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    R7-3800XT // 32Gb@3200 // B550 TUF// NVIDIA 3090 FE // 1TB 980Pro M.2 // Seasonic GOLD GX-850W // Philips OLED 804 // YOKE Honeycombe + Throttle X52 Pro // Windows 10

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  1. Hey the TB-30 is now available on simMarket and Orbx, and you will see a new update during the week to solve some minor issues still remaining after version 1.1.0. Following a large demand from the community ( mostly forums :slight_smile: ), they added a new menu in the EFB with an autopilot, including altitude and heading hold. They will add this functionality in all planes as they are not natively equipped with an autopilot.
  2. Unfortunately the market place is the only access route for the young generation on Xbox. Presenting such bad planes to our young generation is not flattering for our simulator and our passion.
  3. I'm not agree, Dc Designs is racing whoever will release the plane first to corner the market at the expense of quality. This is a way of doing things that is completely toxic to us consumers and to high quality developers. I made this cinematic because I like the F-14, but you will notice that I filmed very little inside just like on the video of the concorde which is on my channel. I don't want to mislead the viewer into thinking the plane is great when it's poor quality.
  4. Thanks for your feeddback, I can't imagine that in 2022 we could have such a bad cockpit. I feel like I have an FSX plane. i think microsoft should study more seriously what they offer at the risk of transforming the market place into ali baba's cave
  5. I'm so disapointed by Dc Designs, I don't understand how Microsoft all this developer on the Market Place, I did this cinematic video but believe me the flight model and low cockpit texture are very bad
  6. Thank you 🙂 I'm using Fabio Merlo recorder with some tweaks on the source code
  7. Hi all, I'm glad to present you my last cinematic video with DLSS ON, I'm really surprised by the performance with this new beta update.
  8. The TB-30 is released on simmarket ! to celebrate here is a short video 🙂
  9. I am proud to present the latest version of the H145 by Hype Performance Group accompanied by the action pack. This action pack allows to add rescue missions in the simulator and assigns you a role of rescuer.
  10. Regarding the sound recordings, they are faithful because the AzurPoly team has direct access to the planes 🙂 Regarding the introduction of the AP, the demand is very strong and it will come in the months to come 😉
  11. New update for the TB-30 ! " [TB-30] v1.1.0 Following our successful TB-30 release, we conscientiously worked on solving main issues highlighted by the community via email and on the forums. This update gathers what we considered the most urgent to fix, and others will follow to enhance our aircraft even further. Version 1.1.0 will be available in 1-2 weeks, with the following changes: - Fixed Xbox controller always vibrating - Correct RPM display on virtual HUD - Fixed sound issue when canopy is opened - Fixed standby frequency setting on DME unit - New menu to set VOR course on G5 HSI - New menu to set barometric unit on G5 PFD - Slip indicator and turn rate indicator on G5 - UX improvements on EFB - Fixed windshield rain effects - Adjusted exterior lights position - Display pilot on other seat in interior view - Performance section in manual Thank you all for your trust! "
  12. It's not my plane but I can tell you they are reading this topic 🙂 In my mind the TB-30 is intended to be a military training aircraft. Using an autopilot doesn't make sense to me.
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