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  1. Hello, I'm on voice control and I first noticed this phenomenon (not an issue really) in the FSLabs A321. On my most recent flight I realized via the green speech bar that FS2Crew kept "hearing" me say things even when I wasn't talking. So, I physically disconnected my microphone from the headset but FS2Crew kept hearing me say things. Samples include, "Land", "Signs", "Set two two two two two two" and "No no no no no no no". 😁 Phantom voices I guess? Perhaps my PC is haunted? I just used hard mute and otherwise tolerated it through the end of the flight. Today I tested the FSLabs AND the PMDG 777 offline, on the ground, no microphone attached, no traffic, etc. Same result, although the 'bus seemed more sensitive to hearing phantom voices compared to the 777. Then it dawned on me what's going on... The issue, I believe - I had Sirius XM running in the background. Once I turned off XM radio, FS2Crew didn't hear any more phantom voices. So, this post is not a complaint, just a public service announcement in case anyone has the same issue.
  2. I absolutely love this question because it confirms to me that I'm NOT the only one who comes up with unusual questions like this one. Thank you and cheers!
  3. I'm having similar issues. My preset cameras are there, and the hot keys work. But the exterior "pan" function doesn't work with my hat switch, and the button I assigned to cycle through views doesn't respond. This is P3D v3, and I use a Saitek yoke and throttle. These problems aside, I really enjoy Chase Plane. It's been a great addition, we'll worth the money.
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