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  1. They don't do promo codes because there is no need, their products are worth every penny.
  2. For the autopilot part, are you by chance applying pressure to the control surfaces when trying to engage AP?
  3. Yep, even added the 77W to the products page in the store
  4. Can someone who is spamming F5 call me when its released, I want to finish repairing a 1:200 777-200LR model
  5. The visual appearance of the store has now changed, they may have just wanted to update the software that's all.
  6. Im almost positive that has something to do with the release, maybe bringing on secondary servers to try and minimize the disruption when we all violently throw our money at the store.
  7. When you installed the plane, did you put the serial number from your order in properly? That looks like a PMDG gauge is not loading.
  8. He already got his service pack with his operation. Little did he know but while he in his operation he was updated with a revised code system to better predict release dates as well as troll database update to be able to send trolls on the new SIDs away from the forum. :lol:
  9. Robert, I hope you get well soon, health is far more important than flight sim!
  10. I think they don't update us as much as they could because if they say there wasn't much progress this week, there would be an even bigger riot from another group who wants to yell about not making progress. So, unless its huge they wont say anything because its a no win situation plus they waste time typing up a nice post just to get yelled at by the other side.
  11. Love this program, using it on all my flights now. Only thing I wish it could do is read the legs I select on board the plane vs the default planner if that is possible in the future. From my flight last night
  12. Create an account here http://support.precisionmanuals.com/Main/Default.aspx and start a ticket on the activation problem. Hope that helps!
  13. Great update, thanks for taking the time to post it :wub:
  14. AAfan


    AAL125, on 07 May 2014 - 4:08 PM, said: Please sign your name per forum rules, you can see how to add your name to your signature in the above post. I think the 200ER will come out sometime down the road but I expect to see progress on the 747 before we see a 200ER.
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