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    R7-3800XT // 32Gb@3200 // B550 TUF// NVIDIA 3090 FE // 1TB 980Pro M.2 // Seasonic GOLD GX-850W // Philips OLED 804 // YOKE Honeycombe + Throttle X52 Pro // Windows 10

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  • About Me
    R7-3800XT // 32Gb@3200 // B550 TUF// NVIDIA 3090 FE // 1TB 980Pro M.2 // Seasonic GOLD GX-850W // Philips OLED 804 // YOKE Honeycombe + Throttle X52 Pro // Windows 10

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  1. Thank you, I think we have reached a new level on Flight Simulator thanks to the different developers as well as the opening of the SDK to individuals like me
  2. Hi all, I am happy to present to you my latest trailer aboard the H145 by Hype Performance Group in its Coastguard variant. The failure created on board the Md-82 is carried out using the FSIPANEL software which makes it possible to manage and generate failure scenarios. The offshore scenes are from Aerosoft and will be released very soon
  3. If you want all locations flight you can find them on my version :
  4. I am proud to present you 2 old timer airplane 🙂 : the latest military version of the CM.170 by AzurPoly in an interception mission over France of an MD-82 operated by Lauda Air
  5. Yes 4K , all my settings on ULTRA, at this moment I'm limited by my CPU this is why I overclocked it to 4.6 GHZ on all cores
  6. I am proud to present the latest version of the TB-30 by AzurPoly in the Mountain Ride Theme with DLSS + DX12. Hope You will enjoy this short cinematic, low and fast in French Mountains
  7. Thank you, the scenery is really well enhanced by the X-codr designs team
  8. The holidays are over to celebrate this recovery I share with you my latest cinematic aboard AzurPoly Plane 🙂
  9. Version 1.2.1 is out with the following improvements/corrections: Effects update with stability improvements Ajusted fuel consumption Fixed T4 nozzle temperature Fixed altimeter baro setting Fixed HUD display issue Functional circuit breakers Fixed display issue with pilots model New EFB menu for updates Autopilot in EFB Fixed blinking decals Fixed landing gear auditory check Improved interior lighting at daytime
  10. Thank you for your comments, I made this video because I like to make beautiful cinematic videos but I don't want the consumer to be fooled by the lack of quality
  11. Hey the TB-30 is now available on simMarket and Orbx, and you will see a new update during the week to solve some minor issues still remaining after version 1.1.0. Following a large demand from the community ( mostly forums :slight_smile: ), they added a new menu in the EFB with an autopilot, including altitude and heading hold. They will add this functionality in all planes as they are not natively equipped with an autopilot.
  12. Unfortunately the market place is the only access route for the young generation on Xbox. Presenting such bad planes to our young generation is not flattering for our simulator and our passion.
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