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  1. Thanks Joe. All clear now.
  2. Maybe it was a silly question but I didn't understand if the view with the Rift on approach was big enough vertically to see the runway and the Primary Flight Display at the same time. The reason I ask is because that is impossible with one monitor using the correct zoom 1.0 for the outside objects, height, speed and runway to appear as they would in real life.
  3. Thanks Joe. Hmm...I fly the PMDG 737 NGX and have always been annoyed by the fact that while having the zoom set at 1.0 and using the Wideviewaspect=TRUE in the cfg, as it should be with a wide screen monitor, the field of view is not large enough for me to see the runway and the Primary Flight Display at the same time. In VR, is that possible or do you have to tilt your head down to see the Primary Flight Display?
  4. Guys, is the normal zoom (spacebar+mouse scroll) disabled in VR? I am trying to understand what is going on here. I don't have VR myself but is reading up on it. Still using FSX so I assume zooming is done the same way in P3D. Can be wrong though. Best regards, Hans
  5. It's a known fact the autothrottle of the NGX does not mimic the real aircraft (which retards at 27ft) in manual flight. Someone should register a ticket (probably me but I have been too lazy). It has been discussed and confirmed in page 4 of this thread.
  6. Zoom 1.0 with a VR headset

    Thanks. I will probably need to experience VR myself before fully understanding how it works. So you never change the zoom within FSX itself when using the VR headset along with flyinside? Is that function somehow disabled?
  7. Zoom 1.0 with a VR headset

    What happens when the zoom is changed in FSX then? Nothing? I use the Spacebar and the scroll wheel on the mouse for that.
  8. Zoom 1.0 with a VR headset

    Thank you. Is what you describe displayed when using zoom 1.0 in FSX? Best regards, Hans Hjorth
  9. Zoom 1.0 with a VR headset

    Captains, Anyone here with a VR headset that can explain/show how much of the virtual cockpit is displayed when the zoom in FSX is set to 1.0? The reason I ask is that zoom 1.0 on a 16:9 monitor with the line WideViewAspect=TRUE under the [Display] header in the fsx.cfg is the correct zoom to use to display the scenery and the sense of speed as it would be seen in real life, if the distance between your eyes and the screen is set correctly according to the youtube clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikwToOzX_UA The problem with a monitor is that you can't see the instruments and the outside world on approach at the same time at zoom 1.0. But there is a solution and that is to use the HGS. So I use zoom 1.0 in combination with the HGS on approach for my 16:9 27" monitor. Interested to know if the scenario is the same with a VR headset. Hans Hjorth
  10. HGS with a VR headset

    That's great. Thanks Hans Hjorth
  11. HGS with a VR headset

    Hi captains, Anyone know if the HGS is working properly when used with a VR headset? Hans Hjorth
  12. Martin, Regarding DTG Flight Simulator, Will you make the changes needed to spread the load evenly on all available CPU cores? Thanks has always been the number one performance issue with FSX. Thank you. Hans
  13. Martin, can you tell us something about the use of modern CPU and GPU technology in Dovetail Flight Simulator? Will CPU clock speed still be king or can we expect to see the CPU load be distributed more evenly across the cores, better utilizing the extreme line of CPU'S with 6+ cores? Will SLI be fully supported? For those thinking about upgrading hardware in the near future this would be very useful information. Thank you Hans
  14. Autothrottle curiosity

    As I said in the thread I linked to earlier, the sim requires that the APP mode is active for the autothrottle to retard at 27ft. So there is a workaround to the problem. Hopefully that issue will be fixed in the next upgrade. Best regards Hans Hjorth
  15. Autothrottle curiosity

    More information here guys. This concerns when the autothrottle is engaged without the autopilot during landing. http://www.avsim.com/topic/345686-when-to-disconnect-auto-throttle-before-landing/page-4#entry3243307 Best regards, Hans Hjorth