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  1. My 2 cents' worth: In the real world, you would almost never start turning a 747 straight away. You would normally clear most of the parking area before turning. This way, there would be less chance of colliding with aerobridges, mobile steps, aircraft on the next gate, light poles and lines of parked cargo equipment. Taxiways also provide a wider space for the turn. To get a sharp turn in a small amount of space, initially you may reach the nose gear turn angle limit for towing (65 degrees). Also, the larger the steering angle, the more strain there will be on the main gear. More than 20 degrees of nose gear angle forces the body gear steering to activate. This helps alleviate the twisting forces on the main gear during sharp turns. Anyway, it's not something I would recommend for a beginner tug driver. Pushing an aircraft is a little like reverse parking a very long trailer/caravan
  2. Is your Standby Power switch in AUTO? I used to see this message on the real aircraft when doing Standby Power checks on 747-400's with Alternate EFIS switches. i.e. with the Standby Power switch in BAT, the EFIS CONTROL R message should appear (If the Alternate EFIS switch is in the Captain's position). (EDIT) I can't recall if I had to manually de-select the EFIS CP on the CDU Menu page or whether it returned to normal after the Standby Power checks were completed. Cheers John H Watson
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