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  1. https://www.simforums.com/forums/problems-with-ezca-3-and-vtol-airplanes_topic61290.html Hi Rob, in the above link another user is having the same issue as me. He downloaded the MV22 basically to test if he is having the same issue.
  2. Update on this issue: I've updated Ezca to ezdock 3... Now the hovering problem is a very BIG problem... Previously it was working with just the little bug I described. Now, with EZDOCK 3 no hovering is possible. When I select it it will not slow down the airplane and after some seconds it stalls with no apparent reason. F35 B is no more usable in VTOL configuration. I need to check the V22.
  3. Hello people! After long time I'm back on the forum, this time with an issue. I recently bought Dino Cattaneo's F35 ABC package. I found an issue in the vertical take off. The Aircraft is like "glued" on the ground (it can taxi) also if the power setting is at maximum and the GW is less than the VTOL limit (40.6K lbs) Changing the Aircraft view from inside to outside, and outside to inside will allow the Aircraft to take off like if the glue is immediatly removed. The same happens if I pause/unpause the flight, or open the ezca interface. I know, you say "why do you think it is an EZCA problem?" It is because the same behaviour is present on the MV-22 Osprey. The MV22 and the F35 have in common the same VTOL code made by Rob Barendreg. I know this because I already contacted Dino and Rob. After a troubleshooting phase I found that disabling EZCA (disconnecting EZCA completely from simconnect) solved the problem (leaving me with more, no hat switch for views…). As neither Dino, neither Rob are aware about other users with the combination EZCA/VTOL airplanes issues, I ask here... Anyone with this issue? Anyone found a solution to that? Thanks Andrea Daviero P3D V4.3 EZCA
  4. Do you use weather programs like active sky or similar? If yes it could be the cause of your troubles if you don't set smooth change in weather conditions.
  5. If you play with the FORECAST page on ground, with a route planned, and watching the TD, you will see great differences in T/D point filling the forecast pages. Obviously, there must be head/tail wind and/or ice conditions to see big differences, but, if you try strong winds and put the AI on for almost all the descent, you will see the T/D moving of miles away from its original position. This TD movement reflect to a different descent angle, so a different aircraft decelleration tendency. It is something that is simulated in the NGX, if you have AI on and you've not forecasted it, you will overshoot your speed and speedbrakes must be mantained for long time to mantain speed. Same for winds, fsx default winds are not so good, but with external programs you will see a difference.
  6. There were problems without previous service packs where few users ( I had with one of the first service updates) had problems with the idle, idle remaining too high. Also, ngx simulates idle control (wich in flight will never be 20% N1 if engine is not shut down) but, to simulate it it varies thrust lever position. I found in previous revisions that at a point of descent the throttle remains at a position (and will not move from that) until you reach a restriction when AT will move them. This is not related to the joy thrust position, as I always put it in idle. The problems with sp1c are gone. So, if you have a problem you're probably doing something wrong. 1) Check the DES FORECAST and fill it if you have winds, it will change your TOD accordingly to the winds. 2) Are you using Anti ice? If yes, it must be forecasted as the antiice will rise the engine idle and the plane will slow much less. 3) Aircraft model, the 800 is slippery. 4) Just to be sure, put always your thrust lever to idle, when descending in VNAV and the AT is in Thrust hold, you are free to move the throttles, obviously, it will be more than idle... 5) Des NOW is useless, it will start to descend at 1000fpm, with no idle thrust, then, will start to descent at the same rates of when you don't use it, unless you use VNAV SPEED mode. Now, if the problem will not be solved with these, and above advice, so you must check your idle in flight and report to us the various idle at different altitudes. (add also if AI is on or off)
  7. It is a FSX limit, or pmdg is simulated so well that you need to put on the switched hot battery bus in order to use the stair. Normally the stair has a standby switch under the handle wich powers the SHBB (some instruments will also come on in cockpit) and you can use the stair if ac power is not avaiable. I think pmdg missed this switch (as it is outside of the cockpit) and so no power is given to the stair when in cold and dark. It could be also a shortcut to not power the correct instrumentation when selecting the stair switch to "standby". It is a limitation, but it is not a trouble. I want to fly it, I don't need the airstair, and if needed, it is sufficient to power the plane. The flight is always loaded from inside the cockpit, how we reached the cockpit is a mistery, maybe we used the airport stairs or the gate tunnels, or a rope, by jumping and so on. Not a problem so far
  8. Not sure about it, I never used airstair on the ngx, however I remember some posts about this in the past, mostly regarding the extension of the airstair when the pilots want to come on the plane for turning it on... And there was no way to extract it if you're not already aboard. I don't know if it is related to fsx limits or something they missed, but my bet is on the first thing.
  9. I think it will be done with the last ngx update (sp2)
  10. Ok, I tried it and I did a perfect dual channel landing with TR1 and 3 failed. I tried another time, this time failing all 3 TRus and that time I lost the MCP and other systems. So, there is something wrong here. TRU fail light was on, on the meters the failed units had no outputs, but related systems where functional until total system failure. I think you can send a ticket, they hopefully will fix this on SP2.
  11. Did it was a single channel landing? If yes, the aircraft is able to do a single channel autoland, however, you are not allowed to do it. Regulations says that you must disengage AP at DH if a single channel is used.
  12. The damages for a software house from piracy are high, and we pay for them with an ioncreased price. Increased by the "loss" of possible users, and the loss of time and resources spent to protect the product against copies.I don't agree with the statement of users downloading it illegally try it and then buy it...I think that only 3 or 4 pirates could do this. When he have it for free, fullty working, why to spend for having it legally?A good practice for some software house is to make the initial versions bugged, so with time passing, the crackers move to another product and forget to update the cracked products.It is so possible to identify users with illegal copies that are unable to update.The best thing a software house can do against piracy is to make a bad program wich is useless or the worst one avaiable. Than, noone will waste time to crack it.I think is possible that one of this products is the wilco's 737 evo... The worst FSX plane I saw for flight simulator x. One of the products that will never see my hard drive disks lol
  13. Maybe here the problem is different as there is only the light that comes on and no alarm, all appens during cruise, so the plane pressurizes correctly ten something is going wrong...
  14. Maybe you mean bleeds ON, as there is no AUTO position for them.I think you must post a screenshot of the overhead panel when it happens, the screenshots must contain a clear view of the panel and pressurization gauges as we must see if pressure inside the cabin is strange.
  15. Post a screensot when you have the problem, is the problem shown in climb or cruise? What about pack switches? Are they auto, off, or what? Bleeds?
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