first time and why not for every supported aircraft (make a specific module per aircraft, implement it in the common.lua like the MCP combo in a generic way, how to organize the code, ...). Once again, thanks a lot, and thank you for your future help (I hope ^_^). Oh and forgive me for my english that is far from perfect but I'm a french guy. Regards Clément
  7. Clement P

    Aerosoft Airbus (module 4.4 ) v3

    Hi everybody! Can I suggest to add something to this library? I'm using the Saitek panels (and you will hear more about this in another thread ^_^), and I use the big round "magneto" button of the Switch Panel to manage the engine of the airbus : "R" is "Norm", "L" is "Start", "Both/All" is "Engine 2 Start", "Start" is "Engine 1 Start" (then go back to "R"). And I wanted to stop all engine when switching to "Off" but I couldn't find anything in the Airbus Library. So I added the following in the "Engine Start" section : function EngineBoth_BOTH_on () Engine1_MASTER_on () _sleep(15000,20000) Engine2_MASTER_on () end function EngineBoth_BOTH_off () Engine1_MASTER_off () _sleep(200,500) Engine2_MASTER_off () end function Engine_BOTH_toggle () Engine1_MASTER_toggle () _sleep(200,500) Engine2_MASTER_toggle () end I think this could be usefull for other here. And I think this could be useful to include it directly in the library! Let me know if anything is wrong in my code Regards