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  1. Ok thanks - I guess that explains it then
  2. Hi All I have installed the touchingcloud-aircraft-fa18e-sw-10.5.1_sm2JO.zip. I get a REJECT SETUP indication appearing in the lower left part of the HUD:In the lower right part of the HUD a MID SETUP indication appears. The DDI buttons do not work correctly. I notice on the flightsim.to page for this MOD that there is a note = SU10Beta KNOWN ISSUES: DDI indication partially working, unwanted text displayed on HUD/HMD I have clearing my community folder but no difference grateful if anyone has a solution to this please
  3. Hi All Has anyone come up with a MoD to get round the need to load CD1 for the sim?
  4. I too have just revisited the Mooney. The issue I am having (and it may be nothing to do with the aircraft) is that when I start the aircraft on the runway with a loaded flight plan the GNS530 does not show the magenta flight path immediately. It seems only to show up once a few minutes have elapsed. I can see the flight path on the Sim Map ok. Anyone else experienced this?
  5. Hi All Apologies if this has been raised before. I am getting an error message regarding wind data and my blue wind icon drop down is greyed out at all levels. "Error downloading or reading wind data:Error transferring https://nomads.ncap.noaa.gov/cgi-bin/filter_gfs_1p00.pl?......" Any suggestions welcomed please
  6. Hi All I am new to LN so please bear with me. I have been through the manual but everything seems to point to the need to locate your departure airport on the map . Is there a way to enter the departure airport town or ICAO code in one of the UI boxes so that it then takes me to that point on the map? Thank you
  7. Thankfully my CTD's have gone and I am confident they were sim related and in no way attribtable to the Magister which is little gem - really enjoying her!
  8. Just bought it. First three attempts to fly and I have immediate CTD's....
  9. I have lost the internal engine sound since I did a re-install recently
  10. Good morning I recently did a full reinstall of MSFS. The sim .exe is located in my C/Programme Files/Windows Apps/MSFS_1.21.18.x64.... location. If I change that file to 'run as administrator' compatibility mode and click on the game icon in the start or task bar I get a "The request is not supported" warning If i delet the "run as administrator" compatibilty setting the games starts fine from the icon. Grateful for any suggestions please
  11. Hi - I followed the RD pre sets guide and sim locked out of the Sim !
  12. I am also a member of the " I had beta and now I have nothing" club...........full re-install of the sim grrrr!
  13. Hi I am running a full reinstall today. I am now at the point where I want to load all the updates in the content manager. I can load individual content items but when I select multiple items to download ( selected with the tick box) the process just stops. I wondered if anyone has experienced this?
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